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Defending your computer:
 - Don't open unconfirmed links.
 - Designate a computer to only use for accessing bank accounts.
 - Use Ubuntu for your operating system or Opera for your web browser (hackers tend not to waste time with lesser used systems such as these)
Protect your accounts:
 - Request higher security from your bank such as two people approving each transaction.
 - You can also have a cap set on how much money can be moved from your account on a daily basis.
 - Require all transfers to be prescheduled and then confirmed by phone or text message.
 - Checking all bank balances at the end of the day can make all the difference because most payments are not cleared until the next morning.
 - Add insurance coverage for fraud losses
The right bank:
Find the bank that has the protections you want, and will work with your needs.
Article: Wall Street Journal Monday Feb. 8, 2010. Pg. R4 "Wanted: Defense Against Online Bank Fraud" by Riva Richmond
News in Banking Technology
  - Allowing Customers to Text the Bank's Call Center for help/information - SoundBite Communications may have a corner on the market*1
 - Stay-at-home bank auditors can save money for the bank who is paying the auditor to come on-site*2
 - Jobs in Risk Management are in demand, especially with all the new laws which are being passed*3
 -  Chip-and-Pin technology (EMV Cards) has found 1 issuer in the U.S., United Nations Federal Credit Union. Stats show EMV card transactions in Europe have driven fraud to other types of transactions.*4
 - Plans to impose ATM Surcharge Cap, have been dropped.*5
 - U.S. Bank plans to unveil a "mobile shopping concierge" which will use location-based information to automatically send coupons to customers' phones (while shopping) which can be scanned during check-out.*6
 Bank Technology News Articles:
*1 - January issue, pg. 23 "Texting the Call Center" by Michael Sisk
*2 - January issue, pg. 25 "Stay at Home, Bank Auditor" by John Adams
*3 - June Issue, pg. 10 "New Signs of a Pulse for Bank Technology Jobs" by John Adams
American Banker News Articles:
*4 - May 24,2010 "Wal-Mart Claims Issuers Block Progress of EMV Cards in U.S." by Kate Fitzgerald ONLINE VERSION
*5 - May 21,2010 "Harkin Drops ATM Surcharge-Cap Bid" by Frederick Lowe ONLINE VERSION
*6 - June 8,2010 "U.S. Bank Reveals Mobile Roadmap" by Rebecca Sausner ONLINE VERSION

At the beginning of this year we sent out a survey to our current clients. Our purpose in that survey was to assess our possible shortcomings as well as our successes from the view of our clients. I was quite pleased with the positive feedback which was received. To all of our clients, we thank you for continuing to give us the opportunity to serve you. We truly have a remarkable and talented team here at Lasco. Below are just a few of the results from our survey. Thank you again for all of the helpful and encouraging feedback!
Warm Regards,
Dennis VanLandschoot
President & CEO
Survey Results:
Do you consider Lasco to be a valuable business partner?
 Score:    4.6 out of 5 (5=Highly Agree)
Overall, is Lasco sufficiently meeting your Business' needs?
Score:    4.4 out of 5 (5=Highly Agree)
Do Lasco employees meet your business needs professionally and courteously?
Score:             4.7 out of 5 (5=Always)
How satisfied are you with the knowledge and skill level of Lasco's employees?
Score:  4.5 out of 5 (5=Very Satisfied)
Lasco's Customer Service Rating:                4.6 out of 5 (5=Excellent)
The ease of navigating Lasco's telephone system scored a rating of:
                                                                 4.3 out of 5 (5=Very Easy)
Is Lasco sufficiently meeting your expectations in response time to support requests?
Score:            4.3 out of 5 (5=Always)
Social Media
Many have questioned the relevance of Social Media - others are already experiencing the benefits of it. Do you have suggestions or success stories? Would you like help implementing a Social Media plan into your business? Let us know how we can help! Contact Robert Baer, VP of Bank Services 906-228-1055 or Kellie Johnson, VP of Bank Services 906-228-1068 .
In-House News...
 - Old Mission Bank has renewed their contract with Lasco for 5 years.  
 - Lasco & PrimaData have signed a 3 year contract for document processing services.
 - Lasco's President volunteers for a Habitat for Humanity project during the Independent Community Bankers of America Conference in Orlando, Florida.
 - Lasco has finished upgrading all of our Check21 core image processing systems internally and with our client base. Systems include VSU, Depot and X-Vision. This brings Lasco up to the most current versions available.
 - Lasco pledges $10,000 to the Accelerating the Future Capital MGH DonationCampaign at Marquette General Hospital - radiation oncology treatment technology. (Shown in photo Left to Right: Robert Baer, VP of Lasco's Bank Services; Dewayne Nygard, a member of Lasco's Board of Directors; Jim LaJoie of the Marquette General Foundation; Melissa Murphy, Vice President of Lasco; and Shelby Bischoff, a member of the Marquette General Foundation Board of Directors.)
Joe Menze, Network Engineer
Joe Menze
 - Lasco's Newest Employee!
Joe Menze, Network Engineer can be reached at 906-228-1056 or Mr. Menze brings over 14 years of computer information systems experience specializing in network administration.
Previously with Computer Associates of Marquette, Menze received the 1998 Siemens Super Star award for outstanding customer service. He is certified to repair hardware for IBM, Compaq, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Tektronics and Genicom high impact printers. Over the course of his 14 year career, Mr. Menze has worked on every major operating system and is A+, Compaq advanced server diagnostics, and Microsoft NT 4.0 and 2003 certified. He has considerable expertise with setup and configuration of large network servers and has managed networks consisting of over 300 servers and 2,500 end users. Over his I.T. career Mr. Menze has done project work for such notable companies as NASCAR, Washington Mutual Banks, METLIFE, Tropicana Orange Juice, Sarasota Family YMCA, and Universal Studios.
As Network Engineer, Menze provides server and network administration, end user support, and computer set-up and configuration to numerous area businesses. In addition, he administers high-speed document scanners, database servers, and robotic tape library storage systems, wide area networks and is involved in software application design, systems administration of Cisco routers and firewalls, T1 as well as frame relay circuits, install, configuration and support.
Melissa Murphy, Vice President
Secure Email
 - Melissa Murphy promoted to Vice President of Lasco
Ms. Murphy joined Lasco's team 10 years ago as a part-time bookkeeper.  Within a year she was promoted to full time Accountant for Lasco. Over the past 10 years she has taken on numerous responsibilities including Regulatory Compliance for Lasco (Information Security, Disaster Recovery, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Audit), Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing.  Based on her knowledge, she has also been providing consulting services to numerous clients regarding Regulatory Compliance over the past few years.
Ms. Murphy graduated locally from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. She has been involved with numerous community events in past years including: Ishpeming Elks Lodge #447,  former President of Family Readiness Group for Ishpeming's National Guard unit, present Coordinator for the charity event "Fuzzy Invitational Golf Outing" (3 consecutive years), Lake State Bankers Association Board Member (3 consecutive years) and currently holds the title of Treasurer for the same. Ms. Murphy has become a long-term asset of the corporation and will continue to work directly with senior management of Lasco. She currently resides in Ishpeming with her family.
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