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November 30, 2011   Vol. 1. Issue 44                  


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This upcoming Monday represents a chance for us to continue a conversation on Progressive Economic Development in the region. Through our Community of Practice Events, we bring together people from different disciplines and fields to collaborate on action at the regional level to catalyze and augment the work that must be done to enhance economic growth with social equity. We look forward to sharing what we learn in future issues.


Once again, we hope that you find: insights, relevant news, and opportunities to be involved in regional change contained within this newsletter.


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The Center for Regional Change.


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In This Issue
CRC Activities
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
Jobs & Employment Opportunities

CRC Activities

CRC Director, Jonathan London,
will testify  before the California Assembly Select Committee on Delinquency Prevention and Youth Development next Wednesday, December 14th, 2011. He will share the findings of the Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions research completed by the CRC last summer. For more information on this committee, click here.
Special Reports on Regional Change


California's low-income seniors with disabilities are struggling to remain in their homes as public funding for long-term care services shrinks and may be slashed even further, according to a new study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research conducted with support from The SCAN Foundation.Click here to read more. 

Regional Change in the News
Legal Services of Northen California's Race Equity Project has just published "Lessons from the History of Transportation Justice" The article articulates the fact that Inequality in regard to mobility is no less important a social injustice than are segregated housing and unequal education. The history of transportation in the U.S., in fact, is deeply intertwined with the history of struggles for equality and civil rights. Read this article by clicking here.


Fresno attorney, Gordon Stemple thinks That Kettleman City residents represent a community in peril and he is trying to find the answers to the "birth defect cluster" that he says could help relocate the residents away from Kettleman City. Read this story here.  


People of color are fast closing the digital divide by using smart phones to vaunt themselves past the cost of broadband connections and computers. But they may also be dialing into a uniquely 21st century form of racial injustice. Colorlines.com's Jamilah King tunnels into the mobile Web market this month and  finds that there are two Internets emerging in the United States.  Click here for details.  

Upcoming Events

Evelyn Nakano Glenn is Professor of Gender & Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies and Founding Director
of the Center for  Race and Gender at UC Berkeley. Glenn will present " Precarious Citizenship and the Fight for Public Education" Thursday, December 8th from 10:30-12:00pm. Click here to learn more.        


The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity has opened registration for the 2012 "Transforming Race: Visions of Change" Conference. It will be held March 15-17 and will feature a variety of guest speakers; including Van Jones. Click here for more information about this conference.    


Healthy People 2020 is featuring adolescent health on its December 13 webinar! The webinar will provide a first look at the draft HP2020 Adolescent and Young Adult Health Core Indicators, which are drawn from across all of HP2020. It will also discuss the important relationships between the health and education sectors for achieving both better health outcomes and student academic success. Click here to find out how to register.  

Request for Proposals & Call for Papers


Submissions are invited for the Anisfield-Wolf Books Awards: Honoring Contributions to the Understanding of Racism and Diversity. These awards recognize books that have made important contributions to our understanding of racism or our appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures. The annual awards are administered by the Cleveland Foundation. Click here for more information.    


The National Council on Crime and Delinquency has established the PASS (Prevention for a Safer Society) Awards to recognize and honor the media's success in illuminating stories that further public understanding of criminal justice, juvenile justice, and child welfare issues. Click here for more details about this opportunity. 

Fellowships and Employment Opportunities 

Business and Professional People for the Public Interest recently received the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. BPI plans to use a portion of this award to fund a two-year fellowship for a Visiting Fellow in Urban Poverty Strategies. Click here for the full description.


University of the Pacific's General Education program seeks to fill a three-year, full-time, non-tenure- track Instructor position, with health and retirement benefits, in its core program, the Pacific Seminars. The Pacific Seminars (PACS) are required courses and have received recognition for their excellence by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. To get further details about this position, click here.  


TRA Environmental Sciences is a small environmental consulting company located in Menlo Park specializing in CEQA/NEPA analysis and biological resource assessment and impact analysis. The position we have open now is for a CEQA Analyst and it requires a Masters in a planning or related field and detailed knowledge of the CEQA process. Click here for details.