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New Product Available exclusively through Lasco
Dear Friends, Clients, Partners:

We would like to announce that Lasco has just formed an agreement with FIS to offer a new product, which FIS has exclusive rights to. The details of this product are listed below. Please contact us for further information as this is just a brief overview.
Premier Interest Checking
This product allows you to offer a profitable high-yield checking account that will drive deposit growth as well as enable you to acquire new and profitable customer relationships. This integrated solution is designed to speed your implementation and includes consulting services to help you set, measure, and track your business and operational success factors.
How it Works
The high-yield checking account allows your institution to establish specific qualifying activities to determine whether a customer qualifies each month for a premium interest rate. The qualifying activities will increase revenue while decreasing operational expense to offset interest expense. For example, you could require a qualifying customer to:
  • Perform a minimum number of check card transactions each month
  • Have one direct deposit or ACH transfer each month
  • Sign on to e-banking

If the customer performs the stated activities, they will receive pre-set rewards. For example:

  •  3.5% interest rate on deposit balances up to $20,000
  • 0.25% interest rate on deposit balances over $20,000
  • Waiver of 2 foreign ATM fees

This product provides a customized ROI analysis to show you the net deposit growth, total number of new accounts, and net profit over a specified period of time.

With FIS's Premier Interest Checking Program, you can:
  • Increase net income by growing transaction fees and investment assets
  • Add new accounts
  • Realize new deposit growth
  • Simplify servicing, with integration to FIS's front-line applications
  • Minimize financial risk, with our low-risk pricing and delivery options
  • Up-sell customers into other products and services 
As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this product or other Lasco services. Please contact me by calling 1-800-800-6197 ext. 1051. 
Warm Regards,
Dennis VanLandschoot
Lasco Development Corporation