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Hancock Harvest Council 
News, Announcements & Meeting Minutes    
September 2, 2012

Dear HHC members and interested parties,  

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 4th at 7 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Purdue Extension Office at 802 N Apple Street in Greenfield. 
The board of Zoning Appeals did pass most of Piney Acres requests for his property.  They had a tie vote on camping, it will come back next month.  They voted no to receptions, but allowed him to hold meetings.  Thank you to everyone who helped to support Rex, as he has been the first one to go thru this process with the new zoning ordinance.

Please review the meeting minute for May and June, unless we hear of any changes needed, they will be approved on Tuesday.

Barb Smith, BFBL Contact & Editor
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June Meeting Minutes
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May 2012 Meeting Minutes


Meeting minutes for the Hancock Harvest Council regular meeting held May 7, 2012 at the Extension Office.


Attendance: Earl Smith, Barb Smith, Edna Yeager, Rex Zenor, R.C. McDanel, Josh Johnson, Roy Ballard, Debi Hill.


The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Earl Smith.


Josh Johnson, a new attendee, was introduced. He will be selling produce at the Greenfield Farmers' Market.


The April minutes were approved as presented.


The treasurer's report was approved as presented as follows:

Money received:

We have collected more membership fees than expected.

We have collected $655 in Farmers' Market fees.

We received $247.50 when we sold tote bags to Tuttles Orchard.

Moneys paid out:

Food Routes (Buy Fresh Buy Local) has been paid.

Constant contact (emails) was 30% less than we paid last year.

Directories were $500 less than estimated.

$284.88 was paid for the website host.

Insurance will be due in June, not paid yet.

Chamber of Commerce fee will be the same as last year.

$500 was paid to the Ag Association.

$413.91 has been paid out for advertising.

End of April balance was $5322.86.

Balance after the checks are deducted is $3652.78.


There was discussion as to if we would put ads in surrounding counties extension offices to promote new members. We want to find ways to cover more east central counties for new members.


We discussed changing the name for Hancock Harvest Council to East Central Harvest Council to better include the area we cover and so the members of the other counties would feel more represented. We need a passionate member from each county to be the contact person with the officers. We could consider having the meetings on a webcast to eliminate travel for further members and/or meet fewer times a year, perhaps every three months.


Another advertising opportunity is to provide signage at the fairgrounds where we hold our winter market. We could put signs on the East Show Barn building, which at present does not have a sign. We could put a sign at the north end and the south end so our customers would know where the winter market is located. It would have the name of the barn and also the name of the Harvest Council or Farmers' Market. The sign would be approximately three feet by three feet. We will get estimates and also decide exactly what it should say. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


It was decided not to sponsor a Fair Day this year. The cost is $1000 and we didn't think it would be money well spent. But we do need to continue supporting the fairgrounds for letting us use their facilities for the farmers' market.


A meeting was held today in the extension office to present information about the Food Hub. Roy Ballard and Sarah Aubrey held the meeting for public officials of several counties. No public officials came to the meeting. The fact that this is the day before elections could have affected their attendance.


There are three farmers meetings scheduled for the Food Hub. They are:

Hamilton County on June 5.

Hancock County on June 6.

Henry County on June 7.

They are all scheduled at 6:00 pm in the extension office in each county. There have been direct mailings and press releases to publicize these meetings.


Roy told us about the Chicago meeting he attended on the subject of Food Hubs. It was a good opportunity to learn and to ask questions of existing Food Hubs. There was a presentation by Fresh Picks in the Chicago area that makes home deliveries for 60 - 100 farmers. Gourmet Gorilla that provides schools with breakfast, lunch, and snacks also gave a presentation. Different Food Hubs are working together to share product.


Having participation at the Madison County Fairgrounds was discussed. The possibility of working with the Growers Association was discussed or having our own booth. Edna will make phone calls or send emails to try to work something out. Jeremiah Priest may be able to help with this as he has contacts in this area.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.


Submitted by:

Edna Yeager




June Meeting Minutes 

Meeting minutes for the Hancock Harvest Council regular meeting held June 4, 2012 at the Extension Office.


Attendance: Rex Zenor, Barb Smith, Edna Yeager, Roy Ballard, RC McDanel


The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Rex Zenor.


We are advertising on Channel 6 for the next six months at $149 a month. If we wanted a video for our use it would be $179 a month. We decided against the extra for the video as we already have video to use when needed.


We discussed the progress of the My Local Indiana web site. It is still not completely finished and is not monitored regular. We are not impressed with the web site at this time.


We continued the discussion about changing the name of the Hancock Harvest Council to better show the entire area we represent. Names suggested were: Harvest Council of East Central Indiana, My Local Harvest Council, and My Local Hoosier Harvest Council. We feel that by keeping Harvest Council in the name most people would be able to recognize the change. We could then divide the area into regions with a representative from each region. We need to protect the new name with a copyright. More and more farmers' markets are trying to organize and we need to be sure our name is not used.


Treasurers' report: the current balance as of 5-31-12 is $3,403.78. We will be making monthly automatic withdrawals to the Indy Channel for $149 for the next 6 months. We still owe Indiana Living Green $100 and will pay it when we receive an invoice. There are deposits to be made.


We need to have more Farmers' Market signs to better promote the market. Barb found some for farm tours that can be changed for the market. We will be talking to the Ag Association in July about the sign on the building that we have discussed in the past.


Copies of our Directory are in all surrounding extension offices. Marvin Miller distributed directories to different places in Rush County including the county fair. Thank you, Marvin. Copies of the directories will be distributed to the Madison County Ag Association for display at their fair and to the Henry County Health Fair for display at their event. Thank you, Jeremiah Priest.


Roy reported the latest on the Food Hub. He has applied for a $50,000 grant that would be available next year to continue plans for the hub, probably a virtual hub. We could hire a person for a part time position, buy boxes and labeling, purchase software, consulting fee, set up web site we can track and analyze, and credit card processing.


There will be no meeting in July or August. We will send out newsletters in July and August.


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 4, 2012.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:2pm.


Submitted by:

Edna Yeager


Benefits of Membership
BFBL LabelWe hope that you find membership with Hancock Harvest Council to be a benefit for you. We have several different memberships available that will be included on your invoice and/or letter inviting you to join. It includes a beginner level for those who are not ready to begin promoting their product. Partial list of membership benefits are listed below:
  1. A listing in our Annual Directory - level of membership determines type of listing.
  2. Have the opportunity to use the BFBL graphics in their advertising, brochures and web sites. Must be pre-approved, graphics provided upon request.  Cannot be used on products.
  3. Promotion in our newsletter - member profiles, etc.
  4. Web page on the HHC website - more info at December meeting.
  5. Access to BFBL merchandise.
  6. We are currently working on updating our application to make it easier for Restaurants and Farmers markets.  Each classification will have a separate application. 

Consumer or Associate members are entitled to BFBL merchandise to be determined (we currently have bags and t-shirts). Their membership helps us to continue the mission of providing education and promotion of local foods.  Associate memberships are currently $10 per year.


Membership information and Invoices below:


Producer Membership Letter/Invoice


Farmers Market and Restaurant Membership Letter/Invoice 


New members also need to complete application found on-line or can be e-mailed to you.  Current members should send an e-mail with any changes to your information for the directory and web page.  If you want featured in a newsletter, please let us know as well.

For any questions, please contact Barb Smith thru this e-mail or 765-763-0246.

In Closing:
Thank you again for your time and support in making our organization successful.  I hope you can plan to attend these meetings and take part in the furture of Hancock Harvest Council If you have any questions, please contact us.

Barbara Smith, Secretary
Hancock Harvest Council
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The intent of the Hancock Harvest Council is to further develop opportunities for agricultural producers and potential producers to make available local foods and educational experiences to each other and the community.

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Vision & Values

Vision Statement:

We will continue to foster a more sustainable and educated community for current and future generations


Values Statement:

The Members of the Hancock Harvest Council are Dedicated to the Following Core Values:


 Food Safety


 Personal Integrity

 Identity Preservation

 Support of the Local Community