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November Update
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Here is our newsletter with information on all things Vertical Transportation.  We are sending this to you on a monthly basis as a reminder that we are here to help and assist you in all of your needs when it comes to Vertical Transportation of people and things.


 Installing Residential Elevators in New Buildings
Home Under Const 1  
If you are looking to improve the accessibility and value of your new home or residence, installing residential elevators can be a great idea. In the present market place, Otis at Home can provide distinct attractive looking models with quality design features to complement your homes architecture.
Inclinator Co. of Ca./TL Shield & Assoc. is the Otis at Home dealer in your area and can ensure excellent installation and maintenance services.  Call us today for a free estimate. 800-201-1212. 

ICOC/TL Shield visits the Accumar Hillside Lift Factory in Poulsbo, WA
Accumar Cable Lift  
We had the opportunity to visit the Accumar manufacturing facility in a beautiful part of Washington state in September.  What an impressive facility!!

Accumar designs and builds primarily in metal, wood, and plastics. The machine shop creates, from scratch, most of the mechanical components used in the Cable & Track Lift systems, including: the gondolas, hoists, gate interlocks, speed governors, safety brakes, control systems, and structural steel. Woodwork is also done in-house to finish cars and prefabricate decks.


MYTH - Pushing the call button repeatedly will make the elevator come faster.


TRUTH - Once the call button is pressed, the call is registered by the elevator controller. Pressing the call button again does nothing.

We hope you enjoy our Vertical Transportation update and benefit from its content.  We are always open to suggestions and, more importantly, available in person or by phone to answer any of your questions or concerns.





Robert Boardman


Otis at Home/Inclinator Company of California,
A Division of T. L. Shield and Associates, Inc.
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