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Hancock Harvest Council 
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Nov 23, 2011

Dear HHC members and interested parties,  

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, we has so much to be thankful for.  We are gearing up for a successful 2012 with lots of activities and opportunities for Hancock Harvest Council.
Please try to attend our meeting on Monday, December 5, at 6:30 pm.  This will be a pitch-in dinner followed by our meeting.  This is always a great opportunity for our group to get together and share ideas.  Please invite potential members and those interested in promoting local food and agritourism opportunities.  Rex Zenor, has volunteered Piney Acres Tree Farm as a location for our meeting, his address is 1115 E 1000 N, Fortville.
Please review the minutes below, from our last meeting.  They will be approved as submitted, unless changes are submitted by response to this notice.
If you have brochures that we can have with the HHC booth, please bring them to the meeting.  We want to help promote your business, this can be brochures, business cards, etc.  We usually have Tuttle Orchards and Piney Acres, but would love to have more.
Start thinking about officers for our group, as elections will be in January.
Agenda for our meeting:
  • Pitch-in and visiting
  • Approval of meeting minutes (if no objection per notice)
  • Treasurer's report
  • Food Hub
  • Membership Drive - think about your neighbors, invite them to a meeting to see if they would be interested in marketing directly to the public, not necessarily at a farmers market.  We have lots to offer, especially with the food hub.
  • Farmers market reports
  • Agritourism Ordinance
  • - state wide group, open to new members
  • Nominations for officers in preparation for January Election
  • Misc items


Barb Smith, BFBL Contact & Editor
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Central Indiana Food Hub Meeting -  Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011


The Central Indiana Food Hub did receive the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant which will be administered by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture for the purpose of conducting a feasibility study and preparing a business plan for a Central Indiana Food Hub... What a great opportunity for the farmers and consumers of our region!!!


This will be a process... a journey... and while we might like to assume and jump to conclusions about the need for such a facility (OK... I am guilty of this also) , this process will help us see more clearly what opportunities really do exist and what the challenges may be...


 Additionally this process will be one which will inform many in the region about what a food hub is and if it does become a reality we should be able to develop a fairly exhaustive list of those who would support it as it moves forward (IF it moves forward!).


No one like a lot of meetings but this will involve a few gatherings of folks to assess interest etc... every effort will be made to be efficient in the use of your time. Your input is VITAL to the process.


While our official (grant funded) work cannot begin until January 1, to keep on our timeline we will likely need to meet a couple of time between now and then.


I have scheduled the following meeting....  

  • Tuesday...November 29- 6-7pm Food Hub Overview. Program followed at 7pm with an organizational meeting of farmers and others to discuss the Food Hub Grant timeline and employment process for the Consultant who will conduct the feasibility study. Attend either or both. Everyone welcome! Purdue Extension office.


    We will need at least one additional meeting in December (early) to meet with potential consultant candidates...


Roy Ballard

Purdue Extension Educator  

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Hancock County

802 North Apple Street

Greenfield, IN 46140


317-462-2424 FAX 

November 2011 Meeting Minutes


Meeting minutes for the Hancock Harvest Council Regular Meeting held November 8, 2011 at the Extension Office.


Attendance:  Matt Matthias, Chris Baggott, Rick Cole, Glen Reynolds, Emily Jones, Stephanie Jones, Rex Zenor, R. C. McDanel, Barb Smith, Earl Smith, Edna Yeager.


The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Earl Smith.


Approval of the minutes for four meetings (May, June, September, and October) was deferred because of a lack of a quorum.  Minutes for those four months and minutes for the November meeting will be published by e-mail before the December 5 meeting so they can be approved.


The treasurer's report as of October 31, 2011 shows a $1,661.15 balance with a few outstanding checks.


We had a few new people attending the meeting and everyone introduced themselves.  Welcome to all attending.


In Roy Ballard's absence, Earl Smith gave a report about the progress of the Food Hub.  The $50,000 grant for the feasibility study has been received and will be distributed by the Extension Office.  A list of consultants, to conduct the feasibility study, is being considered.  We discussed the need for more producers; the need for more product of all kinds; and possible ways the Food Hub could be set up.  The next two Food Hub meetings will be at the Extension Office on November 18 at 12:00 noon and November 29 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm with a program following at 7:00pm.  Please attend one or both if possible.


Our next HHC meeting will be December 5 at Piney Acres.  There will be a pitch-in dinner with set up at 6:00pm and dinner beginning at 6:30pm.  Our meeting will follow.


There was discussion about the future of the Farmers' Markets.  We have a need for more produce; need advertising for the markets; consider a blogging platform; consider credit card capability; consider capability to accept EBT.  Chris Baggott offered to meet with Earl and Barb Smith and all Market Masters to discuss advertising and marketing as he has experience in this area.


There was discussion about the on-going zoning ordinance for agritourism.  More and more people have become involved with more and more changes.  The seventh draft is now being considered.  There will be a meeting November 18 at 2:00pm (after the Food Hub Meeting) at the Extension Office.


There was discussion about renewing the Legacy Cinema advertising for next year.  They are going all- digital and we would need to commit to one year (it had been six months).  The cost for the full year is $3,600 to be paid at the beginning of the year. Consensus was that the $3,600 could be better broken up and applied in more varied markets.  The decision must be made by December 15.


Some ideas for advertising:  Comcast can target smaller areas now as just Greenfield, etc.; My Local, a non-profit, we could sign up as a group with links to our members; Indiana Living Green Magazine, advertising at 50% off for a year would be $600.  They deliver 20,000 copies and print 50,000 copies monthly.


We need to look forward to January and election of officers.  Barb Smith volunteered to be treasurer, Edna Yeager was nominated to be secretary, Earl Smith volunteered to be vice president, and Rex Zenor was asked to be president which he is considering.  Please be considering if you would be willing to participate as an officer next year.


We discussed events for next year:  Should we have farm or greenhouse tours; event at the Fairgrounds (as we did last year); a skill-share two day weekend festival; or others?  Barb Smith suggested a farm tour on April 28, 2012 as spring has been the best time for this in the past.


We would like to increase active membership in the HHC.  Presently we have about 50 members total with 10-15 people attending meetings in summer and 20-25 people attending in winter.  For a quorum to transact business we need one third of total members in attendance.  So out of 50 total we need at least 17 voting members in attendance and that is why we have five months of minutes to be approved.  It was suggested we restructure the by-laws to form an executive committee or board of directors with the power to approve and transact business.  Another suggestion was using e-mail for approval but we would need responses from enough members for this to work.  Also suggested - adding the office of president elect so there would be two in line to move up to president.  The succession of Vice President to President Elect to President would mean three people would know what was happening with the organization with an easier transition each year.


Please join us for the pitch-in dinner and meeting on December 5 at Piney Acres.  We need to make decisions for next year about elections, events, and advertising.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.


Submitted by:

Edna Yeager


Benefits of Membership
BFBL LabelWe hope that you find membership with Hancock Harvest Council to be a benefit for you. We have several different memberships available that will be included on your invoice and/or letter inviting you to join. It includes a beginner level for those who are not ready to begin promoting their product. Partial list of membership benefits are listed below:
  1. A listing in our Annual Directory - level of membership determines type of listing.
  2. Have the opportunity to use the BFBL graphics in their advertising, brochures and web sites. Must be pre-approved, graphics provided upon request.  Cannot be used on products.
  3. Promotion in our newsletter - member profiles, etc.
  4. Web page on the HHC website - more info at December meeting.
  5. Access to BFBL merchandise.
  6. We are currently working on updating our application to make it easier for Restaurants and Farmers markets.  Each classification will have a separate application. 

Consumer or Associate members are entitled to BFBL merchandise to be determined (we currently have bags and t-shirts). Their membership helps us to continue the mission of providing education and promotion of local foods.  Associate memberships are currently $10 per year.


Membership dues are payable in January.  Invoices below:


Producer Membership Letter/Invoice


Farmers Market and Restaurant Membership Letter/Invoice 


New members also need to complete application found on-line or can be e-mailed to you.  Current members should send an e-mail with any changes to your information for the directory and web page.  If you want featured in a newsletter, please let us know as well.

For any questions, please contact Barb Smith thru this e-mail or 765-763-0246.

Sheep and Goat Producers Program - to help current and new producers
A Purdue Extension webinar will help sheep and goat producers be better managers of their operations and provide advice that those interested in entering the growing industry need to succeed. 

The two-session Sheep and Goat Webinar Series can be viewed 7-9 p.m. (EST) on Nov. 30 and Dec. 7 at various Purdue University Extension offices, including our Hancock County office. Please register by calling 317-462-1113 by November 23rd!

"There are a lot of beginner sheep and goat producers in Indiana, and this webinar will give them information on what is needed to be successful in raising sheep and goats," said Mark Kepler, webinar coordinator and Extension Educator. Kepler said the webinar is a response to the requests from across the state for more information for beginning sheep and goat producers. 

The first session will cover two topics - "Kid Care," presented by Kenneth Andries of Kentucky State University, and "Dealing with Difficult Births in Does and Ewes," by Endre Fink of the University of Kentucky. "The first session deals a lot with birthing and care of young kids, which is meant to help producers with the upcoming birthing season," Kepler said. 

The second session, "Feeding, Management and Marketing Economic Projections," will be presented by Dan Morrical of Iowa State University and Erica Rosa-Sanko from the Livestock Marketing Information Center. This session will provide basic management information while also looking at the current market and prospects of the industry, Kepler said. 

The webinar is a cooperative effort between Purdue, the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State. It will also be shown at some Extension offices in Kentucky. 

The webinar will be shown at the Purdue Extension offices in Indiana listed below. 

To register, contact the county office of your choice by Nov. 23. 
* Blackford County: 765-348-3213 
* DeKalb County: 260-925-2562 
* Dubois County: 812-482-1782 
* Fulton County: 574-223-3397 
* Hamilton County: 317-776-0854 
* Hancock County: 317-462-1113 
* Harrison County: 812-738-4236 
* Hendricks County: 317-745-9260 
* Huntington County: 260-358-4826 
* Jasper County: 219-866-5741 
* Jefferson County; 812-265-8919 
* Kosciusko County: 574-372-2340 
* LaGrange County: 260-499-6334 
* LaPorte County: 219-324-9407 
* Martin County: 812-295-2412 
* Montgomery County: 765-364-6363 
* Morgan County: 765-342-1010 
* Owen County: 812-829-5020 
* Pike County: 812-354-6838 
* Steuben County: 260-668-1000 
* Sullivan County: 812-268-4332 
* Tipton County: 765-675-2694 
* Warrick County: 812-897-6101
 * Washington County: 812-883-4601

For more information, visit:

  SENT ON BEHALF OF: Roy Ballard, Purdue Extension Educator,
 Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hancock County

In Closing:
Thank you again for your time and support in making our organization successful.  I hope you can plan to attend these meetings and take part in the furture of Hancock Harvest Council If you have any questions, please contact us.

Barbara Smith, Editor and BFBL Contact
Hancock Harvest Council
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The intent of the Hancock Harvest Council is to further develop opportunities for agricultural producers and potential producers to make available local foods and educational experiences to each other and the community.

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