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March 2, 2011

Vol. 1. Issue 5   


Hello Friends!  


It's my pleasure to announce that Art of Regional Change's, Up from the UnderStory, will be premiering on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, at 7 p.m. on KVIE Channel 6. Up From the Understory is a television documentary lead by ARC's, jessikah maria ross, about an isolated rural community in the Sierra Nevada foothills that struggles to overcome social, economic, and environmental challenges after a century of mining and logging.  


You are invited to join rural residents and university scholars involved in the documentary project at a broadcast screening and reception on the UC Davis campus in 126 Voorhies Hall on March 9 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  ARC is supported by the CRC and the Davis Humanities Institute. We hope you will tune in or join us!


Center for Regional Change

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CRC Activities
RFPs & Call for Papers
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
Upcoming Events
Regional Change in the News
Expanding The Circle On Regionalism

CRC Activities

- Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC) is a collaborative effort for research on community issues that the CRC and Director Jonathan London are currently involved. Read a news story about the CCREC here.   
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
- UCD Energy Institute is seeking pre-proposals for development of a plan that will evolve into concept for the future of the West Village community as a "living laboratory" for community-level solar energy deployment. Read more here.

- The Center of Expertise on Migration & Health is requesting papers for its summer institute. Read more about the opportunity here.

- Horticulture CRSP Trellis Fund is seeking to link horticultural grad student to agricultural NGOs/universities/government agencies in developing countries. Read about the opportunity here.
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
- The California Coalition for Rural Housing is seeking a Community Development Specialist. See the job posting here.

- The SNRI SciViz Fellowship provides a 3-4 month summer residency at the SNRI Yosemite Field Station inside Yosemite National Park. Apply here.
Upcoming Events
- There will be a Beyond Borders: Migration and the Next California symposium at UC Davis on March 10. Read more about the event here.

- Center for the Study of Immigration Integration is hosting, Which Way, America?: Reframing, Regrouping and Realigning for Immigrant Integration on April 6th. Read more here.

- The Good Look Film & Arts Festival, a celebration for youth, educators & community, integrating media literacy & environmental justice solutions through alternative practices will be held April 15-17. Read more here.
Regional Change in the News
-Foreclosures help change color of suburbs. Read the article here.

- New data indicates steep decline in groundwater reserves in the southern Central Valley - Will is spur action? Read more here.


- Bakersfield resident and community activist writes that residents of the San Joaquin Valley continue to suffer the health effects of poor air quality, yet some industry groups are calling for the elimination of regulations that protect the public. Read the article here

Expanding The Circle on Regionalism
- Check out the new research project - Mobile Voices: Participatory Action Research for Mobile Community Among Immigrants in Los Angeles.

- The Global Green's City Carbon Index website has been launched. Find it here.

 See all of this information and more on our website: regionalchange.ucdavis.edu. We invite any input on or contributions to these announcements.  Also, if you are interested in providing a post for our blog, please let us know.  To unsubscribe, click the "unsubscribe" button below. Thanks for your time!


Serina Correa

UC Davis Center for Regional Change