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April 27, 2011

Vol. 1. Issue 13


Hello Friends,   

The Center for Regional Change has established quarterly Community of Practice (COP) luncheon to bring individuals together in order to establish linkages between our work and strengthen working relationships between our colleagues. The goal of these luncheons is to allocate time to address issues that have the greatest potential for interdisciplinary collaboration and come up with goals around those issues that promote progressive change in the region.  


Our next COP luncheon will be held no Monday May 16th from 12:00 - 1:30pm at the UC Sacramento center. See here for more details and a list of already confirmed attendees. 


We hope you will join our community of practice! For more information, to get on our COP listserve, and RSVP for our next luncheon please contact Michael Johnson



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CRC Activities
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
Upcoming Events
Regional Change in the News
Special Reports on Regional Change
Expanding The Circle On Regionalism

CRC Activities

- Regional Advisory Committee member & Assistant Vice President/Community Development Officer for Wells Fargo Bank, Donald Terry, will be giving a talk on Funding Progressive Economic Development in the Capital Region at the CRC's next monthly meeting on May 2nd from 9-10am. Please join us!

- Faculty Affiliate, Gwynn Benner, released an exciting report in Environment Magazine on Sonoran Desert Network Weavers: Surprising Environmental Successes on the U.S./Mexico Border. Read the article here.

Jobs & Employment Opportunities 

- The California Reinvestment Coalition is seeking a policy advocate. See the job announcement here.

- The Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is seeking a food assistance program manager. See more info here.

- The Gamaliel Foundation, a grassroots network of non-partisan, faith-based organizations in the U.S., South Africa and the UK, is seeking a development director. See more info about the position here.

Upcoming Events

- The West Sacramento Youth Resource Coalition invites you to a formation event for West Sac Partners on May 14th from 9am to Noon. Read more info here.

- The American Human Development Project will be having a launch on May 17th for the first ever California Human Development Report that ranks well-being of Californians by race/ethnicity, nativity and gender. Read more about the event here.
Regional Change in the News
- The first tentative signs of growth show that an economic recovery is finally starting to take root in the San Joaquin Valley. Read the article here.

- New Study: iPhone, Android Apps Could Game-ify Sustainable Commutes. Read the article here.

- Report shows farmland declines in San Diego and Riverside counties. Read the article here.
Special Reports on Regional Change
- LGB youth are more likely to attempt suicide in a negative social environment than in a positive one, regardless of their individual risk factors. Read the report here.
Expanding The Circle On Regionalism
- The Valley Latino Environmental Advancement & Policy Project is looking for Latino Planners, Researchers, Engineers and Scientists in the San Joaquin Valley. See more details here.

Videos from the Small Communities Network: Rural Development seminar are now available for you to view. See the videos here.

- Worthy Blog! The Race Equity Project is a Legal Services of Northern California blog/e-newsletter dedicated to addressing racial disparities affecting low-income communities of color. See it
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Serina Correa

UC Davis Center for Regional Change