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Lasco Is Offering 2 New Products!
December 30 2009
Dear Friends,
We are proud to announce two new products that we are now offering! Email Archiving and Secure Email Encryption are now available through Lasco. These cutting edge and now essential products are exactly what the examiners are looking for. The details on how each product can benefit your business are listed below. Call us today for more detailed product information and pricing.
Secure Email Encryption 

Secure EmailSecuring your outgoing email by utilizing encryption is one way to protect your data from potential hackers and those looking for a quick new identity.   By implementing a secure email environment in your business you can send an email marked as secure to a customer.  The customer would receive an email telling them that they have a secure email and to retrieve it they must "click" here.  Upon clicking, they are transferred to a secure site where they enter a password (that they set up upon initial use) and open the email.   
Coming soon in 2010 we will also be able to offer a web portal. This will allow you to obtain secure email from your customers. You can have a button on your website that a customer can click to send you an email in an encrypted method. The advantage is obvious -

1) The ability to receive sensitive customer information quickly.
2) The information is secure.
3) The customer does not have to take the time to come directly to your place of business.
Email Archiving 
Email Archiving is an essential tool these days. Along with regulatory requirements are also the legal consequences that could occur if you are unprepared. The ability to defend your business actions and assist customers in doing so by going back and retracing emails from previous months, or even years, can be invaluable.  Email archiving is offered for any number of years, in different sized storage areas, all per varying user in your company.  End users can access the archived email and utilize the search engine to find old emails.  Management can determine who can search to what depths, allowing management to still maintain control. 
Thank you for taking the time to read about our two new products, Email Archiving and Secure Email Encryption. If you have any questions or want to get started right away, please contact me at 800-800-6197 Ext. 1057 or by emailing me at

Dan Fezatt
Sr. Vice President of Information Technology
Lasco Development Corporation