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If you're ready to take your NVC practice to a deeper level, create NVC community or make NVC part of your work; whether you live in the Bay Area or far afield, BayNVC has a program for you!  This email will help you compare your options and make the best choice for your needs.  Scroll down to read them all, or use the menu at left to jump ahead.

If you are new to Nonviolent Communication and interested in learning opportunities, visit our website for classes, workshops and more.
ike and johnNVC Mediation Retreat and Training
with John Kinyon and Ike Lasater
First retreat October 22-27, 2009 in Petaluma, CA
* Three 5-day retreats, and monthly teleclasses
* Attend first retreat only, or continue with year-long program 
* Focus on NVC mediation skills for conflict resolution
* For people who want to develop presence and connection when there is conflict within themselves or with others, and to help others who are in conflict
This year-long program provides an intensive, in-depth experience with the language, skills and consciousness of NVC applied to mediating conflict in all types of situations -- from legal to business/organizational to personal relationships.  Daily and weekly practices for self-connection, learning and skill building between retreats are offered to integrate and extend the learning.
"I continue to bask in the afterglow of the training...I'm finding myself thinking and speaking more often from an NVC perspective.  I'm wanting you to know that yours and Ike's teaching styles, methods and examples of embodying and living NVC...resulted in the richest learning experience of any training, workshop, seminar, etc. in my life."
- Rick Robbins
Click here to learn more. or email John Kinyon directly.
Inbal Kashtan and Miki KashtanLeadership Program (LP) 
Inbal Kashtan and Miki Kashtan
with Roxanne Manning and assistants
Year-long program begins in January 2010; first retreat February 19-27 in Northern CA 
* Three 9-day retreats plus twice-monthly teleclasses
* Connects to a national and international NVC community
* Primary focus on skills for sharing NVC with others; designed for more experienced NVC practitioners
* For people who are preparing to lead or are already leading workshops in NVC

The BayNVC Leadership Program is designed to contribute to internal, interpersonal and social transformation by supporting emerging and existing NVC trainers' capacity to:
- Understand NVC - to have clarity about NVC practices and the consciousness underlying these practices;
- Live NVC - to integrate NVC consciousness and skills in daily life; and
- Teach/share NVC.
In addition to the retreats and teleclasses, individual phone sessions, "buddy" relationships and an email group and wiki provide ongoing support.
LP participants have come from many countries and are now sharing NVC around the world.
"I know of no NVC learning environment quite as deep and comprehensive as the BayNVC Leadership Program. I also know of no community of NVC practitioners as active, as connected and as able to engage personally and socially as LP graduates...I see this as a living endorsement of Inbal and Miki's teaching."
- Dominic Barter, CNVC certified trainer, Brazil
More LP graduates share their stories here.

Click here for more details, or request an application here.

Kathy SimonCommitted NVC Practitioner Program (CNPP) 
with Kathy Simon, Ph.D
First retreat March 2010, dates TBD, near Santa Cruz, CA
* Five-day retreat (may be taken on its own), then one weekend a month for 8 months
* Draws primarily on Bay Area participants, building local connection, support, and community
* Open to people who want to integrate NVC deeply into their lives, at varied levels of NVC experience
* Practice available for sharing NVC with others, if desired
In CNPP, we develop a deep sense of community as a group of practitioners who are committed to extending our practice of NVC more fully into our lives and consciousness.  Offering intensive study over 9 months, CNPP activities are designed to enhance understanding of NVC, deepen the capacity to live it, and develop skill in passing it on to others (for those who wish to).  Empathy buddies accompany your learning and growth through the program.  The monthly meetings are held in Oakland 9:30am-5:30pm one Saturday and Sunday a month, so the program is feasible for people who may find it hard to leave the Bay Area for more than one retreat.
"This work is the bridge that I have been looking for to complement the work I do...It will assist and support me in my personal growth and enable me to experience the connectedness I am desiring in all of my relationships..."
- 2009 CNPP retreat participant
You can read more here about this year's program, currently underway.  Check back for updates on the 2010 program.

Miki KashtanOpen-Hearted Therapy - a Year-Long Program for Therapists
with Miki Kashtan
Opening retreat January 22-26, 2010 in Northern CA
* Intensive retreat (may be taken on its own) followed by monthly group meetings and coaching calls
*  For working therapists who want to integrate NVC into their practices and their lives
* Some prior NVC experience requested
The program's focus is exclusively on the clinical practice of working with individuals or small groups, with the primary intention to provide healing.
"Miki pierces through clinical case material to the heart of what's most alive for people, whether it be the clients or the therapists.  She has a remarkable ability to challenge relate authentically to themselves and their own material as well as to their clients. I am deeply moved again and again by the depth of learning and growth I consistently experience working with Miki..."
- Nancy Oken, MFT

Click here to learn more and register.
NVC Integration and Mentoring Program
A teleclass with Miki Kashtan  

* Year-long series, but may be joined quarterly
* Designed for those without access to local trainers, who would like to deepen their study of NVC
* Appropriate for many levels of experience, but some NVC background expected 
This program is still being scheduled; please check our website later for details and registration.

Parent Peer Leadership Program (PLPP)
2009-2010 program led by Ingrid Bauer; next year's program TBA 

* Begins in August - exact format of next year's program to be determined, but primarily designed around teleclasses 
* Intended for parents and others who would like to share NVC with parents in their communities
"I experienced a huge increase in my ability to connect and truly live NVC.  I have new faith in the ability of authenticity to foster connection where quantity of time together does not.  I have a new, deep inspiring support network of some of the deepest friendships I have ever formed..."
- 2008 participant
You can read more here about the program currently in progress; please check back later for details and registration for next year's program.

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