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December 2010 Bulletin
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New 2011 Event Schedule
Living Peace Retreat
Leadership Program
Robert Gonzales Retreat
Upcoming Workshops
Upcoming Retreats
Office Happenings
2011 Event Schedule
2011 promises to be an exciting year for BayNVC!
 We have plenty of remarkable programming and events.
Study Series
Take special note of the new Foundation/Mediation Series
Living Peace Retreat
Living Peace Retreat
Friday, February 4, 2011  -  Wednesday, February 9, 2011 


Santa Cruz RedwoodsThe Living Peace retreat is a perfect way to immerse yourself in both the beauty of NVC community and the beauty of nature.  Set in the beautiful redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the retreat typically draws both participants with considerable Nonviolent Communication experience who want to bring their understanding and proficiency to a new level, and also those who are new to NVC and want to immerse themselves in NVC skills and consciousness.


The retreat is led by lead trainer Kathy Simon and an experienced team of NVC trainers.  Each day provides plenty of time to work in small groups and to receive one-on-one coaching around the issues that matter most to you. Register

Living Peace Pam Jan Itzel

Participants of this retreat may apply to continue their learning in the BayNVC Immersion Program which will meet at BayNVC one weekend per month in 2011, beginning in March.


What People are saying about Living Peace:

Living Peace Cheri Art

Learning NVC has empowered me to act more in line with  my hopes and dreams for myself and the world. 

Nonprofit manager, Living Peace 2009 Participant


"My experience with learning NVC with Kathy was enlivening and inspiring, not only or principally because of the content, but because Kathy's continuous flow of presence and communication met my need for clarity and authenticity; freeing me to be able to take in the content effectively."

Writer and Activist, Living Peace 2010 Participant 

BayNVC Leadership Program 2011

Come learn more about the BayNVC Leadership Program - beginning its 10th year of developing NVC Leadership!

There is still time to apply for the 2011 Leadership Program.  Be a part of our tenth year of supporting learning, integration, growth, and community for participants who are now sharing NVC all over the world.

Join Roxy on December 13, 10am pacific time, for a free informational teleconference about the 2011 LP: Register Here.

"The Leadership Program has been such a gift to me! 
I have undergone an unimaginable transformation thanks to the insights, experiences and support I have had o
ver the year.  I see the world with so much more beauty and clarity now, reveling in the joy I experience both sharing and living NVC.  My relationships are so much richer, more nourishing and more loving.  And I have a real sense of meaning as I move out into the world, sharing NVC both directly and indirectly."
Catherine S., Canada


Living Compassion Retreat
 Living Compassion with Robert Gonzales
               Saturday, May 21, 2011  -  Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Robert GonzalesLiving Compassion is about bringing our full authentic selves into the space of relationships with mutual honesty and compassion.

Robert's work includes both deeply, transformative inner work as well as intensely practical, in-the-world aspects of inter-personal relationships. This retreat will include demonstrations of integrating compassionate communication and opportunities
to practice what is demonstrated in small groups.

More information about the Living Compassion Retreat and Continuing Education Units that are available for registered nurses and therapists. We are also offering an Advanced 3-day workshop May 27-29 in the bay area.  Please email for more details.

Upcoming Workshops

                             Learning Living Sharing NVC
       A workshop with Mair Alight, CNVC Certified Trainer

                                 Sunday, December 12, 2010
      9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

                              2713 Ellsworth Street, Berkeley, CA

Learning Living Sharing NVCThis interactive and experiential workshop is designed to support those individuals committed both to living NVC consciousness and to sharing NVC with others.

Mair's style and wisdom will support you in deepening your
understanding of what it means to live NVC and will introduce you to ways in which to effectively share NVC with others.

Please RSVP to  if you are planning to attend. Requested donation: $60-120 (sliding scale)

NVC for Couples
January 20, 2011 - March 10, 2011

CouplesOur intimate relationships are so important to us, and yet sometimes we struggle to connect with our partners, struggle to understand them, and struggle to express ourselves both authentically and lovingly.

In this series, you will explore how to use both big and small challenges in your relationship as opportunities to grow both individually and as a couple.

We'll work on sharing truth honestly -- without blame; opening yourself to vulnerability, without losing power, and choosing compassion -- both for yourself and for your partner.

Register for this series presented by Kathy Simon.


FlexFlex your empathy muscle: Embodied NVC

In this workshop Maja Bengtson teaches you how to add body movements to your NVC learning to make it more concrete and whole.

         >> December 11th Half Day workshop in Oakland -The Basics
         >> January 29th Half Day workshop in Oakland - The Basics
>> January 30th Half Day workshop in Oakland - Intermediate

Maja Poster PhotoRead Maja's new article
What Are You Practicing"
I've always loved dancing, and for about 6 years I danced in a context that emphasized interaction based on self connection and authentic expression. And then I stopped, cold turkey. All-of-a-sudden, I had become intensely drawn to sitting still. My meditation practice took priority over the joy of dancing.... Read full article
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                             Compassionate Classrooms 
    Life Enriching Education -
  A Workshop for Educators
                               Saturday, January 8, 2011

NVC KidsJoin presenters Kristin Hull, Ilene Fortune and Jared Finkelstein for a day rich in information and experiential excercises focused on empowering students, teachers, and parents to work together to transform classrooms.

Distinct from other school programs nonviolent communication does not label people in any way. Rather, nonviolent communication practitioners see behavior through the lens of universal human needs. In this way, NVC helps people learn about themselves, understand the actions of others, and find ways to productively and cooperatively meet their needs.

"Compassionate Classrooms" teaches educators how to:
  • Connect compassionately with themselves and others using the process language of nonviolent communication
  • Work with students to design and implement individual learning objectives
  • Provide process evaluation - more effective than grades, praise, and punishment in promoting learning and growth
  • Greatly reduce and peacefully resolve conflicts

We encourage you to register soon to ensure your space. When this workshop has reached its capacity, we will begin a waiting list.

The Compassionate Classroom

Sale! The Compassionate Classroom
Only $10
( was $19.75)

             Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the
              Workplace with Nonviolent Communication

                                      Save the Dates!
                                     March 17-20, 2011
                           You won't want to miss this event!

Global Collaboration GreenJoin us in San Francisco for four days of intensive learning, and discover new practices that enhance partnership, teamwork and productivity in the workplace.We'll explore new tools that provide a framework for addressing organizational challenges collaboratively.
Each morning will be filled with structured presentations, followed by self-organized, open space in the afternoons.

Presenters include Miki Kashtan, Martha Lasley, Gregg Kendrick, Dian Killian, Wes Taylor, Marie Miyashiro, Edmundo Norte, Ulrich Nettesheim.

We would enjoy your support in getting the word out about this exciting opportunity. So, think about who to invite and put the dates on your calendar for Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the Workplace with Nonviolent Communication (March 17-20, 2011)!

For more information and to register

Upcoming Retreats
Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the Workplace with Nonviolent Communication   

A 5-day retreat and an optional Year-Long Program
 May 9-13, 2011

Do you want to know how you can:

Foster a workplace environment of trust, shared vision, and strength to face obstacles? Transform conflict by co-creating strategies based on the needs of all parties? Bring authenticity and presence to your work without appearing "touchy-feely"?

If you would like to know more about our new international program, join Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley for an informational call including plenty of time for asking questions about both the May 5-day Retreat and the Year Long Program. Our first informational call will be on:

101103_PhoneWednesday, January 5,  2011
(4-5pm PT/7-8pm ET/1-2am CET/+1 day 11am-noon ET Australia)

If you have any questions before the call, please send an email to: or for more information about the program.

Mediating Conflict for Yourself and Others

 East Coast 5-Day Training in NVC Mediation

January 13-18, 2011

John and IkeJoin John Kinyon and Ike Lasater for an exciting  5-day Mediation Immersion Retreat in Boston, Massachuetts.

It's an opportunity to develop skills for "mediating your life" & being a mediator or trainer-practitioner of NVC mediation. It also helps with deepening presence, personal growth and NVC skills.

These skills are helpful in your life whether you're a mediator or not. This is the first retreat of the 2011 Mediation Immersion Program. The retreat is open for those who wish to sign up for one retreat only and for those who want to continue on for the program.

To learn more about the Kinyon/ Lasater approach to NVC Mediation, listen to an audio interview, watch a YouTube video, or visit our website.

(Early Registration Discount: $100 off tuition if registered by Dec. 15th)
Office Happenings
BayNVC has Hired!
Please join us in welcoming our new Events Coordinator Lenel deEmma and Retreats Coordinator Jeannine Etter.  We are very happy to have them join our team!
Thank you David!
Eureka vaccuum
We would like to express gratitude to David Chilcott for fulfilling our wish of a new hand held vaccum.  David donated a Eureka Riser Visor to BayNVC.

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12/11- Flex Your Empathy Muscle - Oakland

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1/20- Couples- Oakland

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