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Lasco Newsletter January 2010
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Lasco's Newest Employee!
Amy Elliott
Meet Amy Elliott, Bank Services Support: Item Processing/Check 21. She can be reached at 906-228-1063 or Amy is a recent NMU Graduate and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science.
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FIS Annual Operations Conference
Start planning your trip now to Milwaukee in May!
Business & Tech News
 - According to a recent study, IT-savvy companies see 21% more profit than companies who are not "IT-savvy". **
 - FIS is still moving forward in their industry: FIS announced their partnership with PayPal to offer P2P payments through their online bill payment engine.
 - Becoming a "Greener" Company may have just as much to do with the mindset of the employees as it does the re-structuring of the business as a whole. 1
 - Phone Taxes are expected to increase in 2010 due to rural areas still not receiving enough coverage. 2
 - Demand is increasing for "Cloud Computing" and the short term contracts make it even more appealing for those who have only a one-time need for such services. 2
 - Lower standard mileage rate on business driving in 2010, it is now going to be 50 cents per mile instead of the 55 cents that it had attained in 2009. 2
 - FTC to discuss public privacy in regards to consumer information and how it is obtained and used. 2
 - Expect a ban on texting-while-driving by the end of 2010. 2
 - If you're looking for a new line of work, consider opening a desalination plant. Turning salt water into fresh is looking like the next big thing. 2
 - Due to the new healthcare bill, employers expect to have more responsibilities, some of which are: restructuring healthcare plans, assigning a value to benefits and reporting on W-2 forms, being careful of plans to be certain they don't incur a penalty or new taxes, plans that incur new taxes are expected to be paid and if they are not - the responsibility falls to the company and not the insurer. 2
 - Bank examiners are expected to remain firm with lenders in 2010, watching every move and checking every detail. 3
 - OSHA will push to have the logging of all neck and shoulder (work-related) injuries mandatory. 3
 - Employers seeking to reduce health care costs may want to look into health incentives for employees. Successful companies include General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Baptist Health South Florida and IBM. After offering worker incentives these firms have noticed health risk declines, high participation rates, and one reported $1 million in savings. 3
 - Projects all across the country will be funded for high-speed rail travel. One of the areas expected to receive funds is Wisconsin (rail between Milwaukee and Madison). 3
** - The Wall Street Journal, Monday November 30, 2009 "Getting an Edge From IT" Executive Briefing - Interview of Dr. Peter Weill, conducted by Martha E. Mangelsdorf for Business Insight (WSJ)
1 -     Bank Technology News, December 2009, Vol.22 No.12
2 -     The Kiplinger Letter, Dec. 4,2009, Vol.86 No.49
3 -     The Kiplinger Letter, Dec. 11,2009, Vol.86 No.50
Friend of Lasco,

I want to thank you for another successful year. We could not have accomplished any of it without your partnership! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful year and are looking forward to an even better one to come. As we move into the New Year together I am thankful for your partnership and friendship. I appreciate the sacrifices that you have made this past year and hope that through it all, we can help one another continue to achieve success. I hope this letter finds you well and I look forward to the next time we have the privilege to meet together. Now please enjoy the latest newsletter that we have created to 'keep you in the loop'. Lasco wishes you the best in health and prosperity in the New Year.
Warm Regards,
Dennis VanLandschoot
President & CEO
Encrypted Email and Email Archiving 
Secure EmailIn today's heavily regulated business world, small to medium sized businesses are struggling with keeping up with all the requirements of GLBA, HIPAA, etc.    Securing your customers' information is a regulatory burden and an important component of your business to ensure long time relationships with your customers.
Can your business withstand the affect if one of your customer's information was taken from you?   Being in small towns across the Upper Peninsula where word of mouth is one of the key marketing tools, one negative event can cause major reputational damage.
Securing your outgoing email by utilizing encryption is one way to protect your data from potential hackers and those looking for a quick new identity.   By implementing a secure email environment in your business you can send an email marked as secure to a customer.  The customer would receive an email telling them that they have a secure email and to retrieve it they must "click" here.  Upon clicking, they are transferred to a secure site where they enter a password (that they set up upon initial use) and open the email.  
Quite a few secure email providers are also working on secure email to your business from your customers.  You can have a button on your website that a customer can go to where they can send you an email in an encrypted method.    The advantage is obvious - 1) the ability to receive sensitive customer information quickly 2) the information is secure and 3) the customer does not have to take the time to come directly to your place of business.
Along with regulatory requirements are also the legal consequences that could occur.   The ability to defend your business actions and assist customers in doing so by going back and retracing emails from previous months, or even years, can be invaluable.  Secure email providers are now offering email archiving, for any number of years, in different sized storage areas, all per varying user in your company.  End users can access the archived email and utilize the search engine to find old emails.  Management can determine who can search to what depths, allowing management to still maintain control.
Whether you are a doctor/dental office trying to meet HIPAA requirements, a law office that maintains confidential information, an insurance company with an individual's personal information or a financial institution that is complying with GLBA, securing your customers' information is an important aspect of your day to day operations.
- Melissa Murphy          
Accountant/Risk Mgt.
Out of the Darkness Community Walks Update 
OOD Logo We would like to begin by thanking all who participated or contributed to the walks! Both Marquette and Munising successfully reached their monetary goals and were very pleased with the amount of walkers that participated as well. In all, Munising raised $16,313.52 with 242 participants. Marquette raised $5,207 with 94 participants. We are very pleased with the outcome and hope to see each year progress more and more. One of the goals of the Marquette walk was to raise money for the Great Lakes Recovery Center so they could begin a support group in the area for suicide survivors. As of November, this goal was met when a member of the walk committee in Marquette, Carroll Ann Swanson, chose to begin leading the meetings for area survivors. We are all pleased at the outcome and would like to encourage the rest of the community to find a way to get involved in this cause. If you were unable to contribute or participate, we are gearing up for next year's walk and would like to encourage you to start setting aside calendar space or pocket change to help others that are in need.For more information on how you can donate or volunteer, please contact Dennis VanLandschoot at 906-228-1051.
MACB Annual Meeting Update 
This year's Annual Meeting held in Traverse City was a great time for Michigan Bankers, and all seemed to enjoy the event. We would like to announce that our own President, Dennis VanLandschoot received a certificate of completion for the Michigan Bank Directors College at the Annual Meeting this year. We would also like to note that some of our close friends are currently serving on this year's board of directors for the MACB, including David Firack, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board (President of Old Mission Bank) and also Bill Stream, Director (President of The Peninsula Bank).
Lasco in the News...
  • Lasco sponsored both the Marquette and Munising 'Out of the Darkness' Community Walks, both of which were a complete success.
  • Lasco sponsored Art on the Rocks for the 5th consecutive year and has already committed funds for the 2010 show!
  • Lasco contributed $5,000 to the new Marquette County Historical Museum.
  • Lasco was a proud sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials Short Track Speedskating held at NMU in October.
  • Lasco was a proud sponsor of the ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating Competition held at NMU in November.
  • Other Organizations or Charities that Lasco contributed to during the year of 2009 include: Salvation Army, Humane Society of Marquette County and Marquette Junior Hockey
Below are some of the recent photos taken with organization members who received donations from Lasco:
Salvation Army MelHumane Society Mel
 Secure Email
In-House News...
  • Lasco is now a member of the Wisconsin Bankers Association, and the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA). Lasco is also a current member of the Michigan Bankers Association and the Michigan Association of Community Bankers.
  • Thanks to Central Savings Bank for renewing their contract with Lasco for 5.5 years!
  • Gogebic Range Bank has chosen the VOIP solution! Thank you GRB for your continued partnership and trust in Lasco!
  • Lasco Announced the availability of 4 new products in 2009:
    • Premier Interest Checking (PIC)
    • Loan Origination (LOS)
    • Email Archiving
    • Secure Email Encryption