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July 27, 2011   Vol. 1. Issue 26       

Hello Friends,

The recently released Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions research is continuing to generate excitement and its dissemination dominates much of our present activity. We are currently conducting outreach throughout the region in order to locate those to whom this research represents a key or missing link.

Below,  you will the latest information about the regions we serve and beyond.

The Center for Regional Change

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CRC Activities
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
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Regional Change in the News


CRC Activities

Bubble City. Photo Credit: bookishpenguin.com
This week the CRC's Director, Jonathan London wrote a piece for the Davis Enterprise which discussed the findings of the Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions research. The piece also called on Davis as a political entity to think about youth well-being and social equity on a regional level and to interrogate the idea that the city exists in its own bubble. Click here for the story.
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is inviting applications for the Scholars in Health Policy Research Program.  The program provides up to nine two year fellowships for recent graduates of doctoral programs in economics, political science, and sociology to conduct research on U.S. health policy at one of three nationally prominent universities. Click here for details.   


The Environment Program of the William and Flora Hewlitt Foundation is accepting proposals for nonprofit organizations in order to conserve the North American west and to tackle the problems of energy and climate change.  Click here for the full description.  

Jobs & Employment Opportunities 

Portland State Collage. Photo Credit: earthfirst.com
Portland State University
seeks a Sustainability Coordinator to provide campus leadership for sustainable efforts. In addition, the coordinator focuses efforts on achieving the goals and objectives of their Climate Action Plan.  Get more information by clicking  here.

The Community Water Center is looking for a Policy Advocate to work in both Sacramento and Visalia who will conduct water policy advocacy at the regional and state level.  For more information, click here.   


The Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges is looking for a Program Specialist to manage the day-to-day administration of grants in Sacramento. Click here for the full announcement.  

Upcoming Events

On August 3rd, the Strategic Growth Council will hold a strategic planning workshop from to help guide the SGC's future. Immediately following the workshop, the Council will convene its August SGC meeting. For more event information, click here.


 Transportation Image. Photo Credit: istockphoto.com 

The Gamaliel Foundation is holding a workshop that will address regional transportation equity issues. Individuals that would benefit from this training/workshop and are willing to take their knowledge and apply it to community organizing around transit equity issues are especially invited. For details, click here.


Regional Change in the News

Solar Panels. Photo Credit: tropical-rainforest-animals.com 

Yolo County officials are drafting what they say could be the most detailed solar ordinance in the state. Unlike others, it wouldn't ban solar facilities from prime farmland, but would set a requirement that applicants prove that there is no available non-prime land nearby. Read more here.  


According to a new survey conducted by the Los Angeles Times and the University of Southern California, a majority of California voters are in favor of letting their local governments set additional "sin taxes" on items such as cigarettes, alcohol, sugary drinks, and even oil drilling. Get the full story here.   

Expanding the Circle on Regionalism
Last year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), launched an unprecedented new program to help regions plan for sustainability. Now PolicyLink has created a guide to help prospective Sustainable Communities applicants effectively address equity in their proposals. Check out these materials by clicking here.
Special Reports on Regional Change

Fast Food Pyramid. Photo Credit: afyonmaviradyo.com 

Nearly three-quarters of California teenagers live or go to school in neighborhoods that are disproportionately crowded with fast food restaurants and other outlets that sell unhealthy food. And unsurprisingly, teens who live or go to school in such neighborhoods are more likely to drink soda and eat fast food. Read the policy brief from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research here.  

 See all of this information and more on our website: regionalchange.ucdavis.edu. We invite any input on or contributions to these announcements.  Also, if you are interested in providing a post for our blog, please let us know.  To unsubscribe, click the "unsubscribe" button below. Thanks for your time!


Michael Johnson 

UC Davis Center for Regional Change