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March 21, 2012  Vol. 2. Issue 12                          



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Spring is officially here and seems to have come much earlier this year in several places, breaking records even. As it gets warmer and drier we are more encouraged to go out and do more.

If you're looking to clean up some of your carbon emissions as we head into summer, here is an EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator that you can use to do so.

Below, you will find events, resources and opportunities to stay informed and engaged.  


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The Center for Regional Change.



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CRC Activities
Regional Change in the News
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
Upcoming Events
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
CRC Activities
The new Participatory Action Research Resource Center (PARRC) has a Student Research and Analyst Fellowship available.

For those not yet aware of the PARRC, it opened in Fresno on February 14th, 2012 and was created to respond to the drive of the region's most vulnerable residents to increase their power through building knowledge and to become critical consumers and also producers of research

UC Merced Professor Robin DeLugan, UC Davis Professor and Director of the CRC, Jonathan London and Rey León, director of the San Joaquin Valley Latino Environmental Advancement Project (Valley LEAP), formed a collaboration to establish and grow the center.
Regional Change in the News

California Senate leader Darrell Steinberg has predicted that the Legislature will pass his post-redevelopment legislation, assuming the state revenues remain healthy, that would allow cities and other local agencies to form a new redevelopment entity with access to billions of dollars in former RDA assets; though not to the tax increment. Find out more by clicking here.  


Sixty percent of Kings County renters cannot afford a typical two-bedroom apartment, according to a recent study. The report, issued last week by the California Coalition for Rural Housing, found that a Kings County worker must earn $15.67 hourly, or more than $32,000 annually, to afford the $815 rent for a typical two-bedroom apartment. The median Kings County renter household income is $24,000. Get the rest by clicking here.    


Tulare County is set to start its next fiscal year on July 1 in good financial shape, but questions persist on how the state's budget problems will affect cashflow.  Click here to learn more about this issue.    


When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook name and password. Find out more about this phenomenon here.  


Special Reports on Regional Change

Equity advocates addressed the myriad challenges facing male youth of color throughout the state. The LA hearing was the third of four hearings that have taken place across California. The next will be held on Friday, April 13th in Fresno. They also lifted up innovative strategies and programs that are already helping pave the way towards brighter, successful futures for all of California's young people. Get information related to this by clicking here.

Upcoming Events
Job Fair
Job Fair Free for Employers! The Fresno Department of Social Services and the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. It serves Fresno County and will be held at the Fresno County Fairgrounds on March 28th. Click here to learn more.  

In March 2012, the Economics of Happiness Conference will bring together activists from around the world to discuss an agenda for change - away from jobless growth towards sustainable livelihoods; from large-scale sweatshops towards scaled-down business; from self-recrimination and guilt towards empowerment and collaboration; from a globalized system of exploitation and inequality towards an economics of happiness.Click here to learn more about this retreat.

 In 2011, the US Department of Homeland Security removed almost 400,000 people from the country using a network of 250 detention facilities across the United States. Come join an upcoming dialogue about it entitled: Beyond Walls and Cages: The Militarized and Carceral Grounds of US Immigrant Detention on April 14th. Click here to learn more about this event.

Request for Proposals & Call for Papers

AT&T Aspire, a $100 million philanthropic program created by AT&T to help strengthen student success and workforce readiness, is offering funding through the Local High School Impact Initiative to high school success and college and career readiness programs that are helping to reduce dropout rates in their communities. Click here for more information.

 mary kay foundation

The goal of the Mary Kay Foundation is to eliminate domestic violence. As a part of this effort, the foundation makes grants to organizations in the United States that aid survivors of domestic violence by operating emergency shelters. The foundation will award a grant to at least one domestic violence shelter in every state. Click here for more details about this opportunity.   

Fellowships and Employment Opportunities 

Greenwise Joint Venture (GJV) seeks a temporary, limited term Project Coordinator for the Sacramento Edible Schoolyard Pilot Project. The Project Coordinator will design, market, launch and administer a new Edible Schoolyard pilot project at a Sacramento high school. Click here for the full description.  

California Endowment 

Become a Program Coordinator at the California Endowment. The position entails significant project management and quality assurance responsibilities and serves as the principal contact with the directors of Health Communities North and South. To get further details about this position, click here.    


Blue Shield of California is hiring for a Communications Associate. The Communications Associate is responsible for effectively communicating the impact of the Foundation's activities across California, under the supervision of Communications Manager. For more on this position, click here.