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Cultivating Fullness in the Beauty of Needs - Robert Gonzales
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Beyond Submission & Rebellion - Miki Kashtan
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Living Compassion with Robert Gonzales

My deep inquiry in life has led me to develop practical pathways of living in the fullness and flow of Robert Gonzalezlife as a daily spiritual practice-what I call Living Compassion.  In my trainings and retreats, I teach processes and offer inner maps that support transformation in areas of inner experience that were previously inaccessible.Read Full Article  


 BayNVC presents two Living Compassion Events with Robert Gonzales 

Living Compassion Retreat - May 21-25, 2011  

Living Compassion 3-day Workshop - May 27-29, 2011


Living Compassion is about bringing our full authentic selves into the space of relationships with mutual honesty and compassion. Robert's work includes deeply transformative inner work as well as intensely practical aspects of inter-personal relationships. These events will include demonstrations of integrating compassionate communication and opportunities to practice in small groups. CEUs available. **Each event is limited to 50 participants. Seats are filling up. Register soon!


NVC for Couples

with Kathy Simon - Thursdays, March 31-May 19, 2011, 7:00pm-9:00pm

CouplesOur intimate relationships are so important to us, and yet sometimes we struggle to connect with our partners and to express ourselves both authentically and lovingly. In this series we will explore sharing truth honestly, opening ourselves to vulnerability, choosing compassion, and how to use challenges in relationship as opportunities to grow both individually and as a couple. Register!

Making Collaboration Real - Empowering the Workplace with NVC

A Conference with Miki Kashtan, Martha Lasley and many moreDale Rodrigues 

Come join special guest, Dale Rodrigues, CEO and President of Mary's Gone Crackers, as he discusses the importance of collaboration in the workplace! Hailed as a visionary whose success has been linked to his non-conventional approach, Dale believes that authentic collaboration supports the insights that are the bedrock of his innovative managerial style. Read Full Article.

The four-day Making Collaboration Real conference promises to be an innovative event with inspirational, information-packed talks on how to 
create productive, efficient workplaces where everyone thrives! Register!


Miki Kashtan

Miki Kashtan 

From The Fearless Heart Blog 

I have never been successful at mastering obedience. As a child, often enough it was my attitude toward my father rather than something in particular that I did which was the cause of punishment and criticism. Obedience is highly prized in authority-based systems. No surprise, then, that my father was attempting to control my defiant spirit more than my specific actions. Read Full Article 

vintage radio

Listen Live March 9th!

Miki will be the special guest on "Your Life, Your Relationships with Hollis Polk" on Wednesday, March 9th on the Progressive Radio Network.  Tune in at  6-7pm EST/3-4pm PST for a riveting conversation as Miki and Hollis explore the topic "Political Differences in Our Familes". To Listen to the program go to www.ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com, click on 'Listen Live'. Feel free to join in the conversation by calling 888-874-4888. More Info About The Show.  


Oprah Names Marshall Rosenberg 1 of 7 Men Transforming the World   

Marshall Rosenberg

What could an astronaut who walked on the moon, a brilliant doctor who has proven that yoga and diet helps heart disease and an actor who is committed to helping the environment possibly have in common? See Entire Slideshow on Oprah's Website   

BayNVC at the Empowering Women of Color Conference  

Nancy Kahn with giraffe ears

BayNVC trainer, Nancy Kahn, led a workshop at the Empowering Women of Color Conference called  "Empowering our Conversations Across Race, Class and Cultural Divides: a Model for Transforming Oppression." Nancy shares her delight. "Chaos reigned! 140 beautiful beings piled in and folks were sitting on the floors. We were overflowing and bursting at the seams. These moments, when I am in my creative flow with the integrative work of NVC and multicultural awareness, give me joy and help me to keep reconnecting to my purpose as I rediscover what life is for me." 

Appreciation for Shelving Unit

BayNVC would like to send a huge THANK YOU to an anonymous donor for providing us with the IKEA shelving unit we requested.  From our heart to yours!


Be A Resource

Be a Resource for Your Community FREE! 

A Workshop with Miki Kashtan - Friday, March 4, 4:30-6:30pm  More Info 


Empathy in the Workplace FREE!

 A Workshop with Miki Kashtan - Friday, March 4, 12:00-2:00pm  More Info 


Deepening Connection, Transforming Conflict

A Workshop for Couples with Kathy Simon & Cathy Bucher  

Sunday, March 6, 9:30am - 5:00pm  More Info   


Creating Poetry in Empathy

A Workshop with Meganwind Eoyang and Lynda Smith  

Sunday, March 13, 10:00-3:00pm  More Info 


Family Agreements  

An Evening Workshop with Jared Finkelstein - Thursday, March 24, 6:45 -9:15pm  More Info  


Speech That Cares

An NVC Telephone Series for those with Chronic Illness and Disability.  

Fridays, March 11- May 6  (skipping March 18th), 1:30 - 3:00pm  

Drop In Telephone Practice Group, Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:00pm. Ongoing.

Contact Marlena Willis at 510 306-6234 or arcoirismarlena@yahoo.com for more information.


Speaking Lovingkindness

A Basic Series Integrating NVC and Buddhist Teachings on Right Speech.

Wednesdays, March 16- May 4, 7-9pm. (Oakland)

Contact Marlena Willis at 510 306-6234 or arcoirismarlena@yahoo.com for more information.


State of Grace Document Creation and Use

A 2-day Workshop with Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson on a collaborative process used to build, sustain and transition business and personal relationships with trust and respect. (Berkeley)  March 23-24, 10am -6pm. For more info call (847)-859-9046, email.


NVC in Families 


With Kathy Simon Thursdays, March 31-May 19, 10:00am-12:00pm

This series is an introduction to NVC in parenting, grand-parenting, and other family relationships. We will explore how nonviolent communication can support us in being the parents and family members we would most like to be. Register!

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