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Lasco Newsletter: October 2011 Edition

I hope you are enjoying the best the season has to offer with family and friends. I tend to enjoy this time of year with summer gone and winter not yet upon us... and deer season just around the corner! I'm sure all the avid hunters out there know the importance of change, whether improving the tactics or trying another tree for the blind that just hasn't been a winner; change is important. Over the past year Lasco has been making continuous improvements especially in our Tech Area. Our last newsletter described some of the changes that have taken place and we are still moving forward with implementing those changes. I look forward to completing those improvements soon, and when we do, our clients can expect to see a letter in the mail detailing the completion of our updating and projects. Thank you to all of our clients, your patience during the past few months has been greatly appreciated! We continue to strive to provide the best service in the Upper Peninsula and that doesn't come without change and sacrifice on our part. We are looking to a very bright and promising future with our clients and are pleased to announce that our company has come through the economic downturn with greater strengths and in an even better position than we were several years back. We continue to be blessed and want to thank you, our customers for your continued faith and trust in us as your provider. We appreciate all of our clients as well as our partners that make what we do possible. I invite you all to "stay tuned" for more updates in coming newsletters!

However you choose to enjoy the seasons, whether by hunting or just "kicking back", I wish you the best.


Warm Regards,


Dennis VanLandschoot
President & CEO
Lasco Development Corporation

New Client Spotlight...

 Veridea Group, LLC is a full-service commercial real estate and development company. They offer consulting and brokerage services alongside property management, commercial leasing and development. They currently own and manage over 300,000 square feet of both retail office as well as industrial space, all within Marquette County. The Veridea Group's property portfolio include the Wells Fargo Plaza, Jilbert Center, Country Inn & Suites, Marquette Plaza (Starbucks' US 41 location), Buffalo Wild Wings Development, 800 N. Third Street (Border Grill) and their newest ground-breaking was on the West Towne Center where the new Arby's will be located! To view the Veridea Group's full portfolio visit their website at  They are a distinguished and successful local company and Lasco is proud to have the Veridea team as a client. Thank you for your trust in Lasco!

"We searched for a reputable technology partner that would be able to fit our needs. Lasco's focus on their clients as well as their team approach made the decision easy for us. Their management team was also VERY easy to work with. I feel that we made the best decision in choosing Lasco as our technology partner and I would recommend them to anyone."
 - Robert Mahaney, Veridea Group, L.L.C.


For more information on Lasco's Technology Offerings or Consulting Services, please contact Dennis VanLandschoot at (800) 800-6197 Ext. 1051 or email


Congratulations to Zandra Swanson

from First Bank!!


Zandra was the most recent winner of our Newsletter giveaway. She won a free gift basket with gift certificates to local businesses, locally made gift items and a bottle of wine!  


Social Media and Banking 


If you're looking for ways to engage in Social Media as well as promote your financial institution... here's one great example: SEC Group used social media to help others as well as strengthen relationships with their customers at the same time by starting a forum where anyone can post financial or other questions they would like answered. The bank answers questions often in the form of posting a how-to video for the more frequently asked questions.


Original article can be found on Bank Technology News' website, view here: Bank Technology News Article.


Website for SEC Group: 



For more information on how your financial institution can get more involved with the Social Media scene, please contact Robert Baer 906-228-1055 ( or Kellie Johnson 906-228-1068 ( Vice Presidents of Bank Services for Lasco.


In-House News...

 - The Veridea Group, LLC. signs contract with Lasco. Welcome Veridea Group! Thank you for your trust in Lasco!

 - The Peninsula Bank renews their contract with Lasco. Thank you Peninsula Bank!! 

 - Bruce Miller, D.D.S. signs with Lasco for server conversion work.
 - Lasco supports NMU Football

Lasco's CEO presents a contribution check for NMU Football to Marcus Tribble, a Senior at Northern Michigan University and Defensive Back on the NMU football team.

 NMU Football Donation

Pictured: Al Hawker (V.P. of Lasco and NMU Alumni), Dennis VanLandschoot (President/CEO of Lasco), Marcus Tribble (NMU Football, Defensive Back), Melissa Murphy (V.P. of Lasco and NMU Alumni)

 - Lasco supports Art on the Rocks for 15 consecutive years! Shown is Melissa Murphy (V.P. of Lasco) presenting donation check to Jack Deo (President of Lake Superior Art Association) for Art on the Rocks.

AOR Photo

 - Lasco partners with Larry Glass Consulting, L.L.C. for technology advising. Larry Glass has extensive knowledge in the area of technology and will work as a consultant to help Lasco's clients receive the best possible care. 

The Real Cost of Technology

 - By Jason Barnes 

This time last year I was living in Seattle, driving a 60 mile commute to work each day with a 4,500 foot change in elevation through the Cascade Mountains. During the winter months drivers were required to carry tire chains in their vehicle and most people who drove that route regularly had studded tires. I, however, had highway tires that were near the end of their life. It wasn't even the first week of November before I found myself slipping and sliding all over the road on my way home from work after a huge storm. The news was already warning of Avalanche risks due to the condition of the snow pack with more snow and ice on the way.

Later that evening I found myself in a tire store staring at a few dozen tires of varying price. My first inclination was to take the lowest cost option to get the job done. However, I began to reconsider this as I weighed the fact that the quality and performance of the tire I chose could potentially save my life in the right situation. Working with the representative from the store, I selected an appropriate tire from a nationally known manufacturer over some of the cheaper options. On my commute the next morning I felt much more safe and confident and found myself thinking of other instances that this same type of situation translated into my day-to-day work in the IT field.

Often times a business is presented with many different options, just as I was at the tire store, when it comes to price and quality in their selection of hardware and software. With each option the features and benefits can be extremely different. As the price increases, so does the advertised benefit, the length of warranty and the reputation of the manufacturer. Regardless, in certain situations, the higher priced item is not always the best or most appropriate one. However, as is often times my experience, spending a little extra money will add a lot of extra benefit. Even so, with many people feeling the effects of a down economy, their first inclination, just as mine was at the tire store, is to pick the lowest cost option to accomplish the task.

It might be the case that such an item is installed and works without a hitch for many years. It is my experience that this is rarely the case. The lower cost item usually needs to be reset weekly, updated monthly and, with its limited features, many workarounds need to be explored to accomplish the task it was originally purchased for. As time goes by, and precious time ticks away, the end user spends time on the phone and internet trying to keep the item running. As frustration levels and hours continue to mount, this item is eventually replaced with one of the original, albeit higher priced, options and from there on it is smooth driving.

When considering an investment into new technology it is important to think about the true cost of an item. This can be measured by the quality and reliability of service received and the amount of time spent in configuration and maintenance. While a device or piece of software may not be responsible for saving lives, it could be responsible for soaking up a lot of a company's time and money. It is hard to put a price on peace of mind that something will work as intended with little maintenance allowing efforts to be concentrated elsewhere.


To learn more about what Lasco can do for your commercial business, please contact Al Hawker at 906-228-1053 or

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