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BayNVC in Transition
$60,000, Strategic Support, and Love


Dear friend,


BayNVC is at a critical juncture and we are asking for your support. 

Take a moment to reflect on the meaning that BayNVC has in your life. Has your life been nourished? Has your capacity to support others increased?

BayNVC's Current Experience
We want to offer you a window into BayNVC's current experience. Over the last 18 months, we have trimmed 28% of BayNVC's budget and streamlined operations, including closing our office on Thursdays, while continuing to make all the same services accessible to everyone regardless of their means. Now we are facing the possibility of something as drastic as cutting our programs or closing our doors. 

Transition BayNVC Campaign
Yet, we continue to have passion and commitment for our work. We are launching the Transition BayNVC Campaign to raise $60,000 in 90 days so we can identify key strategic directions to adapt to a changing global economy. We are confident that with financial and other help from the thousands in the global NVC community who have benefited from our presence, we will continue to serve and thrive. Please join us.

Our work nurtures thousands of individuals, inspiring them to live purposeful, satisfying lives in line with their deepest aspirations. Many NVC communities across the planet look to us as a resource. Our Safer Communities volunteers reach hundreds of people in prison to reclaim their hearts and minds. We offer services, vital skills, and a different possibility of working together to hundreds of organizations.

Old and New Friends
We have begun a deep process of looking courageously at key questions: 

  • How can we align our leadership, organizational structure, and the resources of our communities to meet the changing needs of our times?
  • What changes in programming are called for so we can reach new populations, communities, and organizations?
  • How can our work be continually renewed by vision as well as practical and sustainable in daily life?

We have already raised $8,000, and are asking for an additional $52,000. You may have already contributed to us many times, both financially and otherwise. For this, we continue to be deeply grateful.  You may also be hearing from us for the first time with such a request. We need old and new friends, both, to get us through this challenging time.

We also need talent and skill beyond what our financial resources allow. If you have energy, experience, and expertise in organizational development to bring to BayNVC, email us

Lastly, your faith in us feeds us in more ways than we can name. We trust that the combination of financial contributions, strategic organizational help, and love will get us through this phase to a place of solid capacity to serve long into the future.

Contribute Today!

If you'd like to make a contribution today
click here,  or send a check to BayNVC, 55 Santa Clara Ave #203, Oakland, CA, 94610.

It is vision, direction, and boldness that got us started, and those qualities are called for now to respond creatively to the challenges of our time.

In gratitude and partnership

Lorene Allen, Board President
Erica Grevemeyer, Interim Director
Miki Kashtan, Co-Founder

55 Santa Clara Ave. Suite 203
Oakland, California 94610
forget me nots