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 November 2010 Bulletin
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Healing From Within
Home for the Holidays
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Healing From Within:
A Model For Transforming Oppression

Nonviolent Communication and Diversity Communication Across Differences Series Presents:

"Healing From Within: A Model For Transforming Oppression"
with Nancy Kahn, and Emilio Osorio, LCSW

101103_HealingFromWithinHealing From Within -  with an emphasis on Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Pow
er will provide the supportive container for opening to new experiences in relating across differences with greater authenticity, as well as the practice time for deepening our collective learning by grounding ourselves with opportunities to practice new cutting edge tools in a multicultural group of participants.

Join us to gain competency in communicating across some of the most complex aspects of conflict related to differences!

Monday Evenings from 6:45 pm- 9:15 pm in San Francisco starting November 1st. Accepting registrations through Nov 15th.

Registration details
Download detailed brochure here.
Home For The Holidays
Home for the Holidays with Meganwind Eoyang

Meganwind EoyangWinter holidays often bring us home for visits with family where we long to celebrate life and connect deeply with the people. It's an opportunity to open our hearts to whatever happens, and add compassion for ourselves and our family members to these family gathering times.  We invite you to  receive support for connecting and spending time with friends and family.

In the "Home For The Holidays" series we will: Holiday Tree
  • explore ways to share heart connections
  • reveal to others what's going on with us
  • learn and celebrate what's going on with others
  • care for ourselves in moments when the connection may not be what we'd hoped
  • investigate expectations, hopes, fears, longings with humor and care
  • address participants' real-life situations with empathy, expression and role plays
Begin building the kind of holidays you and your family will enjoy, and will savor later.

To Register:
 Watch Videos of Meganwind Speaking on the Topic of Empathy
    >> Empathy Documentary Project
    >> Empathy Documentary Project: San Quentin
Upcoming Workshops and Programs
Foundations of NVC for Asperger Adults - Join Bob Yamtich for a combination of mini-lessons, live modeling, and active practice to help participants engage the foundations of NVC. Likely practice topics include seeking full self-connection, using logical abilities to hear what is important to somebody, and developing authentic self-expression that is more likely to be well-received.  November 11th Series in Oakland.


Flex your empathy muscle: Embodied NVC
In this workshop Maja Bengtson teaches you how to add body movements to your NVC learning to make it more concrete and whole.
                  >> November 13nd Half Day workshop in Oakland
                  >> December 11th Half Day workshop in Oakland

101027_Maja PhotoLearn more about Maja and read her new article "Changing the Brain"
What does it take for our brains to adopt new habits?I used to make this joke about Nonviolent Communication, that I could "teach it to you in 10 minutes, then it would take you 2 years to learn." There was some truth to that... Read full article

Beginning NVC Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Are you
feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because you're seeing the same arguments-over and over again? If so, this is the class for you. We'll practice simple techniques to untangle every-day conflicts at home, at work, in classrooms and organizations. November 7th Series in Oakland 
Year Long Programs
BayNVC Immersion Program 2011 (BIP)

BayNVC Immersion Program, with Kathy Simon, now accepting applications! Join us for a nine month experience of learning, community, growth, and fun, beginning with the Living Peace retreat, February 4-9
Register here.

BayNVC Leadership Program 2011

Come learn more about the BayNVC Leadership Program - beginning its 10th year of developing NVC Leadership!

Experienced guides Roxy Manning and Francois Beausoleil are returning as the core trainers for the program and for the first time they have have invited Kit Miller, Jorge Rubio and Arnina Kashtan to join them as visiting trainers. Together, these five trainers, have extensive experience using NVC all over the world in diverse settings including corporate, non-profit, social change, therapy and education.

Are you interested in further exploring the BayNVC Leadership Program?

101103_PhonePlease join us for a
free information teleconference to engage in a conversation about how our program can help you nurture your dreams. The teleconference will be held Saturday, November 6th, at 1pm (PST).  We invite you to register here.

For detailed information about the exciting new developments in the Leadership Program visit our website here or if you are ready to jump in, applications are still being accepted! Please download an application here.

What people are saying about the BayNVC Leadership Program

"The LP09 program has been such a gift to me!  I have undergone an unimaginable transformation thanks to the insights, experiences and support I have had over the year.  I see the world with so much more beauty and clarity now, reveling in the joy I experience both sharing and living NVC.  My relationships are so much richer, more nourishing and more loving.  And I have a real sense of meaning as I move out into the world, sharing NVC both directly and indirectly."

- Catherine S., Canada


Making Collaboration Real-Empowering the Workplace Retreat and Optional Year Long Program  2011

Miki KashtanNonviolent communication is a revolutionary way to change to a culture of shared partnership. Practicing compassion at work opens the door to a different consciousness that wakes people up to their full potential and supports productivity, high morale, and trust.  The next Making Collaboration Real retreat is May 9-13.
Register here.      


Out and About with NVC

Collaborating For Change 
A workshop at Hub SoMa with Miki Kashtan

Thursday, December 9, 2010
12:00-1:30 pm

Working towards sustainability on a global scale requires balancing entrepreneurship with collaboration; personal power and power with others; working with like-minded people and interacting with people whose opinions are different from our own; being open to the world and attempting to influence people with decision-making power.

This workshop provides a framework and a practice for making grounded choices in challenging moments; bringing empathic presence to all aspects of our work; and learning how to speak and listen in ways that foster trust, mutual respect, and understanding even in the midst of intense disagreements.

For more info or for registration information click here


"Making Right Speech Possible"
Marlena Willis and Itzel Damaris weave meditation with NVC learning in this day long workshop!
 Sunday, November 7th at East Bay Meditation Center.
 Register here or download flyer   

BayNVC collaborative trainer Newt Bailey will be offering workshops at the 96th Annual National Communication Conference in San Francisco: Nov. 14, 15 & 16; 11-12:15pm each day. 

"Transforming Enemy Images with Nonviolent Communication"

BayNVC trainer Meganwind Eoyang will offer a workshop Saturday, Nov. 20, 9:30-10:45 am, at the Common Bond Institute's Engaging the Other Conference at Sonoma State University.  The Common Bond Institute has adopted NVC as the "Guideline for Compassionate Dialogue" for this conference, and has invited BayNVC students to register at a 50% discount!
BayNVC is Hiring!
20-hours per week
Flexible hours (includes some evenings and weekends)

  • Coordinating all existing workshops
  • Developing new workshops
  • Outreach and promotion of all workshops
  • Maintaining relationships and supporting the workshop trainers and participants
15 hours per week
About 3 hours every day, a min of 1 hour per day

  • Research and fact checking
  • Project management and travel coordination
  • Create copy for newsletter and write proposals when needed
  • General and technological support
Please send cover letter and resume to
BayNVC is in need of the following:
* Dustbuster or other powerful hand-held vacuum.
* Volunteers for fix-it projects

Please contact BayNVC if you would like to donate any of these items!
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Watch Conflict Hotline live 
Thurs. Nov. 4th, 7:30pm. 
Click here for more info,
past episodes, etc.
Participate!  Call in live during the show, or send in your conflict or hard-to-hear message to conflicthotline.


1/3- Foundations 1- Oakland

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11/22- Home For The Holidays - Oakland
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12/19- Introductory Evening - Oakland

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11/13- Flex Your Empathy Muscle - Oakland

12/9- Collaborating for Change

12/11- Flex Your Empathy Muscle - Oakland

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