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August 03, 2011   Vol. 1. Issue 27        

Hello Friends,

August marks a sort of midpoint between the past academic year and the coming year. We are taking this time to engage in independent research as well as forming research partnerships with Regional Advisory Committee Members and Faculty Advisors in order to continue to explore ways to make a regional impact with social equity as a central component.

Below, you will find relevant: news, resources, opportunities, and events in the regions we serve.

The Center for Regional Change

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CRC Activities
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
Upcoming Events
Regional Change in the News

CRC Activities

Library Image. Photo Credit: lajoyaisd.com
While we continue to disseminate the Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions research that was unveiled late last month, we have also been able to add the contents of the Center for Regional Change Ted K. Bradshaw Resource Library to the CRC website. There are well over 600 books and journals housed within the library as well as roughly 1600 maps- all related to regional change. To explore the contents of the library, click here.
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers

Kids in Garden. Photo Credit: ourgreenatlanta.com 

NIFA announces the availability of grant funds and requests applications for the People's Garden Grant Program (PGGP)  to facilitate the creation of produce, recreation, and/or wildlife gardens in urban and rural areas, which will provide opportunities for science-based informal education. Click here for details.   


 Bike Infrastructure. Photo Credit: freshnessmag.com 

Bikes Belong Announces Special Grant Round for Community Collaborations to Promote Bicycling   Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to collaborations involving nonprofit organizations, businesses, and government entities working to improve bicycle infrastructure or advocate for increased bicycle ridership in U.S. communities. Click here for the full description.  

Jobs & Employment Opportunities 

Glass of Water. Photo Credit: coldtruth.com
Food & Water Watch
is seeking a Campus Coordinator for their  "Take Back the Tap" program for Fall Semester, 2011. The program promotes water as a human right, and works on the UC Davis campus to promote tap water over bottled water. Get more information by clicking  here.

Housing Art. Photo Credit: africanartists.org
The Campaign for Hope in San Francisco
is hiring a Project Director for a ground-breaking initiative to revitalize nine of San Francisco's severely distressed public housing sites by creating thriving, mixed-income communities, without displacing current residents.   For more information, click here.   


The Sierra Business Council is looking for a Community Network Director who will manage Sierra Business Council's online interaction with network members and donors through an online social network system.  The position will also manage the development of project specific marketing material. Click here for the full announcement.  

Upcoming Events
 For details, click here.

Yolo Hat. Photo Credit: zazzle.com 

The Yolo County Fair in conjunction with Capay Valley Vision invites you to the "Yolo County Fair Opening Night Gala Event". On August 17th, come celebrate Yolo County's Bounty of wonderful agricultural products and produce, enjoy the flavorful tastings, local music, and educational booths. For more event information, click here.


The Partnership for a Sustainable Fresno is hosting a forum in support of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative on Saturday, September 10th. The Forum is a dialogue with Fresno-area community leaders about environmental priorities and sustainability-related activities. For more information, click   here


NIH Logo. Photo Credit: cit.nih.gov 

UCLA Health DATA's NIEHS-funded Assessment of Local Environmental Risk Training (ALERT) Project  is inviting you to participate in a free webinar for researchers:  Constructing Successful NIH Proposals by
"Thinking Like a Reviewer". This webinar will be held on August 9th and goes beyond the formal application process to describe what you need to know to successfully compete for NIH funding. Click here for details about this opportunity.   

Regional Change in the News

Electric Car. Photo Credit: conservationreport.com 

A new report on electric cars released by The Greenlining Institute, "Electric Vehicles: Who's Left Stranded?", says the cost of the vehicles, plus the potential inconvenience of charging them, could keep these cars out of minority communities that have some of the worst smog problems in the state. Read more here.  


House with Calculator. Photo Credit: missoula-mt-real-estate.com 

Rural philanthropy has suffered over the past five years with noticeable decreases in funding since the start and technical end of the "Great Recession". In addition, funding to rural areas by the Federal Government has decreased substantially although rural areas have been able to weather the recession better in some respects because wealth is not necessarily concentrated in the housing sector.  Get the full article here.     

Rural citizens concerned about inequities
in Title I funding have been instrumental in bringing the issue to Congress. Their work paid off this month when a bipartisan bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to alter the formulas that distribute Title I funds to school districts.  Click here for the full story. 
Expanding the Circle on Regionalism
US Congress. Photo Credit: blogs.e-rockford.com
The new Congressional, Legislative, and BOE districts have been posted online. You can find the current district information as well as projections on future races, and demographic characteristics of the new districts. 
Check out your own district and others by clicking
Special Reports on Regional Change

Running with Arrows. Photo Credit: retaildoc.com 

Kersten Communications, a Sacramento-based consulting firm specializing in California State public policy from a fiscal perspective, has produced a report titled, "State Legislators Must Get Beyond Partisan Divisions, Outdated and Flawed Understanding of State's Economy to Improve California's Economic Competitiveness". The reports mark the first in a new series of reports examining the state's business climate and what needs to be done to improve the state's competitiveness and create jobs in California.
Check it out by clicking

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Michael Johnson 

UC Davis Center for Regional Change