BayNVC Bulletin
December 2008
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication is working to create a world where everyone's needs matter and people have the skills to make peace.

"There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability; there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community."
M. Scott Peck

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to share the link for our newest video, created by Lou Zweier and Donna Carter for our Speaking Peace fundraising event. This video and our Speaking Peace videos from previous years are posted on YouTube. Feel free to share them with as many people as you can! These videos are great ways to help friends, family and colleagues understand more about your enthusiasm for Nonviolent Communication. Please join me in appreciating Lou Zweier for his FOURTH year of donating his services for this project to BayNVC.

We were delighted to welcome more than 400 guests at Speaking Peace last month. We are deeply touched by the generous contributions we received at that event, particularly in these uncertain economic times. We are so grateful to everyone who participated, particularly to table hosts who made sure the room was full that day.
Today, I'm reaching out to everyone reading this newsletter to ask for
your support.

Our financial situation is more precarious than in the past. At this point, to continue to pay our staff and to maintain our office and workshop space, we will need to cut our budget in 2009 by at least 20%. The cuts will impact the services we are able to offer, and they are painful and difficult, especially in a world that needs the skills of peace more than ever.

To keep us working at full strength, I would like to extend the same
invitation to you now that I extended to our guests at Speaking Peace,
to consider if you could contribute some wealth, work or wisdom to
BayNVC in the coming year. Work can mean volunteering a skill or time
to BayNVC. Wisdom can mean connecting us with a funder, or an
organization that would like training, or a leader whose heart and mind would be nourished by learning NVC.

To give you a sense of what wealth can make happen, here are the kinds of things we can do with your contributions:

-With $50, we can buy books and materials for a class at San Quentin
-With $100, we can offer a trainer a small stipend to lead a pro bono
introduction to NVC at a school
-With $500, we can send 2 facilitators to run a restorative circle process for a nonprofit or community group
-With $1,000, we can cover a 100% scholarship (tuition, room and board) at a 6-day retreat for an emerging leader
-With $5,000, we can offer a stipend to a trainer to offer a weekly
practice group for staff and clients at a homeless shelter for a year
-With $10,000, we can bring an emerging NVC leader from outside the U.S. to attend the Leadership Program for a year
-And with $25,000 we pay a year's rent for our office and workshop space

To give you a flavor of what we can make happen together, here's one
tiny snippet from my email, regarding a pro bono presentation we did
last week at a public school in SF:

"I am still in awe of our students' response to your presentation.  You showed them a blend of strength, honesty, truth and vulnerability
communicated in a caring, calm manner. Demonstrating and then allowing the students to identify their feelings -- and then their needs -- was empowering for all the students. Thank you so much."

I hope you will feel moved to support this work in whatever ways you can. On behalf of BayNVC, I send wishes to each of you for a peaceful
and happy holiday season.

This comes with love,

Kit Miller
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
tightrope walker Dancing in the Gap of Uncertainty
Embracing Discomfort as a Path to True Freedom
Workshops and Teleclasses
with Miki & Arnina Kashtan

Workshops: One Saturday a month
starting December 13, 2008, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
through November 2009 (no class in April)
First Congregational Church of Oakland, 27th and Harrison Street

Teleclasses:  Monthly two-hour teleclasses through NVC Academy begin in January, on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings (PST).

These workshops focus primarily on inner work. Each monthly workshop and telecourse will be on a different topic: you are invited to participate in one or more of them. Each workshop stands on its own, and together they comprise a journey of self-discovery and inner alignment. 

Along the way you are likely to notice where shame, guilt, fear, and anger block you from authentic living. As you become more conscious of your needs and habits, you might find yourself embracing vulnerability where previously you were afraid; experiencing more choice; increasing your willingness to rely on others for support; taking greater responsibility for your actions and your life; and working for change where you want it with loving energy instead of anger.

Click here for more information about the workshops and teleclasses. 
Although most BayNVC trainings are not recorded, these workshops will be taped, and the materials gathered will be used (anonymously) in a book that Miki is writing with her sisters Arnina and Inbal.

Start Your Year Off Right
With a Study Series or Retreat

It's the most popular and effective way to immerse yourself in NVC consciousness and learn to be the change that you seek.

Foundations Series starting in January include Foundations 1 in Oakland and San Francisco, Integration 1 in Oakland and Foundations 2 in Santa Rosa.

Are you longing for the harmony with others and the inner peace that come with healing and forgiveness?  Join Meganwind Eoyang for a special 6-week Forgiveness and Reconciliation Series in Oakland, starting January 6.

In John Kinyon and Ike Lasater's Foundations of NVC Mediation series, you'll learn to apply the Nonviolent Communication process to mediate conflict in all types of situations, from legal mediation, to business and organizational conflict, to personal relationships.  Series starts January 7.

Start planning now for our Living Peace Intensive Residential Retreat, March 13-18.  It's a unique opportunity to create and live in NVC community, in the beautiful redwoods near Santa Cruz.
2009 Committed NVC Practitioners Program
Participate in creating a local NVC community

The Committed NVC Practitioner Program (CNPP) is designed for people with significant NVC experience who are ready to commit to a period of intensive immersion and learning in a supportive community.
Click here for details and application information.

Applications are still being accepted for the 2009 North America NVC Leadership Program.  Click here for more information.

BayNVC is in need of the following:
  • We've outgrown our phone system!  And we're looking for a small business system with a minimum 8-line capacity.  A new system will cost us over $4000!  If your company or organization is growing and looking for a new phone system, why not get a tax write-off and donate your old system to us?  If you think you have a potential solution for us, email newphonesystem.   Thank you!

  • Three new desktop computers, PC platform
  • Latest version of Microsoft Office
  • Frequent flyer miles
  • -please contact BayNVC.

  • A laptop PC, less than 3 years old, for trainers to use at retreats - please contact Francois
Gifts That Keep on Giving

How about giving yourself or a friend the gift of a BayNVC Study Series, Workshop or Retreat?  Or consider letting loved ones know that you'd enjoy receiving a class this year.  Look elsewhere in this Bulletin for information about all the fantastic series starting up in January.  It's a gift that supports BayNVC as well as the lucky recipient!

inbal cd front

Also remember to stop by BayNVC to purchase books, DVDs, puppets, ears or CDs!  Call the office at 510-433-0700 to be sure someone is there to help you.


Upcoming Intros
Classes and Workshops

12/13 Wanting Fully Without Attachment - Oakland

12/14 Sex & Compassion - Berkeley

1/10 Foundations of NVC Mediation 3-Day - Oakland

Intensives / Retreats

3/13 Living Peace - CA

For a list of practice groups in the bay area and beyond,

More Information & Registration

 Since many of our
events fill quickly,
please consider pre-registering to ensure your space.  You may
pre-register by clicking the "Register Now" button at the bottom of most event descriptions, or by calling our office at 510-433-0700.  You will receive a confirmation email with driving and public transit directions.
Parking is free on all of the streets around BayNVC's wheelchair accessible
 building in the Piedmont area of Oakland. 

HERE for a complete, up-to-date listing of
our retreats, study series, workshops
and practice
 groups in the Bay Area and beyond.
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