A garden requires patient labor and attention.  Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or fulfill good intentions.  They thrive because someone expended effort on them.  

                                                       -Liberty Hyde Bailey (American horticulturist)



girl watering flowers

Summer has begun! My tomato plants are starting to bloom, and I'm taking pleasure in the fact that I had some part to play in fostering the rich greenery and colorful flowers that fill my garden.  The parallels in growth and transformation at BayNVC are not lost on me. Because of the dedicated planting and watering by dozens of people - trainers, staff, board members, volunteers, and donors - the organization is blossoming at an astonishing rate.


Now we are sowing an even bigger garden! BayNVC is already one of the foremost centers of NVC learning in the world, and we are ready to take the next step. During the past year we have been working with a team of organizational consultants and a group of strategic thinkers in the BayNVC community. With their help we now have a strategy that we are confident will yield a big harvest.In the past we have asked for money to cover our basic expenses so that we could just make it through the summer. This time we have a much bigger goal - one of long-term sustainability. We would like to raise $300,000 by September 30th, 2011. 

The Big Vision  

neon sign says "change" 

We have never raised this much money before, and we want to let you know not only how we would use it, but also why we are taking this step.


With the increasing emergence of difficulties that tax both human relationships and the environment, we at BayNVC are more and more committed to supporting massive transformation of consciousness and social institutions. We have spent almost 10 years developing our trainings and cultivating trainers. Now, our first priority is to build on and improve our curricula so we can provide trainings that will help people positively transform every aspect of life - family, community, work, and the institutions that shape our lives.  


Once our curricula are re-designed, we will craft and implement a marketing strategy to let individuals, groups, and organizations know about what we offer.This "NVC University" will cultivate that corps of agents who will plant seeds of NVC and support organizations, schools, health-care facilities, and government agencies with facilitation, mediation, and coaching. These change agents will be able to maintain connection, hope, empathic presence, and care for everyone regardless of what happens around them.   


We view this as a revolutionary approach to contributing to transformation from the smallest scale to the largest. The possibilities are delicious to think about - teachers and students cooperating to address violence in schools, workplaces becoming collaborative enterprises, parents and children teaming up to decide how the chores get done, and, ultimately, a world organized around human needs.


By December 31st, 2012, our goal is to have at least 90% of our courses in accordance with our new curricula. We also intend to have most of those classes at or near capacity.  Targgerber daisyeted marketing will ensure increased earnings from these fee-for-service programs. Our next priority is to hire a grant writer and a coordinator for our fund-raising events to make our larger dreams and projects feasible. Thus, the money we are requesting from you will be used to generate more revenue. We will focus your donations in places that have a high return on investment. We are planting perennials, not just annuals that need to be replaced every year.

How the Money Will Be Spent 

Here is what it will take to implement our vision:   

  • Develop curricula and hire staff to coordinate the classes . . . . . . . . $75,000
  • Develop a marketing plan, hire staff to implement it, and create . . . $80,000 promotional materials
  • Invest in grant-writing and fund-raising efforts to increase . . . . . . . .$75,000 sustainability
  • Cover 35% of our basic expenses for the next 6 months so we can . . . $70,000 create long-term sustainability

hands with soils and seedlings

If you think that asking for help to cover part of our basic expenses is not that exciting, consider the breathing room it will give us to focus on creating change in the world. If we can raise this money, we won't have to ask for donations again until next year, and when we do ask, it will be for launching new initiatives rather than for covering basic expenses. Your donations will give us resources to make our garden thrive.


If you're inspired by the possibilities and would like to help us make these changes, which we want to put into effect by December 2012, below is information on how to make your one-time or monthly donation. We look forward to hearing from you!


 In anticipation of what we can create together,

 Dorrit Geshuri, Executive Director    Miki Kashtan, Co-founder and Lead Trainer

miki and dorrit    

PS:  Because we are so focused on making a big organizational transition, we will not be having our annual Speaking Peace event. So if you usually wait for that event to make your donation, please consider giving now. Be a part of the rich soil that helps BayNVC flourish!


How to Donate  

gerber daisy
  • Donate on line here 
  • Mail a check to BayNVC, 55 Santa Clara Ave., Suite 203, Oakland, CA  94610 
  • Call us with your credit card info at 510-433-0700 
  • Become a monthly donor
  • Become a 7th Generation donor ($1000 or more per year for 5 years)  

Other Ways to Contribute   

money tree

As always, we know that we need more than money to make our dreams a reality. Last year's appeal brought us an amazing gift of organizational consultants. 


This year we are looking for support with donor and foundation development, and other forms of fund-raising until we have the funds in place to hire people to do these jobs. Please contact us if you have this experience and can offer these skills as a gift to us.

Organizational Referrals

We also want referrals to organizations and businesses that could use our services, as we have been growing and branching beyond training and into facilitation, mediation, and consulting. Email us with a referral! 


Read what Mary Waldner and Dale Rodriguez from Marys' Gone Crackers had to say about our work with them:


We have used Miki Kashtan's excellent services in a variety of ways at Mary's Gone Crackers with extremely beneficial results. She helps us as owners and managers of our organic food company to navigate a variety of complex relationships - from our investors and Board of Directors to our employees and our personal interactions - with great wisdom and warmth. She challenges all of us to do better and gives us the tools with which to do so. There is more honesty, respect, ease and productivity in our office environment, our boardroom and between us since she has joined our team. We feel grateful to be able to continue to work with her.