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September 28, 2011   Vol. 1. Issue 35              

Hello Friends,

Presentations and planning are the dominant themes this first week of fall. Our calendar is filled with opportunities to engage and disseminate not just Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions research, but a great deal of related research on issues of regional equity.

We are also finalizing events to reconnect with the Regional Advisors, Faculty Affiliates, and Executive Committee Members who guide and facilitate the critical work that we are grateful to do.

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Below, you will find relevant: news, resources, opportunities, and events in the regions we serve and beyond.


The Center for Regional Change

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CRC Activities
Regional Change in the News
Upcoming Events
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
Jobs & Employment Opportunities

CRC Activities

CRC Director, Jonathan London will be speaking at a forum on October 6th focused on building a healthy and prosperous San Joaquin Valley entitled, "Setting Our Course: Creating a Region of Opportunity through Equitable Transportation and Land Use Planning" Click here for more forum information.  


The Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions Study, released in summer, has been presented to diverse and numerous audiences thus far. Now, you can learn about the organizations and other audiences that have either had presentations or have HY/HR presentations scheduled. Click here to see the map
Special Reports on Regional Change
Shopping cart in desert: poppadomsfoodblog.blogspot.com
Across the United States, farmworkers are having difficulty getting enough to eat. And they're not alone: Rural communities as a whole are poorer and less able to feed themselves than their urban counterparts. Despite being regions of food production, many rural areas are food deserts, defined as particular geographic areas where there is insufficient quantity and quality of food, or where food prices are systematically higher than in other regions. Click
here to read more about this important issue.
Regional Change in the News

District Attorneys are preparing for the long-term effects of prison realignment in California. The effects of the law will remain unclear until after - perhaps months after -prison reform starts in a few weeks. For now, the only thing district attorneys around the state can be sure of is that their caseload will increase with low-level parole violators. Click here to learn more.

 foreclosure image: blogs.trb.com

A wave of new foreclosures threatens to engulf Sacramento's already battered real estate market as major banks move to slash their backlog of delinquent loans. Nearly one out of every seven mortgages in the Sacramento region is somewhere in the foreclosure pipeline, a grim reality that could hold back any

near-term recovery in the local housing market, according to a Bee analysis of local foreclosure data.

Read the rest of this story here.


Last Thursday morning, members of the local media, Loaves and Fishes community, Sacramento Housing Alliance and the homeless community gathered for a brief press conference at Friendship Park - the heart of the program and community center for the homeless community - and discussed the lack of public allocated funding for emergency homeless shelters this winter. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Events
technology and society: mmstc.blogspot.com
The International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society
will be held at UCLA from January 16th-18th, 2012. This Conference will address a range of critically important themes and subtle relationships between technology, knowledge and society. Plenary speakers include some of the leading thinkers in these areas, as well as numerous paper, colloquium and workshop presentations. For more conference details, please click here.


For the 2011 Fall HCDD Symposium, UC Davis is proud to host Tony Bebbington (Professor of Geography at Clark University) as the keynote speaker for our Healthy People in Sustainable Communities and Environments Joint Symposium series on October 20th. This will be the kickoff event for the series. Get more event information by clicking here.       


You are invited to join the Planning and Conservation League (PCL) and PCL Foundation for the annual Environmental Legislative Symposium on January 28, 2012. The Symposium features legislators, agency officials, and experts discussing the leading environmental issues facing California, such as: what's next for SB 375; community-based water and energy solutions; whether the state's High Speed Rail project is on the right track; the threat and reality of regulatory reform; and how to build non-traditional partnerships and be effective advocates in the Capitol, just to name a few. For more information about this event, click here.    

Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
Artwork: traces.org
The Yellow House Fund Arts Education Initiative
offers grants to eligible local, state, and/or national organizations in the United States that provide distinctive arts and cultural programming directly to the underserved.
The mission of the Yellow House Fund Arts Education Initiative is to foster and develop arts organizations, including those that support young people and individual artists in presenting cultural diversity for the benefit of the community. Click here for more details about this opportunity.

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is a nonprofit organization that promotes health, broadly defined, through partnerships between communities and institutions of higher education. The intent of the award is to highlight the power and potential of community-campus partnerships in the social justice field. Click here for the full description.   

Jobs, Fellowships and Employment Opportunities 

Bay Area Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Bay Area LISC) is seeking an individual to serve as Project Coordinator for the West Contra Costa County HEAL Collaborative (West County HEAL). The overarching goal is to redress our obesity epidemic and address the many health issues that can result from poor nutrition and inactivity. Get more position information by clicking here. 


ETR Associates is looking for an experienced dynamic leader for the Director position in the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health Promotion CSRHP. The Director of the CSRHP is responsible for its overall programmatic leadership and management of the Centers seasoned staff and multimillion dollar annual budget. For more information, click here. 


The Sandler Foundation in San Francisco is accepting applications for a Research Consultant who will  gather and analyze information needed to inform program strategies.  The mission of the Foundation is to be a catalyst to strengthen the progressive infrastructure, expose corruption and abuse, advocate for vulnerable and exploited people and environments, and advance scientific research in neglected areas. Click here for the full announcement.


The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Center for Global California Studies (CGCS) seeks applicants for a 2-year doctoral level fellowship in applied research focused on the health of California's diverse ethnic populations. This fellowship is a collaboration between the UCSD Comprehensive Research Center in Minority Health Disparities (CRCHD). For more information, click here.