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Crib Safety Tips  


Consumer Reports 

Never purchase an antique or  

used crib or bassinet.

It may be missing hardware that prevents it from collapsing or failing in some other way. Some older cribs have cutouts in the headboard or footboard. Whether old or new, your crib shouldn't have any cutouts or openings that could entrap your child's head, neck, arms, or legs.


Let your baby sleep unencumbered.
Don't wrap your bundle of joy in blankets or comforters when he's in the crib. He can quickly become entangled and might not be able to free himself. Pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed animals or dolls don't belong in the bassinet or crib. And remember that babies can quickly overheat. Put yours to sleep in lightweight clothes and set the thermostat at a comfortable 70 degrees.

Use the proper sheets and crib protectors.
Use ones made to fit the mattress in your crib, bassinet or play yard. If a sheet isn't the correct fit, your baby may pull it up and become entangled. Make certain you have a crib protector, one that is waterproof, dust mite proof and anti-allergen.

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