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Nonviolence, Consciousness Transformation, and Community

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Nonviolence, Consciousness Transformation, and Community
Making Collaboration Real
Upcoming Offerings with Miki Kashtan
Featured Trainer: SIGAL SHOHAM
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Consciousness Transformation Community

Celebrates 1st Anniversary! 

Nonviolence, Consciousness Transformation, and Community

Miki KashtanJoin us in celebrating the first year of CTC!

A little over a year ago I had a pretty significant crisis of faith, what some might call a dark night of the soul. This happened after 14 years of being on two parallel and mutually transforming paths: my personal dedication to living undefendely and working my way through fear, and my work of teaching Nonviolent Communication.
Read More About the Birth of CTC
ButterflyThe goal of CTC is to create a web of support for everyone who is committed to living an interdependent, conscious, responsible, compassionate and caring life. Anyone who is ready to commit to whatever it takes to live these principles is invited to join. 

Join us for the next open call:
101103_Phone Tuesday, February 1, 10:30am -12pm PST. 
Contact for information to register for an open call. You can also listen to the recording of some calls by clicking here.

Making Collaboration Real

Empowering the Workplace 

Making Collaboration Real 4-day Conference!

Global Collaboration Green

with Miki Kashtan, Martha Lasley and many more!

Discover new practices that enhance partnership, teamwork and productivity at the Making Collaboration Real conference, March 17 - 20, 2011. For more info and to register, visit:


 Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the Workplace

 A 5-day retreat (May 9-13)  and an optional Year-Long Program

Do you want to know how you can:

Foster a workplace environment of trust, shared vision, and strength?

Bring authenticity to your work without appearing "touchy-feely"?

Transform conflict by co-creating strategies based on the needs of all? 

If you would like to know more about our new international program, 


Register for our free informational phone call with Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley. 
 Wednesday, February 23rd
(4-5pm PT/7-8pm ET/1-2am CET /+1 day 11pm-midnight ET Australia)

 Contact or click for more info

Upcoming Offerings with Miki Kashtan 

Theoretical Underpinnings of NVC

Tuesdays, February 8th - March 29th,  5:30 - 7:30 PST

 First session is free. Sessions 2-8 are a total of $235.

Miki brings together years of training NVC trainers and her academic background, combined with her conceptual clarity and deep heart compassion to support those with inquisitive minds and open hearts to embrace more deeply the life that NVC invites us into on all levels. Come explore the meaning of NVC! Register


Be a Resource for Your Community -Friday, March 4, 4:30-6:30PM 

Would you like to become a resource within your community?

Be A ResourceThis engaging workshop is one fruit of Miki Kashtan's commitment to transforming the ways we interact in the larger world.  Learn to develop the:
  • capacity to stay present in challenging situations
  • ability to reflect your understanding regardless of content
  • competence in checking for understanding of deeper meaning
  • willingness to listen empathically, without trying to solve problem Register


Empathy in the Workplace- Friday, March 4, 12:00-2:00pm


Would you like to increase effectiveness in your organization?

Are you tired of difficult conversations and strenuous meetings?

Would like some manageability in your work life?

This workshop will provide an introduction to the following:
  • presence, even in the face of difficulty
  • clarity of purpose when making decisions or running meetings
  • attention to both parties' needs in a conflict
  • providing feedback without criticism    Register


Featured Trainer:

Sigal Shoham 

SigalSigal Shoham began teaching NVC in 2006 while completing the BayNVC Leadership Program. She facilitates BayNVC's introductory evenings, foundations courses, and organizational trainings.

In addition, she has been a mediator for the San Francisco Courts and for the Office of Citizen Complaints, mediating disputes between San Francisco police officers and residents.

Sigal hopes to share the support, self-awareness, transformation and fun that NVC and mediation have brought to her life.

Would you like to find out more about Sigal and her offerings? Here's how:
Meet her at the Ghandi-King-Chavez Season for Nonviolence where she will be hosting an intro to Nonviolent Communication. More Info

Watch Sigal in action as she hosts Conflict Hotline LIVE! the first Thursday of the month on BETV or watch her on YouTube!

Visit her website or check out her upcoming classes:

Foundations 1 -Oakland-Daytime (Fridays, 2/11-4/18, 3-5:30) 

Foundations 1 -Oakland -Evening (Fridays, 2/11-4/18, 6-8:30) 


Conflict Resolution & Mediation Labs with Lisa Montana

Confict Resolution Tug of War

February 20 and 27, 6-9 pm 

This 2-evening lab offers the chance to bring conflict scenarios from your life to class and work with them in role-plays. 

  • Role-play your own or someone else's scenario
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and support
  • Learn to express what's true for you so another person can hear
  • Increase your ability to hear views that are different from yours


Beginning NVC Mediation & Conflict Resolution  

Join Lisa Montana on Sundays, March 6 - April 24, 6-9pm

Conflict Resolution Couch

Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because you're engaging the same  arguments-over and over again? If so,this   class is for you! We'll practice simple techniques to  untangle every-day conflicts at home and at work. Register


Creating Poetry in Empathy

with Meganwind Eoyang and Lynda Smith 

Sunday, March 13, 10:00am-3:00pm

Visual Poetry

Meganwind and Lynda invite you into an exploration of what goes into expressing needs through metaphor, poetry if you will. We will walk through discussions, exercises and games to unfold the artistic process of sensing, transforming through imagination,and offering empathic guesses that move beyond the typical NVC Needs Inventory.Tapping into your own rich life experiences, dreams and images, and developing awareness of physical information from your body, you'll seek to unleash your expressive freedom. 


This 4-hour training with Lynda Smith and Meganwind Eoyang is designed for people with intermediate and advanced NVC skills.Register


Family Agreements  with Jared Finkelstein

Thursday, March 24th, 6:45 - 9:15pm

Family Agreements

Families that make agreements with participation from every member and in the spirit of true partnership are very likely to experience greater connection, ease, and love in daily life.  In this workshop we will learn a process for creating family agreements that foster greater connection, trust, and understanding. Register


Transforming Oppression: Communication Across Differences

Join Nancy Kahn and Emilio Osorio on Thurs,  April 7 - June 9, 7-9pm  

Transforming Oppression

We will provide a supportive container for opening to new experiences in relating across differences with greater authenticity, as well as practice time for deepening our collective learning by grounding ourselves with opportunities to practice leading edge tools in a learning community of diverse participants.


To Register: Contact Nancy at or 415-336-0992

Individual Rate $580 - $780 sliding scale. Organizational Rate $850

Free coaching session with Nancy for participants who pay $780 or $850!


Santa Cruz RedwoodsLIVING PEACE RETREAT: February 4 - 9

 The Living Peace retreat is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty of NVC community. The retreat typically draws participants with considerable NVC experience who want to bring their understanding and proficiency to a new level, and also those who are new to NVC and want to immerse themselves in NVC skills and consciousness. Each day provides plenty of time to work in small groups and to receive one-on-one coaching around the issues that matter most to you. Register.



Participants of this retreat may apply to continue their learning in the BayNVC Immersion Program which will meet at BayNVC one weekend per month in 2011, beginning in March.  


 BayNVC is pleased to announce...

 Two Living Compassion Events with Robert Gonzales 

Robert Gonzales 

 Living Compassion Retreat   May 21-25

Living Compassion 3-day Intensive  May 27-29

Living Compassion is about bringing our full authentic selves into the space of relationships with mutual honesty and compassion.  Robert's work includes deeply transformative inner work as well as intensely practical aspects of inter-personal relationships. These events will include demonstrations of integrating compassionate communication and opportunities to practice in small groups. CEUs are available. 

Out and About with BayNVC  

Join BayNVC's Connection Project on "Hug Day" deployment!

Saturday, February, 12th, 11:00 AM to 12:00. Meet in front of Namaste Grand Lake - 3229 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland. RSVP to, or just come and connect!


FUNVC = FUN+ NVC: Laughter for Fun, Connection and Healing
Sunday, February, 20th, 12 to 2pm with Inessa and John Love

FunNVCLaughter is good for you! It reduces stress, relaxes and energizes you, and increases a sense of well-being. FUNVC is a powerful new modality that combines Laughter Yoga (FUN) and NVC (Connection). This combination can be very effective in helping us release our judgments, fears and limiting beliefs, take ourselves less seriously, and hold our needs more lightly. Come Laugh with us - laughter is the best medicine!  

For questions: email Inessa at or registerMore info. Requested Donation: $25-$50 (before February 15), $35-$60 after.


inoutGrowing Our Inner and Outer Expression of Self 

 Thursdays 7-9pm, January 13 - March 31 
Registration remains open through Feb, 3rd.  Sign up now!

Deepen capacity for compassionate self discovery and for stepping into personal power in the service of human needs.  

Nancy Kahn

Join Nancy Kahn for her new 12 week series in the East Bay. Participants will engage with tools and practices that support greater choice and self-awareness related to expressing our truth, and for staying connected to what matters to us as we attend to hearing what is important to others. This series includes a very exciting, body-based session on inner empathy, provided by guest trainer Alex Mercedes.   

 To Register: Contact Nancy at or 415-336-0992  $425-$725, sliding scale


One Big Circle      

Kids  in Circle

with Cathy Bucher, Joshua Hathaway and Lynd Morris

At last! A program designed to support NVC family camp staff and organizers in furthering their own personal learning and growth while honing their NVC skills to serve the children and parents they want to support!  For more information visit the One Big Circle website or email


Volunteer wanted! 10 hours/week through June, to support BayNVC trainer, Roxy Manning, in marketing and organizing for upcoming events and retreats. Strong preference for someone with strong internet and desktop publishing skills and comfort with writing. If interested, please email Roxy directly, with your contact info and a short bio describing your experience in marketing, desktop publishing or social media networking.


Thank You Bob!

We would like to extend a huge "Thank You" to Bob Gailer for his ongoing time, effort and support in developing and sustaining BayNVC's new VOIP telephone system!


Ikea Shelf

Help us organize our closet! 

We could use a large utility shelf like this one at Ikea. To donate a shelf please contact
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Watch Conflict Hotline live 
Thurs. Feb. 3rd, 7:30pm
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Participate!  Call in live during the show, or send in your conflict or hard-to-hear message to conflicthotline.
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2/11- Foundations 1- Oakland-Evening

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