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The High Price of Poor Quality


Elev Door Sliding  


We all know the concept of diminishing returns. This premise concerns the up front cost savings derived from a purchase of a product with suspicious quality, which is then assumed to unfortunately result in greater spending in the long run.



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How to Select the right Elevator Maintenance Provider


We all depend on the safe and reliable operations of elevators. To ensure consistent performance of a vertical transportation system, it is imperative for the property's owners to hire a competent elevator maintenance company. Elevator maintenance can be provided by same manufacturer; another manufacturer; an independent contractor; or by an onsite facilities team. It is a complex decision, as the best choice is not automatically the company that supplied and installed the system. 


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Direct Plunger




MYTH - Some people believe the hall doors will open when an elevator is not there.


TRUTH - The elevator is designed so that the car controls the opening of the hall door. When the car arrives at a landing, the car door engages the hall door and the car door operator then opens both sets of doors. If the car is not at the landing, it cannot trigger the hall doors to open.




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