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May 17th, 2012  Vol. 2. Issue 19                            

Hello Friends!
Check out the article in our "Regional Change in the News" section on a high school implementing agriculture into their curriculum.  In Merced County, where agriculture reigns supreme, its neat to see a local school adopting the community into their teaching methods. 

And it's not all fun and games.  These students are serious about their work. A group of students won first place in a statewide dairy competition, and now they are off to nationals in Indianapolis. This is a great example of how exposing children to different skills early on can better enhance a community in the long run.

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CRC Activities
Regional Change in the News
Special Reports on Regional Change
Upcoming Events
Requests for Proposals
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
CRC Activities


The Sacramento Housing Alliance is hosting their 2012 awards banquet next Thursday, May 24 at 5:30pm at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento.  The CRC is a proud sponsor and you can be too.  Click here to find out how to support the Sacramento Housing Alliance. 


The SHA awards seek to recognize members of the community who go above and beyond to make change in our region.  Among the many worthy recipients, we would like to congratulate friend of the CRC and President and CEO of Sierra Health Foundation, Chet Hewitt, who will be given the Community Partner Award. 


SAVE THE DATE - On Tuesday, June 5th the CRC  is hosting a book launch for CRC Executive Committee Member, Prof. Stephen Wheeler for his new publication, Climate Change and Social Ecology: A New Perspective on the Climate Challenge in the De Carli room from 12:00pm-2:00pm.  
Regional Change in the News

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Stewardship Council, formed in 2009 has released the Delta Plan, a list of 14 policies and 68 recommendations that aim to improve flood protection, restore fishery and reduce demand on the Delta as a water resource. Read about the details here


In recent years financial support from the school district, the local agriculture industry and community members has allowed the agriculture department to thrive at Atwater High School in Merced.  Half of the school's population now participate in the program which also sends students to compete in competitions including the national FAA convention in Indianapolis.  Read more about the school here.  


Read an Op-Ed by John Welty, President of CSU, Fresno and Deborah Nankivell, CEO of the Fresno Business council.  The two argue that the entire community plays a role in the mental health of its citizens.  Highlighting vulnerable populations, the piece gives examples of how communities can work together to improve the overall health of a county.  


 The Farm Worker Safety Act of 2012 holds growers and labor contractors jointly liable if workers are not provided adequate shade and water.  Poor farm-worker conditions have been a reoccurring problem in California's agricultural valley.  Enforcement of the current rules has been minimal, but legislators hope the new law will make growers and labor contractors think twice before denying adequate conditions for laborers. Read more about the new law here

Special Reports on Regional Change

  A study conducted by John Pitkin and Dowell Myers at the USC Price School of Public Policy carefully details the future of California's demographic. The 49-page report examines the declining population growth and compares the new projections to those in the past.  Download the study to find out what California will look like in 2047.  


Upcoming Events
Part three of the four part lecture series on "California: The Great Exception?" will take place on Wednesday, May 23rd from 4pm-6pm in Vorhees 126 at UC Davis.  This particular lecture will is entitled "An EU perspective."  Francis Chateauraynaud and Josquin Debaz from the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris will be talking about their survey among health and environment experts and researchers milieu in Washington DC and in California helps unframe our prior European perspective. Find out more about the event here

Hunger Action Day in Sacramento is today.  Anyone who is passionate about fighting hunger is welcome to attend.  The event will take place at and around the capitol and will take place from 9am until 3pm.  The event is run by members of the California Hunger Action Coalition.  The event hopes to educate lawmakers on the fight to end hunger.  Check out the flier here

Join Amy Myers Jaffe, a leading expert on the changing geopolitics of oil, energy security and risk as she gives a special seminar called, "The Shale Gas Revolution: Implications for the United States."  The event will take place May 21 from 2-3 in 1065 Kemper Hall.  FInd out more here.   
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers

The Climate Reality Project is accepting applications for presenters to teach communities about the climate crisis.  Climate Presenters deliver a slide show to share the truth about climate change to communities around the world.  Apply now to join the Climate Leadership Corps.  

The Weeden Foundation is requesting proposals from academics looking for funding.  The foundation supports international and domestic projects based on the rationale that an increasing population causes greater impact on the environment and loss of biodiversity.  Learn more about the grant here

Fellowships and Employment Opportunities 

Housing California is looking for a Sustainable Communities Coordinator to work on the intersection of housing and transportation planning and also provide research assistance.  Download the flier here.  

Planning consultants, Mintier Harnish are hiring an Urban Planning Inter for this summer.  The intern will research issues, write summaries and assemble reports.  Download the flier here

The California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research Program is looking for a student assistant to estimate the net benefits of the program. Find out more here