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The Communicator is a forum to keep you posted on upcoming events and information, share our stories, and ignite Maverick pride. A lot has changed over the summer months at LSC-Montgomery and a new semester has begun. With a mix of regular contributors and an open invitation for you to provide content, the Communicator will keep you apprised of what's happening in Maverick Country!

This newsletter will come out monthly during the fall and spring semesters. If you have stories, events or information that you would like to share with LSC-Montgomery employees please contact Brandy Ugent.

Theatre, Music & Art

Artist Explains Her Work  

Mayuko GrayMayuko Gray

Mary Matteson-Parrish Art Gallery  


Artist Mayuko Gray explains the inspiration behind her artwork during a reception earlier this week. Gray's work will be on display October 3-28 in the Mary Matteson-Parrish Art Gallery in the the Performing Arts Center (Building D). For Gray's works, she chose famous Japanese proverbs that she repeatedly heard growing up, which shaped her way of thinking, and now apply to her daily life in the U.S.

Upcoming Music Events

Guest Artist Series to Debut This Fall  

hollyhocks and other flowers in a vaseFall Choir Concert "Love and Loss" Dominick DiOrio conducts the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers as they join forces with Divisi Strings to present a concert of music that touches the heart and soothes the soul. Timeless choral works by Byrd, Mendelssohn, and Bach as well as contemporary works by Willan, MacMillan, and Whitacre will illustrate the various shades of emotion and longing. Guest vocal soloists include soprano Kelli Shircliffe, mezzo-soprano Kammi Estelle, tenor Wayne Ashley, and bass-baritone Joshua Wilson. Free and open to all.

Dr. Alejandro MontielFaculty Guitar Recital

Friday, November 18 at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Alejandro Montiel has performed throughout the United States and Italy. He leads a full time guitar studio at Sam Houston State University and is an adjunct instructor at LSC-Montgomery.

For more information about the LSC-Montgomery Music Department, visit: 


Theatre Performance

Private Eyes

Preview Night, Oct. 12 | 5:30 p.m., Bldg. D, Mainstage Theatre

Oct 13-15 | 7:30 p.m., Bldg. D, Mainstage Theatre

Matinee, Oct 14 | 1 p.m., Bldg. H, Recital Hall

Matinee, Oct 15 | 2 p.m., Bldg. D, Mainstage Theatre


Private EyesPrivate Eyes is a comedy of suspicion in which nothing is ever quite what it seems. The audience itself plays the role of detective in this hilarious, "relationship thriller" about love, lust and the power of deception. Preview Night is Wednesday. All LSC-Montgomery faculty, staff and students are free. Community tickets are $5. Purchase tickets at

Communication Across the Curriculum


Every Wednesday throughout the Semester | 3-4 p.m.
Bldg. E, Blue Star C.A.F.E., E-202


To find out more information, previous presentation recordings, and/or upcoming sessions please visit


Robby Goes to China

Hosts Pottery Workshop in China

Robby Wood Goes to China 1 of 3
Robby Wood Goes to China 1 of 3

More than 10,000 miles around the world, Robby Wood, ceramics professor at Lone Star College-Montgomery, recently conducted a pottery demonstration for members of The Pottery Workshop, an international ceramics center located in Jingdezhen, China.


Folks from all over the world-Japan, London, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, and even New York-attended Wood's workshop held in May.


"I was the first demonstrator offering a hands-on workshop in a series devoted to teaching students, staff, and community members a loose, Western ceramics approach versus the more tightened Chinese method," said Wood, who has been teaching at LSC-Montgomery since 2002. "The students had fun and got what I showed them."


Known as the "Porcelain Capital," Jingdezhen, located in Jiangxi Province in China, has been producing quality pottery for more than 1,700 years. The Pottery Workshop, which has other locations in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, offers experiential learning and resources for the development and enrichment of ceramics in China and abroad.


Although Wood often lectures, teaches, or even entertains from his pottery wheel outside the ceramics lab at LSC-Montgomery, this was the first time for him to lead a workshop outside the U.S. His friend and former student Eric Kao, however, is the deputy director of The Pottery Workshop at Jingdezhen and helped place Wood in the international educator role.


While translators were on-hand, Wood said that language was not an issue during his demonstration.


"They didn't have translations for some of my colloquialisms, so I drew a lot of pictures," said Wood. "I hardly understood a word they said, but it wasn't needed for what we did."


While there, Wood also participated in The Pottery Workshop's artist residency program where he created "lots and lots of pots" while experiencing life in Jingdezhen.


"The food was great and the locals were amazing," said Wood. "I even got to watch a kiln get fired with tires. Yep, tires-from mopeds. It smelled wonderful."


At LSC-Montgomery, Wood teaches Ceramics I (ARTS 2346) and Ceramics II (ARTS 2347). He is also the advisor for the LSC-Montgomery Clay Club, which hosts monthly pottery sales on the first Thursday of each month.


For more information, contact Robby Wood at or 936.273.7064.

AVSS has a New Name

Live Entertainment Technology Program

AVS Program


For the tech-savvy student who prefers 'shining the spotlight' to 'being in the spotlight,' Lone Star College-Montgomery offers the live entertainment technology program, which focuses on the technical needs of the entertainment industry.


Formerly known as the audio visual systems specialist program, the live entertainment technology program trains students to design, set-up, and operate lighting, video, and audio equipment. This includes microphones, sound speakers, projectors, recording equipment, sound and mixing boards, and more-everything needed for an elaborate production.


"It's more than just plugging in some lights and having a player for music," said Rob Kreps, program director and associate professor of theatre at LSC-Montgomery. "We are talking about some very intricate and highly technical computerized systems that work together to provide the best sound and lighting experience."


LSC-Montgomery is the only college in the state and one of only a few nationwide that offers the live entertainment technology program.

LSCS Audio Visual Systems Specialist Program
LSCS Audio Visual Systems Specialist Program


Tales from the Trail: 2011 Summer Maverick Challenge 

Steve Scheffler
Steve Scheffler on the beach in FloridaDad's a dork. I knew that's what my son was thinking as I made him take my picture with the Maverick horseshoe around my neck. Actually, he did more than "think" it; he was bold enough to say it! Multiple times during our vacation in Florida, I'd stop to get the perfect shot. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for the rest of my family), Disney provides multiple opportunities for creative backdrops. And I took advantage of most of them. If I could've taken the picture myself, I would have, but that wasn't possible. In the end, however, I settled on a picture taken on a small island in the middle of Clearwater's harbor. As I sat on the lounge chair (which just happened to be on the island), this was it, I thought. The perfect shot! I wish the vacation was as relaxing as the photo looks. But, anytime you throw Disney into a vacation, relaxation kinda goes out the door. Nonetheless, Clearwater Beach was as relaxing as it got for the Schefflers. I highly recommend it. Happy summer! 


Christie Taillon
Christie Taillon

This may not be the highest or furthest point from LSC-Montgomery,  but it does have an interesting, historically significant and even creative story. I stood in the church in 1972 (communist era), 1991 (summer of Soviet troop withdrawl), and 2011 (20 years into a capitalist democracy. It is the largest church in Hungary-the Roman Catholic Esztergom Basilica on the Danube River, on the Slovakian border. In 1972 we couldn't cross the border as we didn't have a special required visa, and the bridge connecting the two sides still sat bombed out from WWII. In 1991, we were able to cross on a ferry with a valid passport. This time, we were able to cross over on the newly rebuilt bridge, with no visa or passport--it's  part of the EU. In 1972, religion was repressed; now it is alive and reviving. In 1972 the activities were free; now we had to pay to see the treasury and the cupola view, and to take a mini-train, run by an elderly man who saw a business opportunity, across the open border.



LaNae Ridgwell

LaNae Ridgwell
The skies are clear, the sun is shining and the water awaits as we paddle in hand,climb into our colorful kayaks ready to make our way down the Guadalupe.  Fifteen minutes later we run aground. We climb out, drag our kayaks about 15 ft. into the next pool of water and once again we head out, eager to continue our adventure.  Ten minutes later we're out of the kayaks once again, making our way over the slippery rocks to deeper water. Another ten minutes and once again we're hoisting ourselves out to once again carry our kayaks across 50 ft. of rock bed. The 3 hr kayaking excursion became a very tiring 4 hr hiking expedition that included at least 20 "shallow water" out of the boat experiences complete with bruises and cuts. Despite the challenge of it all the scenery was beautiful, and it was an interesting if not eventful experience. I look forward to repeating the experience when the river is actually running.  


Phillip Payter

Phillip Payter

My name is Phillip Payter and I'm submitting my photo for the 2011 Maverick Challenge. This is me while on my Study Abroad trip in Italy. I'm atop the roof of the institution we stayed in the majority of the time there in Castellammare di Stabia with Mt. Vesuvius in the background.


Marilyn Speight

Marilyn Speight

My husband and I took our granddaughter,  Skyler, on a Disney Cruise this Summer that took us to Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) and Nassau, Bahamas. There were several Disney characters onboard ship, but this one with Jiminy Cricket is one of my favorites.


Cassie Tomchik

Cassie Tomchik

LSC-Montgomery Nursing instructor Linda Vogel and myself travelled around China this summer. We saw so many things and went so many places, but out biggest adventure may have been simply been reuniting in Hong Kong after my flight was cancelled in Beijing. Yes, I, who speak no Chinese and had never even been abroad before in my life,  had my flight cancelled and was left on my own in Beijing for a night. Then,  to make matters worse,  there were no flights to Hong Kong for days! After a panic attack, I found myself a hostel,  and the next day,  with a giant suitcase and some creativity,  made it to Hong Kong: I flew to Macau, and then took a boat to Hong Kong, then a train and taxi to our hotel. It took tears, plane, train, and boat, but Linda and I were finally able to continue on our adventure!


Basnagoda Rahula

Rahula Basnagoda

Picture was taken in front of the library constructed and maintained by Rahula's Head temple in Sri lanka with a group of kids from the temple's preschool. Recently, over 200 grammar and composition books collected at BELS Division were donated to this library.


Margaret McManis

Margaret McManis

The LSC-Montgomery newest mini Maverick-class of 2029.

Mr. Grady Marshall Scank will be our newest Maverick here at Montgomery College one day. He was born at Memorial Herman Hospital on August 10th. His grandmother, Margaret Olivia McManis works in the Career Services Department in Building C and is the proudest Momo on campus. Grady's parents Meghan and Steve Scank live and work in the Conroe area. Meghan is a bilingual literacy coach in Conroe ISD and Steve works for Texas Farm Bureau. Grady is welcomed by his proud big sister, Olivia Scank, who is four years old.

Off and Running  

Beverly Mulvey


Remember how as a child you'd get off the school bus and run home without a care in the world? Or run around, playing tag with friends? Beverly Mulvey, an administrative assistant at LSC-Montgomery, knows that you, too, can recapture that carefree, playful feeling while being outdoors.


"Running is fun! It's play!" said Mulvey, a runner with countless miles on her running shoes. "In fact, you may even 'run into' your soul mate-I did!"


Mulvey began running at 40 years old, when her daughter, who was training for field hockey at the time, asked her mother to run with her.


"We sprinted to the end of the block, then sat on the curb to catch our breath," recalled Mulvey. "But from that day on, I kept running."


In less than 10 months after her initial sprint with her daughter, Mulvey trained for and completed her first marathon. Over the years, she has completed the New York Marathon three times, the Philadelphia Marathon twice, and the Jersey Shore Marathon. She runs each race hoping to win in her age category, and whether by her own will or by default, she has.


Although Mulvey agrees that there are many mental and physical benefits to running, her motivation lies in the solitude of the sport.


"I personally prefer to run alone without headphones," she said. "I enjoy listening to the birds and smelling the roses. Being alone with Mother Nature creates a sense of peace."


Currently, Mulvey runs approximately three miles at noon five days a week throughout neighborhoods near the campus.


"A run, followed by a quick shower, energizes me for the rest of the day," she said.


If you're interested in lacing up your sneakers and hitting the road, Mulvey offers some steps for beginners:


1. The "First Step" is out the door. All you need are good running shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

2. Pretend you're a child-having fun, playing, and maybe even bouncing a ball as you run.

3. Set a goal. Stay outdoors for a minimum of 45 minutes. Run slowly, and then walk, alternating back and forth.

4. Continue to extend your running (and ease up on the walking). Challenge yourself to run to the next landmark; to run for another minute; to go the "extra mile"! Eventually, you'll be running the entire 45 minutes.

5. Continue to run (or run-walk) five days a week for a month

6. You're on the "right track"! You've completed an amazing "feet"! You're "off and running!"

7. Need a GPS?


Faculty Staff Lounge  


Faculty Staff Lounge ribbon cuttingThe opening of the Faculty/Staff Lounge (Room E-212) on September 22 was a great success.  Dr. Lane, supported by over 100 Faculty and Staff members participated in the ribbon cutting. A fresh cup of coffee is always waiting for you in the lounge. 


The dining area is equipped with a microwave oven, toaster oven, toaster and can opener for your convenience. Keeping the area clean and presentable is easy with running water, paper towel and soap dispenser.


The lounge area features comfortable, quality sofas and chairs which create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. TVs are wall mounted in each section of the lounge, one in the sofa area and one in the kitchen section. Low volume and close caption settings allow even the avid reader to enjoy the areas without interruption. Feel free to add your favorite magazines to the magazine rack installed in the room. 


Coming soon to the lounge: employee art displays, puzzles, dessert receptions, and in November, chair massages from the LSC-Montgomery PTA student association.


Submit a name to the Lounge Naming Contest!

You could win a Luby's gift card for submitting a winning submission to name the fac/staff lounge. Send your winning suggestion to by October 24, 5 p.m.  The Fac/Staff Lounge committee will select and announce the winner.


Thanks to the LSC-Montgomery employees serving on the Fac/Staff Lounge committee.  Their charge is to encourage the on-going use of the fac/staff lounge by Montgomery employees to include:

  • Programming which does not monopolize the use of the lounge for the event, thus allowing for a free flow of traffic through the facility
  • Advertise the facility and programming to employees
  • Recommend changes or upgrades to the facility in order to maintain a welcoming atmosphere

Please send your suggestions for lounge programs and services to members of the committee below: 



Alison Carter

Barbara Eckenfels

Barbara Holman

Betsy Powers

Cleme Houston

Erik Oslund

Georgine Duncan

Mary Mendoza

Randy Sparks

Rob Kreps


Professional Development   


Please join us in congratulating and wishing success to the following LSC-Montgomery adjunct faculty who have been invited to participate in the Fall 2011 Adjunct Certification Program:

































LSC-Montgomery has already had 161 proud graduates of the program.  We hope you will support these faculty in their pursuit of excellence and continued professional development.


October Schedule


10/10/11WebEx Fundamentals (LSC-1752) Learn the fundamentals of how to use WebEx for web conferencing, including how to access your account, schedule meetings, host meetings, share documents, and get help. Bldg E-202, 2:30-4:30 p.m.
10/10/11Social Media and Instruction Roundtable (LSC-1753)Participants will receive a brief overview of current system policies regarding usage of social media in the classroom. 
Bldg G-125, 3-4:30 p.m. Presented by Faculty DIG
10/11/11Understanding the Student Life Cycle in Campus Solutions (LSC-1701)The student life-cycle is the focus of iStar Campus Solutions.  This course will allow participants to experience the Lone Star student life-cycle through the entire iStar Campus Solutions modules. Bldg F-316, 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.
10/11/11Open Lab: Online Teaching - Lone Star Online Opportunities for faculty to seek guidance in ANGEL or other software that integrates with ANGEL. While not the time to teach you how to use ANGEL, Open Labs are for help with questions or problems. Faculty may attend anytime during the hours listed. Bldg. E-202, 3-7 p.m.
10/12/11Microsoft Outlook 2010 Organizing, Automating and Archiving An advanced level activity focusing on using folders, search, rules and archiving features to help organize and retrieve the bulk of email messages received and saved in Outlook Professional. 
Bldg. E-202, 9-11 a.m.
10/12/11Communication Across the Curriculum (CAC) Wednesdays, 3-4 p.m., Blue Star C.A.F.E., E-202 Mark Whitten Presenting (Replaces Kris Chapman)
10/17/11WebEx Fundamentals (LSC-1752) Learn the fundamentals of how to use WebEx for web conferencing, including how to access your account, schedule meetings, host meetings, share documents, and get help. Bldg. E-202, 2:30-4:30 p.m.
10/18/11Transcript Evaluation and Processing (Part II)* Bldg. F-316, 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. (Registration not required)
10/18/11We Are Lone Star: Connecting Employees to System Resources (LSC-1744) LSC-System Office Star of Texas Ballroom I & II LSCB 150 & 152 This session provides employees with information about who we are as a college system and reveals programs, initiatives, and resources available to faculty, staff, and administrators.
10/19/11WebEx Fundamentals (LSC-1752-10) Learn the fundamentals of how to use WebEx for web conferencing, including how to access your account, schedule meetings, host meetings, share documents, and get help. Bldg. E-202, 9-10:30 a.m.
10/19/11Wednesdays, 3-4 p.m., Blue Star C.A.F.E., E-202
Ann Kirch (VP Instruction) & Multidisciplinary Faculty Panel "Assessing the Ineffable"
10/21/11Photoshop Images
Bldg. E-202, 1-3 p.m. (Registration not required). If you would like to attend, please e-mail
10/21/11HR Open Lab in The Blue Star C.A.F.E, Bldg. E-202, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., (Registration not required)


To register in click here: My Workshops.

If you need assistance, call 936.273.7043 or email the 



Mystery EmployeeAvatar   


This month's Mystery Person lives in The Woodlands, but is originally from the New England area, having lived in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He/She is happily married with one grown child and one grandson.


After volunteering their services at the college when he/she moved to the area, the Mystery Person became very impressed with the family atmosphere and environment and decided to join the payroll. It's now been seven years, and he/she is still thrilled to be able to work with students.


"My greatest joy is to witness when a student has a 'light bulb' experience and when students understand why they are here," he/she said. "I enjoy being a source of connection of information to staff, faculty, or anyone in the community."


Some of the previous jobs held by the Mystery Person include being a salesperson in the retail industry, owning/operating several small businesses, and running their own private practice.


"My proudest accomplishment, however, is listening to the Lord's orders to start a volunteer food program in Massachusetts," he/she said.


During their leisure time, the Mystery Person volunteers their professional services in their church community. He/She also enjoys reading, bike riding, yoga, and of course, visiting their grandson.


Thinking long-range, this person hopes to finish their career at LSC-Montgomery, continue to build their volunteer work in their church and community, and eventually move back to New England.


"And one thing that other may find interesting about me is that I have been in 46 of the 50 states!"


Any guess as to who it could be? See if you're right.


Baby Corner 
Over the past year many new babies have been born. We would like to introduce you these bundles of joy.

Brandy Ugent our web coordinator in College Relations delivered her third baby, Paige Natalie Ugent on October 3, (8 days over her due date) weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz., 21" long. At 10 months, Paige likes a little mischeif; she giggles and speed-crawls towards open bathrooms, drools on brother's video game controller, and takes keys off of mom's laptop. "We love Paige's playful spirit and she is a joy in our lives. It was a big jump from 2 to 3 children," Brandy reports. "I'm glad to have such a loving and supportive husband. We are busy, but very happy and proud to be a loving family of five." 
ugent family


Please welcome Amy Cooper's new addition, Colton Mitchell Cooper. Colton was born January 24, 2011  5:00 p.m. and weighed 8lbs. 3 ounces, 20" at birth. Amy is our Program Manager for Business with Continuing Education. Mom dotes, " Colton is 6 months old and crawling. Our house is very busy these days with his big sister Bailey (2 yrs.) helping her brother conquer new challenges. Bailey is very excited to have a baby brother that she can play with as well as hug and kiss him constantly. It is very sweet to watch how carefully she plays with him and makes him laugh with her silly faces."
cooper family

Lauren Maddox, our writer in College Relations also had a baby boy. Please welcome Samuel Tad Maddox. Lauren, along with Tyler, her husband, and Dash, her two-year-old son, welcomed Tad to the world on Tuesday, January 25. Tad weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 20" long. Now at six months old, Tad--with his full head of brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes--is sitting up, learning to crawl, and giggling at most everyone. Tad's smile rivals his brother's pre-school antics for cuteness. While Lauren finds herself saying, "Don't sit on your brother!" a little more often than she'd like, everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying being a family of four.

Amy and Lauren were delivering at the same hospital very close to the same time. They also live in the same neighborhood; looks like Colton and Tad were born to be best friends. 


Maddox boys


Carrie LaRue, our technology trainer welcomed their baby daughter, Isadora Eloise Knab, on March 1. Isadora was born six weeks early, weighing 4 lbs 9 oz., 17.5 inches, and spent 10 days in the NICU, but she has already doubled her birth weight and is thriving. My favorite thing so far has been watching my 8-year-old son interact with her. He has been fiercely protective of her and is great at helping me take care of her. She has recently started to smile and be more interactive, and he loves entertaining her with goofy songs, stories, dancing, and anything else he can do to coax one of those smiles. It is so much fun to watch!

Isadora Knab
Katie Halbert and her husband, Will, welcomed their first child, Molly JeanMarie, on March 9, 2011. She is always a happy baby and loves to play on her activity mat. She also enjoys  laughing, smiling,  and "talking". Molly is a shining light in her parents' lives and is adored by her LSC-M family! Katie works in the NaSH division as a Division Assistant. She works in the Health Professions office suite and assists with the application process of the Health Professions programs along with other tasks associated with the programs. Katie loves working at LSC-M!



Tramikia Davis, our Lead Operator, who is also in the College Relations department was blessed with her second child on March 12.  Mark Davis who is now 4 months old, loves playing with his big sister Alanna. Mama Tramikia says, "I love to hear Mark's giggles, which he does often because he is very ticklish. My husband Mark and I are overall blessed to have a handsome and healthy son!"

Tramikia David's children

If you have a baby that we have missed please contact Brandy Ugent to be added to the next issue of the Communicator.
What's in a Name? 


You may have noticed lots of new signs around campus. These are part of a signage overhaul that included names displayed on the exterior of all buildings, new campus and building directories, parking lot signs and more. Just in case you aren't 100 percent familiar with our official building names, here's a refresher:


Letter G on the General Academic BldgCommons Building (Building A)

Health Science Center (Building B)

Student Services Center (Building C)

Performing Arts Center (Building D)

Administration Building (Building E)

Library Building (Building F)

General Academic Center (Building G)

Music Hall (Building H)


New Graduates  


Melanie HailIt is a pleasure to announce to you that Professor Melanie Hail (Medical Radiologic Technology faculty) completed her master's degree from Sam Houston State University this summer. She graduated with an MEd. degree in Instructional Leadership.  






Janet HarrisProfessor Janet Harris has also completed her Master of Science with a major in Nursing - Nursing Education at Texas Woman's University. 

Please join us to congratulate Melanie and Janet for this important accomplishment.

Drive-Through Flu Shot Event 

a guy with the fluA drive-through flu shot event is scheduled for Saturday, October 15, at LSC-Montgomery. Volunteers will provide $10 flu vaccines to the first 400 people (3-years-old and up) who arrive between 9 a.m. and Noon.  


Off to Their Best Start!   


Heidi and her classroom eating pizza at the Best Start eventStudents in Heidi McDonald's (third from left) EDUC 1300 class enjoy pizza and free "Best Start" promotional materials during a Best Start awareness event last week. Students in EDUC 1300 use the Best Start philosophy to ensure a successful semester as they transition into college-level coursework.

Lyceum Speaker Series 

Jesus Chuy NegreteDr. Jesus "Chuy" Negrete

Oct. 25 | 12 -1 p.m., Bldg. H, Recital Hall


In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month LSC-Montgomery Lyceum Speaker Series has invited Dr. Jesus "Chuy" Negrete to speak.


Negrete, a Chicago native, will give the audience a presentation of Spanish culture through a unique blend of music, storytelling, and poetry. He founded the Mexican Cultural Institute which is dedicated to the study of Mexican-American musicology, Chicago folklore and culture highlighting the struggle of Mexican-American communities for self-determination.  This Lyceum event will include a slide presentation as well as Negrete's dazzling guitar skills. The audience will be afforded an intimate view of how music inspired the history and culture of the Mexican people. 

The Lyceum Speaker Series facilitates events that promote greater multiculturalism on campus to enrich the lives of our students, employees and the community. The presentation is free and the public is encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Dr. Beggan at 936.271.6219 or by e-mail 


Student Life 
Acoustic Caf 
Justin LeBlanc & Jon McConnell
Oct. 18 | 11:30 a.m., Bldg A, The Commons Corner Stage


Justin LeBlancjon mcconnell
Jon McConnellJustin LeBlanc


Tailgate Party
Oct. 21 |
 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; free food


Student's Open Mic

Oct. 12 |10:30-12:30; free coffee.


Costume Contest

Oct. 31 | 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., Costume Contest, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Volunteer Fair

Oct.12 & 13 | 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Bldg F-103; free pizza.

Are you looking for ways to get involved in your community? LSC-Montgomery will be having a Volunteer Fair. Local agencies and non-profit representatives will be present to share in the many different ways you can help volunteer and get involved! There will be pizza!!! You can RSVP at the Office of Student Life in A-103, call us at 936. 273.7082, or e-mail Brittany at We hope to see you there!


Writers in Performance  


Jan ReidOct. 20 | 7 p.m., Bldg F, Library

Jan Reid is a veteran writer-at-large for Texas Monthly and has contributed dozens of articles to Esquire, GQ, Slate, Men's Journal, Garden & Gun, the New York Times, and many other leading publications. Also included in his works are nine highly-praised nonfiction books. 

StarTech Symposium

Oct 20-22

StarTech Symposium is a four-day technology trends event that includes a community job fair on Thursday, October 20, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; the NanoTech Workshop, on Thursday, October 20, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; and an Algae Certification Workshop, on Saturday, October 22, from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
The High Tech Conference, which is just one part of the college's inaugural StarTech Symposium (see below), allows attendees to explore Texas' high-technology ecosystem and related trends such as economic growth, job creation, and innovation.
The community job fair is presented in partnership with the South Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. The NanoTech Workshop is held in partnership with the Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization with sessions facilitated by Dr. Stephen Fonash, executive director for the center. The Algae Certification Workshop is held in partnership with the National Algae Association (NAA) with sessions facilitated by Barry Cohen, executive director for NAA. 



chamber logo

Community Job Fair
Thursday, October 20th 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
LSC-Montgomery, Health Science Center, Bldg. B South Montgomery Woodlands Chamber of Commerce 

Penn State Seal

NanoTech Workshop
Thursday, October 20 12 - 5 p.m.
In partnership with Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization.  Sessions facilitated by Dr. Stephen Fonash, Executive Director.
 Star Tech Symposium icon


High Tech Conference
Friday, October 21 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Hosted by Lone Star College-Montgomery
Conference Registration Form (Free of Charge)
Student Presentation Application 


 NAA logo


Algae Certification Workshop
Saturday, October 22 at 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
In partnership with the National Algae Association, The Woodlands, Texas. Sessions facilitated by Barry Cohen, Executive Director.


For more information please visit


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Congratulations to: 


Martha Neely

Martha Neely


Katie Halbert

Katie Halbert


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June Welch 


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Donald Bradfield

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Adam Martinez 

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