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Gandhian Principles for Everyday Living
Lisa Montana & NVC Mediation
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"Bay Area Nonviolent Communication blew me away like nothing else has in years and years. Its content is so relevant to our times and our culture, providing us a roadmap to the paradigm shift that is necessary for the better world many envision: one of caring, nonviolence and thriving as a result. "

-Daniele, Yelp review 


 picture of Dorrit, the ED

The blustery winter day does nothing to reflect my excitement and enthusiasm for all that is happening at BayNVC.  I've only been here for 6 months and already it has been a full and rich experience!  And comments like our most recent review on Yelp keep me smiling.  (We would love to have more of your comments on Yelp!)  


The big news is that that our consultants are coming to the Bay Area in March for a strategic planning session.  Attending this meeting will be a small group of people who have particular experiences with BayNVC and the people we serve.  We will create organizational structures that will allow BayNVC to contribute even more to the world while still remaining in alignment with our values.  I'll be keeping you posted about the results.


I would like to bid farewell to three of our long-time board members - Lorene Allen, Marc Scruggs and Kit Miller.  We have huge appreciation for the time, energy and wisdom they have lovingly given to BayNVC!  They have all three done so much to create BayNVC as it is today.  And I would like to welcome our newest board member, Itzel Damaris - a lawyer, musician and NVC practitioner.  Many of you may have heard Itzel perform at last year's Speaking Peace. 


If you haven't been by the office lately, please stop by!  In addition to an exciting variety of workshops, we've been having fun fixing up the office - cleaning, rearranging furniture and painting the walls.  It's feeling fresh and lively.


With delight, 

Dorrit Geshuri, Executive Director 

Gandhian Principles for Everyday Living 

by Miki Kashtan (Published by Puddledancer Press)

Miki Kashtan One of the most frequent questions I hear when I speak about Nonviolent Communication is "Why Nonviolent?" People often hear the word nonviolent as a combination of two words, as a negation of violence. Since they don't think of themselves as 'violent,' the concept of 'non-violence' doesn't make intuitive sense, and appears foreign to them. Read Full Article

Lisa Montana & NVC Mediation 

Lisa Montana headshot

Lisa came to mediation from the corporate world, where she witnessed frequent disputes, most of them handled in ways that nobody liked.  In NVC, she found a model in which everybody's needs matter, and against all odds, has seen wildly antagonistic foes find common ground.  Lisa has a reputation for clarity, humor and compassion, and her workshops offer participants the chance to strengthen their skills in a lively and supportive atmosphere.  Lisa is a trainer at BayNVC and part of the teaching team for the year-long mediation program.  She also offers mediation, private trainings and conflict-resolution coaching to individuals, businesses and organizations around the country.

If you are interested in learning more about Lisa or conflict resolution we invite you to join one of her classes listed below   

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Labs

Confict Resolution Tug of War

 with Lisa Montana on February 20 and 27, 6-9pm 

These labs offer the chance to work on conflict scenarios from your life 

* Role-play your own or someone else's scenario

* Receive one-on-one coaching and support

* Learn to express what's true for you so another person can hear

       * Increase your ability to hear views that are different from yours  Register!  

Beginning NVC Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Join Lisa Montana on Sundays, March 6-April 24, 6-9pm 

Conflict Resolution CouchAre you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because you're engaging the same arguments-over and over again? If so,this class is for you!

We'll practice simple techniques to  untangle every-day conflicts at home and at work. Register!

Still Time to Register for . . .  

Kathy Simon headshotBIP Extends Application Deadline to March 1st!  with Kathy Simon 

Great News! The BayNVC Immersion Program application deadline has been extended to

March 1st. For more information or to register contact nvc@baynvc.org.

Be a Resource for Your CommunityBe A Resource

with Miki Kashtan - Friday, March 4, 4:30-6:30 PM  

Would you like to become a resource within your community?

This engaging workshop is one fruit of Miki Kashtan's commitment to transforming the ways we interact in the larger world. Register!

Empathy in the Workplace

 With Miki Kashtan - Friday, March 4, 12:00-2:00pm     

TrustAre you tired of difficult conversations and strenuous meetings?

Would like some manageability in your work life?

Would you like to increase effectiveness in your organization? Register!  


HeartDeepening Connection, Transforming Conflict

A Workshop for Couples with Kathy Simon and Cathy Bucher

Sunday, March 6, 9:30am-5:00pm   

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the tensions in your relationship and to gain skills for understanding yourself and your partner more deeply. Register!

Creating Poetry in Empathy

with Meganwind Eoyang and Lynda Smith - Sunday, March 13, 10:00-3:00pm

Visual Poetry

Meganwind and Lynda invite you into an exploration of what goes into expressing needs through metaphor, poetry if you will. We will walk through discussions, exercises and games to unfold the artistic process of sensing, transforming through imagination,and offering empathic guesses that move beyond the typical NVC Needs Inventory.  Register!

NVC in Families  With Kathy SimonFamilies

Thursdays, March 31-May 19, 2011, 10:00am-12:00pm

This series is an introduction to NVC in parenting, grand-parenting, and other family relationships. We will explore how nonviolent communication can support us in being the parents and family members we would most like to be. Register!

NVC for Couples

with Kathy Simon - Thursdays, March 31-May 19, 2011, 7:00pm-9:00pm

CouplesOur intimate relationships are so important to us, and yet sometimes we struggle to connect with our partners and to express ourselves both authentically and lovingly. In this series we will explore sharing truth honestly, opening ourselves to vulnerability, choosing compassion, and how to use challenges in relationship as opportunities to grow both individually and as a couple. Register!

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