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Otis at Home is proud to announce their participation with ARCAT, the leading on-line resource of FREE building product information.




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24 Hour Service -

Around the Clock we go... 

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Allow me to retell, to the best of my ability, an old joke from the comedian Steven Wright:


"I went to a store late at night, and they were closed. Surprisingly, I saw in the window a sign that read 'Open 24 Hours.' The next day I went back, and they were open. I told the owner I stopped by the previous night and they were closed. I then asked why he had the 'Open 24 Hours' sign posted when they were closed. He replied, 'Yes, we are open twenty-four hours, but not in a row!'"


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ancient elevator




  • According to the television program "Book of Secrets," an Arab inventor named Ibn Khalaf al-Muradi developed an elevator in 1000 AD to raise a battering ram for the purpose of destroying a fortress. This makes it one of the oldest elevator concepts created. 




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Inclinator Co. of Ca. announces a new home for our PVE Demo unit

GA office 

Inclinator Co. of California in partnership with Gillespie's Abbey Carpet & Floor has established a new home for our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Demo unit in Fairfield, CA.  Call today for an appointment!
PVE Demo



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