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Dear Friends, Clients, Partners:

We would like to announce that Lasco has just formed an agreement with FIS (previously Metavante) to offer several new products, which FIS has exclusive rights to. The details of these products are listed below. Please contact us for further information as this is just a brief overview.
Loan Origination Studio
The FIS Loan Origination Studio (LOS) is a comprehensive, Web-based, end-to-end mortgage, consumer, and home equity loan origination system. Commercial will be available 2010. LOS can provide instantaneous loan decisioning, supports integrated third-party service-ordering with seamless movement of data and documents from the point of sale through loan closing including the remote search and upload of data to your servicing platform.

Key Features

  • Sales tools to support product eligibility and pricing, product comparisons, 1003 application data capture, disclosures, and credit. Also integrates with Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter and Freddie Mac Loan Prospector.
  • Configure appropriate access for each user group with security parameters.
  • Intelligent auditing corrects missing data and entry errors early in the origination process.
  • Track and manage loan status, disposition, key dates, third-party service orders, conditions, and more.
  • Produce disclosure, application, closing, and other documents from within the system.
  • Integration with FIS's IBS and Bankway core servicing platforms.
  • Customizable reports accessible in real-time.
  • Supports credit insurance calculations for major insurance carriers in all U.S. jurisdictions.


  • Streamline the entire loan origination process
  • Ensure consistent pricing and qualification across the enterprise
  • Increase originator sales productivity
  • Access reports filled with real-time data

Mortgage and Consumer Loan Support

In addition to supporting traditional mortgage loan
types, Loan Origination Studio also provides the ability
to originate consumer and equity loans, including titled
vehicle, secured, unsecured, personal property, and
home equity. The system is configurable to provide users
with access to mortgage, consumer, or both loan types.
Internet Direct 
FIS's Internet Direct solution is an intuitive Web site that enables consumers and branch personnel to obtain product eligibility and pricing, and submit electronic mortgage, home equity, and now consumer secured/non-secured applications securely. It combines customer support tools, online resources, and relationship services to help lenders reduce origination expenses while increasing customer retention and satisfaction.  

Web Site Functionality

  • Easy-to-understand, dynamic application guides consumers through the entire process
  • Fully decisioned and risk-adjusted loan qualification and pricing at the point of sale
  • Provides consumers with a pre-approval letter, even after hours or on weekends
  • Captures referral and promotion codes
  • Provides multiple loan types on one easy platform
  • Easy-to-use portal for branch personnel or customer support to originate loan applications
  • The Web site customization toolkit gives you the ability to manage the branding and content of your private-labeled Web site
  • Rate Tracker and Quick Call-Back tools to generate leads
  • Seamless integration with FIS's Loan Origination Studio


  • Expand Channels and Conduct Business 24/7 - Tap into the online consumer market with a secure, 24x7 branded web presence that provides applications and loan status at their convenience, instead of scheduling around bank branch hours
  • Complement Your "Brick and Mortar" Strategy - Provide branch personnel with an intuitive solution to quickly and easily accept a complete application, instead of seeing more paper applications leave the branch and never return
  • Fulfill Promotions or Marketing Campaigns Online - Increase marketing response rate with easy online application and promotion code capture
  • Instantly Qualify Borrowers Online - No more rate sheets! Provide instant qualification and rate-adjusted pricing at the point of application or pre-approval.
  • Empower Sales Representatives - Increase volumes by providing loan officers (or business partners like realtors and builders) with their own hosted web pages
  • Improve Margins and Increase Capacity - Manage increased volumes without extra headcount, and eliminate costs of data entry, paper management, incomplete data, and manual tasks
  • Your URL and Branding - Is an extension of your own site, not a third party site assuring the security-conscious borrowers that they are submitting their information to the bank.
Internet Direct eZ-App 
A cost-effective online loan origination solution - for use by consumers and branch personnel
The failings of larger banks and lenders have created an opportunity for community banks to offer lending solutions to an Internet-savvy marketplace. Are you capitalizing on this opportunity with an online loan origination offering? If not, you're missing the chance to establish a relationship with the younger generation of borrowers - borrowers who could make up much of your deposit base in the future.
As you explore the benefits of online lending, look to FIS. Internet Direct eZ-App is a streamlined version of the FIS Internet Direct product, which enables consumers to originate electronic mortgage, home equity and consumer secured/non-secured applications. With eZ-App, you can establish an Internet presence faster and more cost-effectively than ever before!
Just like Internet Direct, eZ-App isn't only for consumers. It can be used by your bank's branch personnel, personal bankers and loan officers, as well. eZ-App provides a consistent approach to originating loan applications - enhancing your customer experience and helping to eliminate your dependence on inefficient, manual processes. 
  • Quick Implementation - Gain an Internet presence quickly - and at a low cost - without having to build and host the site yourself. 
  • Secure, Private-labeled Web Site - Stay competitive with direct banks by allowing prospects to do business with you 24/7.
  • Easily Managed Branding and Content - Offer consumers the "look and feel" you desire with an easy-to-use configuration toolkit for the Web site.
  • Integrated Solution - Streamline your processing and eliminate costly data re-keying with eZ-App's seamless integration to FIS's Loan Origination Studio, or with the industry-standard data exports that can be delivered to another back-end system.
  • Branch Use - Empower your personnel with an easy-to-understand, dynamic application, while eliminating the costs associated with manual data entry and paper management.
  • Multiple Transaction Types - Drive more business with the addition of applications for personal and auto loans, as well as credit card applications. 
  • Pipeline Management and Reporting - Gain valuable insight into your online users through pipeline and lead generation activity reporting, as well as the capture of referral and promotion codes. 
As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about these products or other Lasco services. Please contact me by calling 1-800-800-6197 ext. 1051. 
Warm Regards,
Dennis VanLandschoot
Lasco Development Corporation