BayNVC Bulletin
January 2008
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication is working to create a world where everyone's needs matter and people have the skills to make peace.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
Martin Luther King Jr.
U.S. Civil Rights Leader & Clergyman (1929-1968)

Dear Friends,

At BayNVC we have often reflected on the larger implications of our work, specifically the question of how the practice of Nonviolent Communication continues the legacy of Gandhi and of Dr. King, whose birthday we celebrate this month. We have wondered how best to carry out nonviolence in the kinds of constructive programs that Gandhi created. Our desire to build on this legacy has led to the work we offer to the Department of Peace campaign nationally and internationally. It fuels our excitement about the Restorative Circles process that Dominic Barter is pioneering in Brazil, a blend of Restorative Justice principles with Nonviolent Communication. It informs our choice to offer NVC training to everyone who asks, regardless of ability to pay.

Each of you, in the journey of learning and supporting Nonviolent Communication, is part of this great movement toward building a culture of peace. Did you know that? Take a moment to consider the implication of hundreds of us, thousands, with the skills and consciousness to make peace in our hearts, homes and neighborhoods.

I invite you to enrich your new year by embracing your role in this movement. Take a class, start a practice group, organize a fundraiser, invite a trainer to offer this work to your friends or your church, school or workplace, or present it to yourself. Hand out materials about NVC at your local farmer's market or send them to a school leader. Make sure your library has a book or tape on Nonviolent Communication. Step in and use your skills when you see a conflict brewing. The possibilities are endless! If you take action, let me know...we'll start a list on our website to inspire us all!

I wish each of you a blessed and peaceful 2008.

In loving service,
Kit Miller
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

P.S. For help in imagining a different future, take a moment to enjoy the fruits of the labor of one teacher in the Sacramento area (see sidebar) in empowering her young students.

Upcoming Retreats for Couples,
Therapists &grace and amani resize
BayNVC's retreats offer an opportunity to experience rich and intensive learning, growth and support. Our popular Living Peace intensive (March 7-12) is a natural next step for those wishing to deepen their understanding of what it means to live NVC, or to explore participation in longer programs such as CNPP (see below). In addition to  Living Peace, we will be offering a Couples Retreat (February 1-3) and a Therapists Retreat (March 14-18). For a full listing of 2008 retreats, see Retreats.
Committed NVC Practitioner Program
The Committed NVC Practitioner Program (CNPP) is accepting applications for the 2008 program. CNPP begins with the 5-day Living Peace Intensive (see above), and is followed by 8 weekend workshops (April through November). CNPP is designed for people with significant NVC experience who are ready to commit to a period of intensive immersion and learning in a supportive community.
For more information, visit CNPP.
Creating the Life You Want with Powerful
grace and amani resizets - A Teleclass with Miki Kashtan
Do you wan
t a greater sense of power in your life? Would you like to know how to ask for what you want while deepening your connection with others? Join Miki Kashtan, certified CNVC trainer and co-founder of BayNVC, for this 5-session telecourse in which participants will learn what prevents them from asking for everything they want without fear. Each class will focus on a different theme, and will include practices that can be used on a daily basis. Weekly teleclasses begin on March 6. Participants can sign up for the first session for free.

To register and for further information, visit the NVC Academy.

Miki's leadership inspires, startles, thrills and challenges my growing edge. it meets my needs for hope, fresh possibilities, and change in the smallest part of my heart and in the world at large.
--Melody Stewart, Santa Rosa, CA

Looking for a Dedicated Volunteer to Help with the Bulletin: BayNVC is looking for someone able to donate 15 hours towards the end of each month to produce this monthly bulletin. Our
ideal candidate is self-organized, skilled at editing, familiar with BayNVC, and comfortable with the web and learning basic software design tools (we're happy to provide some training). Could this be you? Contact Karin for further details.

Seeking a Personal Assistant to Miki Kashtan: Miki is seeking an assistant to help with numerous administrative and personal tasks, including handling correspondence, scheduling, production of documents, errands and other support as needed. Proficiency with writing, attention to detail, strong familiarity with programs such as Word and Excel, flexibility, creativity, ability to complete tasks and to shift priorities easily, and familiarity with NVC are strongly desired. For a job description and further information, please contact Judith.

Housing or Housesitting Opportunity Wanted:
Rachel Monde, our Finance Administrator and Leadership Program Graduate, is looking for a quiet, clean, nurturing home in Oakland or Berkeley, either for herself or with one other NVC person; very reasonable rent desired. Long-term housesitting options are also welcomed. Please email or call 510-735-7711.


New Group Forming: What would an NVC-based movement for social change look like?  How can we use nonviolent, compassion-based consciousness to heal racism and sexism, end the war in Iraq, protect our environment, support workers' rights, and more? Come connect with other NVC practitioners who want to work together in this way on Saturday, February 2nd, 12pm, at the BayNVC Office. For further information, please, e-mail Marina at

Sharon Mills, a steadfast volunteer presence in the BayNVC office in
2005 and 2006, died last month. Sharon, who was part of the 2006
Leadership Program despite her diagnosis of cancer in July of that
year, brought her graphics ability, food that tested the boundaries
of our collective culinary experience, sense of humor, and friendship
to our office twice weekly during her time with us. A service for her
will be held late this month. For information email

Letter from a Student

Dear Ms. Ponciano,

I observed that when Scout, Lauren and Shawn went in the classroom at lunch recess to put stickers on the fake fruits for a game, I wasn't allowed to stay to help.  I feel hurt, because I wasn't included in something that was my idea to begin with. I also feel puzzled about why I was asked to leave.  My need for being included was not met.  My request is that you will explain to me why you made me leave.

Your student, Gemma

P.S. I would prefer if you would respond to me in a note


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