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Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to announce that NACY will be partnering with Imagine Canada on the Sector Monitor survey. The Sector Monitor ties into NACY's Taking Stock project as the common objective of both is to monitor the state of charities/nonprofits across the country and their ability to deliver on their missions.


As a leader in the child and youth sector, we are writing to encourage you to participate in the Sector Monitor. The survey will provide key perspectives on the health and vitality of organizations in the child and youth sector as they have been responding to the effects of the global financial crisis.  NACY continues to be concerned that the economic recovery is slow and that the effects on organizations will linger for some time.


You will receive an e-mail from Imagine Canada within the next few days inviting you to participate in the online survey. The survey will take only 10-15 minutes to complete and your participation is critical to its success.


Your responses will provide insights that will help organizations across Canada respond to challenges they may be facing in today's economic climate. Please take a moment to complete the survey when you receive your invitation.

In the meantime, here is some background information on the Sector Monitor:


The Sector Monitor

An ongoing survey program conducted by Imagine Canada to provide timely basic intelligence about significant changes in the operating environment of charities and nonprofits. Twice a year, it surveys thousands of leaders across Canada about their organization's recent experiences and their predictions for the future. About half of each survey is devoted to repeated tracking measures including:

  • organizational stress;
  • changes in key metrics such as revenues, expenditures, paid staff and volunteers; and
  • leaders' forecasts for the future.

The balance of the survey focuses on exploring other issues of particular relevance to the sector. The Sector Monitor is currently finishing its second complete year of operations and Imagine Canada is working to continue the program and develop it further.


Survey Methodology

The survey is conducted via the Internet using a methodology reminiscent of a traditional mail survey. Respondents are e-mailed an individualized link to the survey, which they complete on behalf of their organization using an online interface. Responses will be kept confidential and information from the survey is only shared in an aggregrated format. Factors such as the size, location and sub-sector are used to weight responses, producing estimates that are more representative of organizations as a whole. Surveyed organizations are drawn from the memberships of an ever-expanding number of umbrella organizations which are partners on the survey and from a random sample of charities.


Audiences and Dissemination

Survey results are disseminated publicly in the form of reports, factsheets and presentations. Key audiences include: umbrella organization survey partners and their memberships, leaders of charities and nonprofits, influential sector figures, the national media, and policy makers, at both the decision making and implementation levels.


Imagine Canada will provide NACY with results specific to organizations in the child and youth sector. These results will be posted on NACY's website and disseminated to you by email once released.



If you have any questions about the survey, please contact David Lasby, Senior Research Associate at Imagine Canada ( or 1.800.263.1178, ext. 262) or Amanda Mayer, NACY Coordinator ( or 613.292.0569).


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Peter Dudding

Chair, NACY Board
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