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Lasco Newsletter: Spring 2012 Edition

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying all this season has to offer.  If you haven't been to Marquette recently, remember that we have quite the extensive list of festivals and occasions to lure you into town. Make sure you align your next visit with one of our exciting events that interests you and your guests. And don't forget to use Lasco's corporate room rate with any of the hotels listed in the bottom portion of this newsletter.

Speaking of being "on the go"...We have recently been researching topics regarding the mobile scene, and I hope to offer you the best advice and solutions to this ever-evolving market. You will notice that we have an article in this newsletter specifically dedicated to that topic. There is so much information out there and we want to steer you in the right direction so as to benefit you and your customers. I hope to be able to offer you more information in the coming months, so stay tuned!
Warm Regards,

Dennis VanLandschoot

President & CEO 

Lasco Development Corporation



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Community Bank Loan Administration A-Z Call Series

Thank You For Attending...
Our latest webinar series was a huge success and we are looking forward to continuing to provide relevant valuable information to our financial clients. If you attended this series, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you thought of the information presented and we will use that information to shape our future events. Thank you again to all who were able to participate! 

Client News
First Bank
Renews Contract with Lasco through March 2019! Thank you First Bank!!
**Our next newsletter will feature a full article spotlighting First Bank's recent Technology Review, so be sure to read our Summer Edition for more information.
Old Mission Bank
Signs with Lasco for Fast Grade loan stress testing product. Congratulations and Thank You, to Old Mission Bank!!
Central Savings Bank
Central Savings Bank has chosen to move forward with a contract for FastGrade Loan Administration Software Suite! Congratulations and Thank You, to Central Savings Bank!! 
FastGrade is one of the products offered through Lasco's Partnership with Legosys Solutions. For more information please contact Robert Baer, VP Bank Services for Lasco by calling 906-228-1055 or email
Waldo State Bank
Signs Network Agreement with Lasco. Congratulations and Thank You, to Waldo State Bank!!
Partner Spotlight
Legosys Solutions
Legosys Solutions is a professional services and technology firm based in Des Moines, Iowa. Legosys Solutions offers a wide range of business disciplines and products to the financial Services industry.
Recent actions by regulatory authorities have resulted in the promulgation of new and complex banking regulations. Legosys Solutions is prepared to assist clients in addressing the complex and numerous regulatory requirements. Through strategic alignment, process improvement, risk management, technology integration and software development Legosys Solutions can help you through these challenging times.
Legosys Solutions Website:
*Company Bio used with permission. Original document can be found at
Tech Tips
Password Protected
The best password is between 8-12 characters and includes letters, numbers and punctuation marks. To make it easy for you to remember such an intricate password, try using a phrase as your password.*
The New HTTP
(HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, you may recognize the short version from your browser's address bar.) 
The current version is 15 years old, but in 2013, HTTP is being updated. This means faster download and browsing speeds for all users.**
*The Kiplinger Letter Vol. 89, No. 8 "Tech" Section
**The Kiplinger Letter Vol. 89, No.14 "Info Tech" Section
Hot Topics

Community Banks Using Social Media?

Several Tips for how to use it to your advantage:

 -  Offering special savings or running a new campaign? Tweet about it or post it on Facebook.

(Most people want to take advantage of savings, and those who have smartphones are always connected to social media)

 - Use a blog, Facebook, or Twitter to share more about your management team. People are more apt to bank with a team they already "know".

 - When running a campaign, send traffic to your Facebook page, this will help generate more "likes" and get your campaign even more publicity.


Now, for the Regs..

 - Keeping up on Social Media requires time management. Make sure staff knows who is expected to post and how often.

 - Communicate with your staff. They should know how to appropriately use Social Media in a business setting. 

 - Once you click "I Agree" on that Social Media platform, don't assume that things will never change. Stay informed and keep up on the sites you use.

 - Work with your legal department when posting photos online, especially those showing community members. (We all agree it's good to show the CEO out in the community)

 - Executive Management, IT and Marketing all need to be involved for your Social Media Campaigns to succeed.


*For more in-depth information on this topic, see original article by following this link: "5 Ways Community Banks Can Adopt Social Media"

Mobile Websites

What To Consider

The statistics are in, mobile-friendly is a must these days. So if your current website is not set up for smart phones or iPads, you are most likely losing customers because of it.
There is no need to panic. Most web designers are now making websites compatible for mobile users without having to maintain two separate websites. So relax, talk to your web designer, and just make sure that your website is up-to-date and mobile-friendly. Your new customers - and current ones -will thank you! 
Making the Most of your Online Presence
A list of Do's
 - Keep up with your contacts through email, survey, special offers, etc.
 - Use Online Videos: these can get you more coverage which leads to more customers
 - Steer your prospects through your website: if they can't tell what it is you are offering, or why they should purchase, they won't buy!
 - Use good quality graphics and images on your website, you want to have a polished look as well as visual representation of your products.
 - Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
 - Use text marketing: if the customer doesn't want to receive text offers, they can always "reply STOP to end"
 - Use QR Codes to drive traffic to your website
 - Use mobile apps to make it easier on your customers
 - Build and manage online reviews: research shows that customers like to read reviews online before purchasing

to be continued...





*Original list used in presentation:  "Local Business SEO Insight: Leveraging the Power of Search Engine Visibility" by Carder Consulting Group
In-House News
Graduate School Of Banking - Madison 
Ryan Valiquette recently completed the Bank Technology Management School offered in Madison, WI.  
New Employee Bio
Lasco is happy to announce a new addition to the Bank Services Support Team. Melinda Daavettila started with our company on February 6. Mindy has brought a wide variety of banking knowledge and 9 years of banking experience, which includes FIS system knowledge. Mindy has held various positions such as teller, customer service and branch supervisor. She has also worked with the FIS Systems such as Exceptions Desktop, Wires, Teller Insight, IBS Insight, Consumer e-Banking, assisting customers, and research projects. We feel Mindy is not only a wonderful asset to Lasco, but to our financial institution clients as well.   
Lasco Sponsored..
So far this year... Lasco has sponsored the following events:
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake
  • 2012 Noquemanon Ski Marathon
Lasco Corporate Hotel Rates
Ramada Inn: 
$61.95 + tax
Holiday Inn: (mention CCI) $84.95 + tax
Country Inn & Suites:
$99 + Tax
Use Corp. ID: 74348 when booking online
The Landmark Inn:
 January 1 - June 14 and November 1 - December 31
Traditional Room: $102
Lakeview Queen: $112
Jacuzzi Suite: $169
2-Room Suite: $179
Penthouse: $339
June 15 - October 31
Traditional Room: $112
Lakeview Queen: $129
Jacuzzi Suite: $199
2-Room Suite: $219
Penthouse: $379

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