...every baby needs a clean and allergen free sleep.

Dear Friends,

You're getting ready to bring the baby home and you want to make sure you're choosing just the right furniture, food, and clothing so the baby can be as safe as possible in their new home.

We all want our children to be safe, but there are many hazards you'll need to think about as you sort through the options..

Choosing a safe crib mattress protector is no exception.  One that is reliable, durable, proven effective against allergens, as well as cool, fresh and comfortable.  A safe and clean sleeping environment is not something to be taken lightly, as most parents are all too aware.

Since 1991 HealthGuard has grown into Canada's largest and most trusted manufacturer of quality mattress and pillow protectors.  We are proud to be suppliers of HealthGuard Mattress and Pillow Protectors to such outstanding and valued Canadian leaders as:

Would you trust anything but the best for your baby?  Would you recommend anything but the best for your customers?

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What is an Allergy?

Parents often don't realize that symptoms such as runny nose, rash, upset stomach, or crankiness can signal an allergy. Instead they chalk these things up to a chronic cold, infant  acne, delicate stomach, or just a fussy baby. Most of the time these symptoms -- especially if they're short-lived -- are the result of a cold or another passing ailment. However, in many cases the cause is allergies.


When baby has an allergic reaction, it's the result of an inappropriate response by his immune system. The immune system is programmed to fight off illness, but sometimes it reacts to a harmless substance, like pollen, as if it were an invading parasite, virus, or bacteria. To fight back, the immune system overproduces protective proteins called antibodies.  


This overproduction causes swelling and inflammation of tissues -- the nasal passages, for example. Your baby's allergic reaction can recur whenever she or he is exposed to whatever triggered it. 


Sleep Health Protection

Considering a typical baby spends at least one third of their life in their crib, their fight against allergens literally begins in their crib. With a reliable, durable and comfortable sleep health protection system. That is, safe mattress protection from the allergens that originate from within.


HealthGuard products feature the Exclusive NO-MITE Breathable Barrier, are 100% Waterproof, contain a Cool Wicking Fibre and have extended Warranties. 


HealthGuard is a proud recipient of the prestigious FDA and Health Canada Registered Medical Devices certification.



Luxury Quilted

Baby Soft, 3-Layer
Durable & Comfortable

Crib size includes 3
Change Pads
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Luxury Fleece 


Luxurious 3-Layer Comfort

...safe sleep health protection


Crib size includes 3 

Added Value

Change Pads


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Soft Terry Cotton Comfort 

...durable, strong & safe  


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Since 1991 HealthGuard has established itself as a leader in the Sleep Health Protection

industry with its quality line of mattress and pillow protectors, bed bug barriers and Ergo sleeping pillows.  In fact, we are the originators of the Sleep Health Protection System. 


The HealthGuard line allows you at retail to offer your customers top quality merchandise from Canada's leading manufacturer, in a variety of styles, at aggressive price points.


Additionally, HealthGuard point-of-purchase and point-of-sale support marketing materials serve both to engage the customer, educate the customer on the benefits of Sleep Health Protection, and facilitate them into purchasing.


More importantly however, is we take pride in treating you like family.  We enjoy long relationships with most of our customers.  Relationships built on respect, reliability, appreciation and mutual benefit.  We treat you right and we treat you fair.


We would love the opportunity to put the HealthGuard brand of mattress and pillow protectors to work for you.  It's a proven winner on multiple levels.


For more information on HealthGuard products, or to take advantage of our New Customer Incentive Specials, please call or email today.


We know you'll be impresses from the start - with our products, pricing and support.  We believe that your success is our success.


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