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April 11th, 2012  Vol. 2. Issue 15                            

Hello Friends!

This morning the results from the UC Davis Pepper Spray Task Force headed by Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso were released.  The 190-page document details the misappropriate use of weaponry 
by the UC Davis police as well as a lack of planning and situation assessment made by Chancellor Linda Katehi and her advisors.  
As news trucks once again surround our campus, and the world watches on, we're reminded that violence should never be permitted on a college campus.  The Reynoso Report goes on to suggest that UC Davis and other UC campuses make plans and agree upon rules about how to deal with protests in the future.  


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In This Issue
CRC Activities
Regional Change in the News
Special Reports on Regional Change
Upcoming Events
Requests for Proposals
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
CRC Activities
Ubuntu Green is a partner of the Center for Regional Change dedicated  to promoting healthy, sustainable and equitable communities through advocacy, education, and community empowerment. The non-profit organization is hosting an event to raise funds in support of their work.  The event will take place at Pangaea Two Brews Cafe in Sacramento. For only $35 come out and support this great organization.  Click on the image to see more.  


Regional Change in the News

In order to trim the budget, the California State Senate is planning on closing down dozen of state parks throughout the state.  Of the 278 state parks, many of them house items that paint a rich portrait of California's past. The senate plans to cut 70 of such parks on July 1, although there are some senators and community members helping to save their parks from closure through private funding.   here.     


The Annual Market Report from the American Wind Energy Assn. (AWEA) has found that California ranks first in the nation when it comes to its use of wind power.  The state has invested over $2 billion in wind energy which supplies to around 5% of the states energy needs. Click here to learn more.    


Unincorporated communities across California struggle with basic needs such as inadequate plumbing and other public health issues.  These communities are only recently being dealt with as politicians and residents struggle over what needs to be done.  Find out the rest here.


The Salton Sea, inland California's largest body of water is facing problems due to its rising salinity and funding cuts made by Gov. Jerry Brown. Environmentalists fear many of the species that live in and around the sea will die if restorative efforts are not made. Click here for a link to the article.  


Special Reports on Regional Change

Many of California's Latino adolescents live in rural or non-suburban or non-metropolitan communities. The California Adolescent Health Collaborative has done a series of briefs presenting quantitative and qualitative data on the current health status of Latino adolescents in rural counties, trends and inequities in their health outcomes, and factors that can promote or risk their health. The study focuses on access to health care and educational and economic opportunities for latino adolescents. Read the briefs here.  

Upcoming Events
The California Central Valley often leads the nation in bad health statistics.  Zócalo is hosting a talk in Fresno on May 7th to explore some of the reasons for these miserable health statistics. Speakers include Sarah Reyes from the California Endowment Central Valley, John Capitman from the Central Valley Health Policy Institute and Edward C. Palacio from San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation. Click here to learn more.    

The California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley
is hosting a Affordable Housing Summit on May 22nd.  Local Governments are encoraged to attend, as well as advocates and real estate professionals.  The event will feature many speakers including Claudia Cappio, director of the California Housing Finance Agency.  Click here to find out more.
The California Cultures Initiative at the UC Davis Humanities Institute is hosting an event to ask the question: Is California "The Great Exception?" The event will focus on numerous California issues and topics such as climate change, food and health, and agriculture.   Click here to learn more about this event. 


The Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety will present an AgriSafe Webinar titled: Engaging Hired Farmworkers in Agricultural Health Research.  The AgriSafe Network aims to provide appropriate and timely training opportunities for farmworkers and affiliates. Find out more  here.

Request for Proposals & Call for Papers

 The UC Davis Center for Poverty Research seeks applications from affiliated faculty researchers who are interested in hiring a GSR for Summer 2012.  Applications will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary group of senior scholars affiliated with the Center for Poverty Research and judged on experience with research related to similar areas.  You can find out more here.


The National Environmental Education Foundation offers Every Day Grants to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations (referred to as "friends groups") working to improve and promote responsible use of public land sites in the United States. Successful applications will describe a needed and well-planned project that can be carried out by the applicant and is replicable; demonstrate that the project will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the organization.  Click here for more details about this opportunity.   

Fellowships and Employment Opportunities 

Global Citizen Year is hiring a Program Assistant to support the process of selecting and onboarding new Fellows and preparing them for the year ahead.  The San Francisco opportunity is an internship position for three months. Find out more here.    

The University Of California Oakland office is hiring a research coordinator.  The position is part of the Research Grants Program Office within the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.  Find out how to apply for the position here.


California's Protection and advocacy system through Disability Rights California is hiring a Clients' Rights Advocate at the Alta California Regional Center in Sacramento. Help ensure the rights of disabled Californians by checking out the job here.


If you're interested in bringing change to Africa, apply to be an Operations Manager for The Della Facility in Ghana.  The program is 5 months and would include housing, a monthly stipend and all travel fees.  Find out more here.