Direct from Manufacturer Summer Camp Special 

Mattress Protectors & Bed Bug Barriers
Now accepting Summer Camp Orders


Dear Friends,


HealthGuard Mattress & Pillow Protectors, the most trusted name in Canadian Sleep Health Protection since 1991, is pleased to inform that we are now accepting orders for the 2011 Summer Camp Season.


Sleep Protection Summer Camp Kit

PREMIUM Mattress Protector

Our most popular Terry Cotton Mattress and Pillow Health Protector features HealthGuard™ Exclusive NO-MITE™ Breathable Barrier.  That means total protection from Dust Mites, Asthma, Allergens and Incontinence/Bed Wetting.   


100% Waterproof prevents all mattress stains.  Soft non-allergenic Terry Cotton provides the ultimate in long-lasting comfort and sleep protection.  Easy slide-on slide-off.  Machine wash with regular detergent. for more PREMIUM info  



Full Encasement Bed Bug Barrier
A mattresses best defense against bed bug infestation.  Using it proactively results in the early detection of bed bugs.  Velcro self-locking zipper and flap insures complete inclosure.  Machine wash with regular detergent. for more BED BUG BARRIER info 



Direct from Manufacturer Summer Camp Special


$34.95 for both the PREMIUM Mattress Protector  

and the Full Encasement Bed Bug Barrier


+ receive a FREE standard Terry Pillow Protector with every kit 

+ 10% discount on orders over 100 pieces 


Don't pay up to $130 Retail or even $70 Wholesale


Fully Guaranteed ~ Long Lasting

Durable and Strong 



Offer is based on TWIN & TWIN XL.  Other sizes also available.    


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Mattress protection clearly provides a safe and clean sleeping environment against the staggering amount of dust mites and allergens found in a typical mattress.  But equally important is mattress protection also protects the mattress itself, thereby prolonging the life of older mattresses while preserving the clean condition of newer mattresses.  


The Direct from Manufacturer Summer Camp Special goes until June 8 and quantities are limited.  Therefore to guarantee your timely delivery, please submit your orders at your earliest convenience via fax 905-851-8883 and/or email. Click to order via email. 


If you have any questions please call me at 905-851-1050.  Email is and fax is 905-851-8883.


Thanks again for being a valued customer and welcome to all the new folk.  And please, have a happy and healthy summer. 





Dan Wingold

National Sales & Marketing Manager  

Bay Street Manufacturing / HealthGuard

Woodbridge, Ontario


Phone: 905-851-1050

Toll Free: 800-624-2436 

Fax: 905-851-8883

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