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April Update
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Here is our newsletter with information on all things Vertical Transportation.  We are sending this to you on a monthly basis as a reminder that we are here to help and assist you in all of your needs when it comes to Vertical Transportation of people and things.



A new standard in the home amenity 

ICOC Glass  

Just ten short years ago, it was difficult to find someone who had a home elevator installed in their home.  Today, the home elevators one of the most sought after home amenity items that builders provide to their clients.


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Now available
PVE 1 

Inclinator Company of California is proud to announce we now have Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators available.  


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Elev Door Sliding


Did you know -

The "Door Close"  button is mostly there to give passengers the illusion of control.  The button is only enabled in emergency situations with a key held by an authority.

We hope you enjoy this and benefit from its content.  We are always open to suggestions and, more importantly, available in person or by phone to answer any of your questions or concerns.




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