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Volume XLI - Issue 1

Spring 2011

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Spring 2011 ALSITE Meeting
2011 SDITE Annual Meeting
2012 SDITE Officers - Candidates Announced
ALSITE 2011 Transportation Safety Award Nominations
ALSITE Service Project - Leadership Development Workshop for ALDOT
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Upcoming Events


ALSITE 2011 Spring Meeting

Thursday, March 3

Tuscaloosa, AL


SDITE 2011 Annual Meeting

Sunday, April 10 -

Wednesday, April 13

Lafayette, LA


ALSITE 2011 Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 8 -

Friday, June 10

Gulf Shores, AL


ALSITE 2011 Fall Meeting

To be determined

ALSITE Officers

Scott Rumble


Scott Rumble



Scott Holladay


Scott Holladay



Becky Malenke


Becky Malenke



Chris Reeves

Southern District


Chris Reeves 


Jamie Jones

Affiliate Director

Jamie Jones



Larry Jones


Affiliate Director

Larry Jones 


Dennis Dickey


Past President

Dennis Dickey



For full contact information,

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Banner Update


Thank you to all who submitted entries for the new ALSITE banner last year and thank you to those who voted in the banner competition in last year's Fall Meeting in Guntersville.


Congratulations go to James Foster for his winning design! The ALSITE board of directors has been working hard on the details to get the winning design into its final format so that the actual banner can be produced.


The new banner will be presented at our Annual Meeting in Gulf Shores in June.

President's Message 
Scott Rumble, P.E.
ALSITE President


Scott RumbleWho would have thought that a Yankee like me who went to Georgia Tech would end up being president of the Alabama Section of ITE?  Actually, I'm only half a Yankee - I was born in Georgia but spent most of my childhood in Connecticut.  Plus, I grew up a Red Sox fan!   Five years ago my family "saw the light" and moved from Georgia to Alabama.  And shortly afterwards (I'm not certain about any correlation here, but I'm just stating the facts), both Alabama and Auburn end up winning the college football national championship in back-to-back years.   Now, I'm rooting for UAB to take a turn!


Well, enough about me - let's talk about ALSITE.  The longer I am part of ALSITE, the more great people I meet.  There are many dedicated members making super things happen this year and I hope you take a moment to read about them in this edition of the ALSITE newsletter.  Also, I hope you join us for our Spring Meeting on March 3rd in Tuscaloosa.  The newly chartered Alabama student section of ITE and Dr. Steven Jones will be hosting our meeting.  Please come and show your support for some of the next generation of ALSITE members! 


We will be back in Gulf Shores for our Annual Meeting in June and then we will be in Auburn for the Fall Meeting in October.   Wow, what a year we will have!  Come join us this year and be a part of some excellent technical programs, great outreach projects and a good time of fellowship!

So What's New?

Getting More Online

ALSITE is trying out new things this year, one you may be noticing right now - a new format for ALSITE NEWS.

Information such as business meeting minutes and standing committees contact information will be linked from the newsletter to the ALSITE website (for link to meeting minutes, see ALSITE Quick Links section in left column).
We will also be adding online registration capabilities for section meetings and other events.  We have decided to work with the online service "Constant Contact" for adding these capabilities.


We are also looking at going online with election of Officers and payment of Affiliate Member dues.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.
Jeff Stephenson, P.E., PTOE
Newsletter & Publicity
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Spring 2011 ALSITE Meeting

Bryant-Denny Stadium
The Spring 2011 ALSITE Meeting will be held at the Ferguson Center in Tuscaloosa on Thursday, March 3, 2011. 
There will be an outstanding technical program, lunch, and business meeting.  For those who sign up, a tour of Bryant-Denny Stadium will take place at 1:30 pm. 
Visit for additional meeting information. 

2011 Annual SDITE Meeting


Sunday, April 10 - Wednesday, April 13 ::

2012 SDITE Officer Candidates Announced

Candidates have been nominated for SDITE Officers for the 2012 calendar year.
Additional Information can be found here.

ALSITE 2011 Transportation Safety Award Nominations


The ALSITE Awards Committee is soliciting nominations for the 2011 Transportation Safety Award. 


The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have made distinctive and substantial contributions to Transportation Safety in Alabama.


Nominations are due by March 25, 2010 to:


Dennis Dickey, P.E.

Immediate Past President

[email protected]

ALSITE Service Project - Leadership Development Workshop for ALDOT 
Richard Caudle and Dan Turner

ALDOT Leadership TrainingThe Alabama Section ITE has a history of service projects for the Alabama Department of Transportation, as an ongoing effort to foster good will and cooperation between ALSITE and ALDOT and to ensure that ITE remains a respected source of transportation information in the State of Alabama. In the recent past, this included an Access Management Class, which was presented four times across the State for ALDOT personnel. This year ALSITE extended the reach of our outreach by providing Leadership Development Training to ALDOT personnel.


The  exciting results for ALSITE members who participated in  the SDITE Leadership Development Program during the summer of 2010 at Shocco Springs was so well-received that Dr. Dan Turner envisioned that it could be easily and effectively exported to outside agencies such as ALDOT. This idea was presented to the ALSITE Board of Directors at their October, 2010 meeting, where approval was given and funding provided in the amount of $2,000. Dr. Turner and Richard Caudle (the ALSITE Leadership Development Coordinator) then assembled a well-qualified team of instructors/ facilitators to adapt the program to ALDOT.


After reviewing the results of the ALSITE workshop at Shocco Springs, the ALDOT Chief Engineer's office endorsed the training.  ALDOT managers nominated young leaders, and 16 from across the State were invited to attend the first session in Montgomery. It was held on Friday-Saturday, December 10-11, 2010 at the ALDOT Training Annex. Efforts were greatly enhanced when the Southern District ITE agreed to provide a $1,000 matching grant to help fund the effort. Funding from ALSITE and SDITE, and donated time and expenses by the instructors allowed the workshop to be offered free of charge to the ALDOT participants.


ALSITE Leadership TrainingThe second session was held on Tuesday-Wednesday, February 8-9, 2011 in Montgomery.  Both sessions were a success!  The ALSITE members whose efforts brought the success included Becky Malenke, Jim Meads, Doug Peterson, Chris Reeves, Darrell Skipper, Dan Turner, and Becky White. Special thanks go to Becky for spending two days editing all the PowerPoint slides for the workshop, and to Richard who handled all of the administrative work and coordination activities.


ALSITE facilitators challenged the ALDOT attendees to be active participants and to guide their own futures.  In the intervening time between the two sessions, the participants identified and defined additional desired topics. This resulted in the development of two new modules: one on Transitioning to Leadership (developed by Darrell Skipper) and one on Ethics in Leadership (developed by Jim Meads).


One evidence of the impact of the ALSITE service project is an email Dr. Turner received from the supervisor of one of the ALDOT participants. It included the following testimonial:


"I wanted to thank you for nominating me to attend the Leadership Development seminar.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was by far one of the most beneficial seminars that I have attended and it definitely helped me realize what it takes to become a great leader and supervisor.  Thanks again for recommending me and I hope to grasp everything that I learned and utilize it in my work ethic."


This is a credit to the vision and commitment of ALSITE.  Our combined efforts are underwriting the future of our profession by helping good young transportation professionals equip themselves with attitutes and skill sets to build a great transportation future for Alabama.  


ALDOT Leadership TrainingThere is more good news about the SDITE Leadership Development program.  An International ITE Task Force has been formed to investigate it as a mode to offer leadership training nationally.  SDITE Immediate Past President Jim Westmoreland is chairing the Task Force, and Dr. Turner is chairing one of the subcommittees.  In April at the ITE Technical Conference in Orlando, a special session (3 modules) will be offered to an audience composed of the ITE Board, Council Chairs, District Presidents, and Section Presidents.  A second offering will be open to everyone by advance registration.

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