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No Pushing, No Giving Up
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BayNVC Needs Volunteers!      

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Extra time?  We could use your help! 

BayNVC needs volunteers that can come into our Oakland office 4-5 hours, once or twice a week to help with general office work, cleaning our kitchen, answering phones, doing some research for us, and a variety of other small projects.  To volunteer please contact Dorrit, dorrit@baynvc.org.

    No Pushing, No Giving Up    

Miki Kashtanby Miki Kashtan  

One of the common misconceptions about the practice of Nonviolent Communication is that it's about being "nice." It's probably a similar misconception to that of thinking of nonviolence as passivity. I believe both misconceptions derive from our habit of either/or thinking. Most of us don't have models for a path that's neither aggressive nor passive. Within this either/or thinking, if the only two models are imposing on others or giving up on our own needs, many of us will interpret nonviolence as the latter. Read Full Article

2 Giraffes Fighting

Giraffe Fighting: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too 

Do you find yourself giving in with growing resentment?   

Do you rebel or get angry as the only way to take your needs seriously?   

Do you avoid conflict and explode later without apparent reason?   

This class is about finding a place between pushing for what you want and giving up on what you want. More Info! 

Have Difficult Conversations and Thrive!  

Difficult Conversations

a 2-day workshop with John Kinyon and Ike Lasater  

July 13 & July 14, 2011 10:00am - 5:00pm 

Would you like to have engaged, meaningful, connected conversations with those who mean the most to you?  Leave this workshop with specific processes that prepare you to have difficult conversations while caring for yourself in the along the way.  Ike Laster is in town for a limited time, so join Ike and John Kinyon for this rare opportunity!  More Info! 

Logo Contest  

Enter our logo contest and win 3 hours of NVC coaching with Roxy!

Create a logo for our Leadership Program! We would like a logo that captures the concepts of Leadership, Learning, Connection, Growth, Joy, Community

The deadline is Sunday, July 31st.  More Info!

First Class Free


Starting in July, the first class of every Foundations series is free!    
If you like the class, simply sign-up to continue for the remainder of the series.
                                Check out our summer classes!  
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  • Foundations 1 (Oakland) - Wednesdays, starts July 6 
  • Foundations 1 (Santa Rosa) -Thursdays, starts July 21 
  • Foundations 1 (Oakland) - Mondays, starts August 15
  • Foundations 2 (Oakland) - Wednesdays, starts   September 7
  • Foundations 2 (Santa Rosa) - Thursdays, starts September 15

                              All class times are 6:45 - 9:15pm 

Unusual Treat from Conflict Hotline  

Miki and her nephew Yannai

12-year old Yannai Kashtan, joins the cast in an episode dedicated to parenting. Particularly noteworthy is the scene where Yannai plays a parent who tries to help two arguing siblings. If you have ever wondered what a family dedicated to NVC principles feels like, Miki also interviewed Yannai about his experience growing up in such a family. Watch the Video!   

Still Time to Register for . . .  

Living Courageously

Living Courageously with Miki Kashtan   

Sunday, June  26, 10:00am - 5:00pm (PDT) 

Learn to act despite fear! This workshop supports you in understanding the dynamics of fear and polarization, and to provide tools for responding to challenging situations. Register! 

Peace Stpeace starts at home graphicarts at Home: Dialogue as a Way of Life
with Miki Kashtan July 23 & July 24, 2011 9:30am -5:00pm      

Practice living in dialogue in your home. We invite couples and individuals who are open to learning and discovery to join Miki Kashtan for this highly interactive 2-day workshop.  More Info!

More Compassion More Power

More Compassion, More Power!  

A Retreat with Kathy Simon  October 25-30,   Register!    

Diversity Retreat

The Diversity Retreat

July 23- 30 in Northern California

BayNVC is committed to supporting diversity.  Please join Nancy Kahn, Roxy Manning, Kristin Masters, and Edmundo Norte for this enriching retreat.  More Info!   


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