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February 16, 2011

Vol. 1. Issue 3 


Hello Friends!  


As you'll see below we've added a new category to our email blast. We receive many notifications for requests for proposals (RFP's) and call for papers and have decided to start including them in our weekly updates. We hope you'll find it useful in your work and networks.  

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CRC Activities

- Sacramento's Regional Sustainable Development Plan, a project funded by HUD and spearheaded by SACOG, is holding a Regional Consortium Launch meeting. The CRC is a Consortium Steering Committee member and would like you to learn how to get involved in this project by attending this launch. Read more about the details here.

- Sactown Heroes, a youth group involved in the CRC's Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions program received a GABY grant for their "Support the Homeless" proposal. Congrats Sactown Heroes!
Jobs & Employment Opportunities
- Rice University is seeking applicants for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Program in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities. Find the opportunity here.

- The Institute for Local Government posted Program Coordinator positions for the Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance program and for the Sustainable Communities program. More info here.

- The Sierra Nevada Alliance is seeking a Program Manager for their Sustainable Sierra Communities Program. Find the opening here.  
Request for Proposals & Call for Papers
- Proposals are being accepted for Sacramento Youth Program Services, which seeks to connect local youth with the job market. Read more here.

- SCUSD African American Student Leadership Conference is seeking presenters who can demonstrate knowledge on the ability to engage and educate African American students. Read more here.
Upcoming Events
- Hungry for Justice: Growing an Equitable Food System discussion will be held at UC Berkeley, Feb 14-17. See the details here.

- Colleague, Carlos Francisco Jackson, would like to invite you to Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer's (TANA) first annual Student Exhibition on Feb 25th from 4-6pm. Read about the community art center and this event here.

- California Pertnership for the San Joaquin Valley is holding an interactive day designed to shape the future of the Rural Development Center in Livingston, CA on Feb 25th. Read more here.
Special Reports on Regional Change
 - The Center for Strategic Economic Research report suggests The Sacramento Region May Be Breaking Out of its Flat Job Growth Pattern. Find the report here.

Smart Growth America released a report detailing that smart transportation investments can help create and sustain jobs in cash strapped municipalities. Find the report here.
Regional Change in the News
 - The Sac Bee urges the EPA to take a hard and close look at toxic chemicals and other forms of pollution that drain into the Delta. Find the article here.

- LA Times reports Obama's budget would deeply cut farm subsidies. Read the article here.
 See all of this information and more on our website: regionalchange.ucdavis.edu. We invite any input on or contributions to these announcements.  Also, if you are interested in providing a post for our blog, please let us know.  To unsubscribe, click the "unsubscribe" button below. Thanks for your time!


Serina Correa

UC Davis Center for Regional Change