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Survival of the Safest


ICOC Glass  



ThyssenKrupp Access, a significant player in the vertical transportation business, recently announced the termination of their United States operations. The phase-out began this past August, and is scheduled to conclude by the end of this year.

Per their announcement, their demise was brought about by "a combination of slow economy, sluggish sales, and lingering manufacturing issues."



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A Monolithic Money Maker



Safety, performance, and convenience are the highest priority at Modular Elevator Manufacturing, Inc., a division of T.L. Shield & Associates. But it does not stop there. MEM's innovative solutions can also put money back into your pocket. Lots of it.



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Inground Jack




  • The problem with the direct plunger elevator was that the cylinder had to be drilled into the ground and had to be equal in length to the height to which the elevator might travel. In some cases the cylinders were drilled 300 ft. to provide the lift for 30-story buildings.




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On Sept 10th and running through the 13th, MEM exhibited at the United Convention Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.  We thank all of you who came by to visit.  See you next year in Tampa, FL. NAEC 2012



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