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Peace Starts at Home
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Dialogue as a Way of Life with Miki Kashtan  

 "I will do everything in my power to resolve every conflict, however small."- Thich Nhat Hanh


Peace Starts at Home

Imagine sweet, open dialogue in all your relationships, both intimate and otherwise.  Imagine  accepting your humanity in moments of challenge. Imagine the freedom to choose, in every moment, how you want to meet life.


We invite couples and individuals who are open to learning and discovery to join Miki Kashtan for this highly interactive 2-day workshop.  More Info 


Topics include:

  • Dissolving the apparent conflict between authenticity and care for others
  • Transforming the legacy of separation, scarcity, and powerlessness to embrace a c

    Peace Starts at Home

    ommitment to everyone's well-being
  • Learning to ask for all we want and to remain open to hearing no
  • Creating magic by encountering our own and each other's essential humanity
  • Finding freedom and power in responding empathically in challenging circumstances
  • Stepping into radical self-acceptance along the way 


Be A Resource

Be a Resource for Your Community 

with Miki Kashtan   Friday, June 3, 5:00-7:00 PM (Please Note Slight Time Change) 

Would you like to become a resource within your community? Learn to develop the capacity to stay present in challenging situations and to reflect your understanding regardless of what you hear.  Register!

Living Courageously

Living Courageously- Choosing Nonviolence in the Face of Fear

with Miki Kashtan    Sunday, June 26, 2011 10:00am - 5:00pm PDT

Learn to act despite fear! Each one of us has myriad opportunities on a daily basis to overcome fear and live in deeper integrity with our values. This workshop supports you in understanding the dynamics of fear and polarization, and to provide tools for responding to challenging situations. Register! 

Miki Kashtan


with Miki Kashtan

Walking in Someone Else's Shoes

"Understanding Everyone: Empathic Relections about Osama Bin-Laden's Killing - Part 2"  

I am appreciating the invitation to stretch even further into the experiential gap with those who are different from us. Initially it seems next to impossible. How can I truly enter the experience of believing in vengeance, of wishing I could be the one to kill, or seeing him as not really human? I feel in me the recoiling, the visceral level distance. And so I walk slowly towards it, as far as I can, to make emotional sense of it. Read Full Article

Deep TrustDeep Trust in Ourselves, Others, and Life as a Whole

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 10:30am - 11:30pm PDT 

Join us for this engaging FREE LIVE CALL! where Miki will lead an exploration of how we might work with the legacy of separation and protection in order to increase our capacity to trust. Register!

Naturalizing LanguageNauturalizing the Language of NVC with Miki Kashtan

Free Intro Event! Tuesday, June 7, 5:30pm PDT  Register!

Tuesdays, June 14 - July 19, 5:30-7:30pm PDT  Course Registration! 

Do you want your NVC practice to sound natural and appealing to people who are not already part of the NVC Community? Learn to speak NVC using your own voice! 


Photo of Ike and JohnIke Lasater Is In Town!

Join John Kinyon and Ike Lasater for their 2 -day workshop "Have Difficult Conversations and Thrive"  July 13th &14th 10:00am - 5:00pm PDT More Info 

Global Collaboration GreenEmpower Your Workplace!

A Retreat with Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley   Sep 20-24, 2011 

Come join us as we evolve a new focus on the workplace. We just completed the first of a series of 3 retreats entitled "Making Collaboration Real - Empowering the Workplace".  Attendees coming from across the spectrum of corporations, small businesses and organizations saw how this kind of retreat immersion experience inspires personal understanding leading to clarity about actions to take back in the workplace to foster an environment of collaboration.  This retreat's theme is "Embracing Challenges to Enhance Collaboration." More Info.

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