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 August 2010 Bulletin

Bay Area Nonviolent Communication is working to create a world where everyone's needs matter and people have the skills to make peace.

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Spotlight on: NVC Mediation
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Spotlight on:  NVC Mediation
NVC Mediation has become so popular, that in addition to our daylong workshops and series classes, we're now offering TWO year-long mediation programs to accommodate different needs and schedules.
John Kinyon and Ike Lasater's Mediation Year-Long Program begins ike and johnin October with a 5-day residential retreat in Northern California, and continues over 2 more retreats in spring and summer. 

To learn more about this program, you can join an information call on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 6:00pm PDT.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions of both the trainers and graduates of the program.  For the conference call-in number, send a request to
Newt BaileyLisa Montana headshotThe new Oakland-based mediation program with Lisa Montana and Newt Bailey will meet one weekend a month in 2011.  To find out if this is the right program for you, check out their Beginning and Intermediate Mediation and Conflict Resolution daylong workshops, on August 14 and 15.
Upcoming Programs and Events 
Francois BeausoleilRoxy ManningBayNVC's Leadership Program (LP) is taking a new direction in 2011! Here's what co-founder Miki Kashtan says about the changes:  "I am so excited about the new face of LP! Roxy Manning will be holding the program  with Francois Beausoleil. Both of them have been involved with LP for several years as assistants and then trainers. I can't wait to see what new insights, experiences, and learning they will bring to the rich tradition we have created."  Click here to learn more and apply.

Maja BengtsonFlex Your Empathy Muscle - Embodied NVC with Maja Bengtson: "I am a kinesthetic learner. I learn quicker and better from doing something with my body, than from reading or listening to new information...."  (read more here.)  Does this describe you?  Maja's new classes will give you a whole new way to integrate NVC into your life.  Check out her half-day workshops on August 21 and September 18.
See Miki Kashtan at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, August 17.  Miki will speak on "Beyond Dualities: Power and Love for Women and Men".  Visit to register.
Making Collaboration Real Conference, November 18-21 in San Francisco - save the date!  Learn from top professionals and consultants how to transform your workplace with NVC.  Retreat and Year-Long series will start in May 2011.  Learn more here.
This Month's Feature:  NVC in Action
Annie Symens-BucherNVC in Action- in Response to the Mehserle Verdict
By Annie Symens-Bucher
I was in downtown Oakland the evening the verdict was announced in the Oscar Grant murder trial. The back of my shirt had these words: IF YOU WANT PEACE, WORK FOR JUSTICE; the front of my shirt had these words: HERE TO LISTEN....Click here to read the full article.
Annie Symens-Bucher is a collaborative trainer with BayNVC.  She has been a peace activist for thirty years.
Read about BayNVC's Empathy Team in action here; see some of us in the orange vests at the top of this email!  Email Empathy Team to learn more and get involved.
Meganwind EoyangRestorative Circles Practice Groups
07retreat trioRestorative Circles offer a way through which communities can compassionately handle conflicts, heal from these conflicts, and learn what conflicts have to teach us.  Developed by Dominic Barter, Restorative Circles have been used with exciting results in Brazilian schools and Brazil's juvenile justice system.
Practice groups are facilitated by Meganwind Eoyang and Gail Claspell.  Click here for practice group schedule and more information.


Women in circle at retreat centerA celebration from our annual Living Undefendedly Women's Retreat:
"I feel grateful to have been able to connect and risk and stretch in the loving company of other women.  The level of trust that we shared gave me hope that I can connect vulnerably with people outside this circle . . . Living undefendedly is the goal.  This retreat opened doors that revealed the path." - Ronnie Hausheer, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2010 retreat participant
Miki Kashtan in Instructional Video for Judicial Council of CA!
Miki was recorded for a segment of an instructional video on communication that will be used in August for the entire judicial system of CA (except for the judges).  Miki's segment provides viewers with specific questions they can ask themselves to arrive at an option of responding that takes into consideration both parties' needs.  We are delighted to have this level of visibility.
Collaborative Trainer Jared Finkelstein will be co-leading a series of NVC workshops with Loren Swift at Peaceful Pines Center in Grass Valley, this summer and fall.  It's a great weekend getaway!  Visit for all the details.
BayNVC is in need of the following:
* New dark blue covers from Ikea for Ektorp loveseat and Ektorp Tullsta chair
* 2 desktop PC computers in good running condition, no more than three years old, preferably with Windows 7 (no monitors, please unless they are flat screen and at least 19 inches)
* 10 Macintosh computers, no more than 3 years old
           - please contact BayNVC.
Save the Date for Speaking Peace!
Speaking Peace 2009 room and presenter
BayNVC's annual celebration and fundraiser
 Sunday, October 24
California Ballroom
Oakland, CA

 Contact us
to attend or volunteer
 (510) 433-0700
This month on the CONFLICT
An Interview with
Michael Nagler
August 5th
Watch Conflict Hotline live
1st Thursday of the month 7:30 pm  on Channel 28 
or at
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past episodes, etc.
Participate!  Call in live during the show, or send in your conflict or hard-to-hear message to conflicthotline.


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