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March 5, 2011

Dear HHC members and interested parties,  

Sorry for the late information but I hope you can still make it to our next meeting, which is Monday, March 7th at 7 in the evening at Piney Acres Christmas Tree Farm at 1115 East 1000 North, Fortville.  The planning meeting will start at 6 pm followed by our regular meeting at 7 pm.  Come out to see Rex Zenor's place and help with planning our summer events. 
We have a lot planned and will need a lot of help to pull it off and to showcase what you are doing.  We still have spots open for members to host meetings at your location - nothing fancy, just an opportunity to show some of the practices you use on your farms.

Membership - We continue to welcome new members. For current members who have not submitted your dues, see Invoice link below (in the member benefits section), you can print it off and send it in with your payment.  Also send me any updates to your web page.  Dues must be received by the March 7th to be included in this years BFBL Directory.


Barb Smith, BFBL Contact & Editor
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Planning Committee Minutes
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February 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for the HHC Regular Meeting held February 7, 2011.


Attendance:  Jeremiah Priest, Bill King, Linda King, Dawn Lowe, Randy Kemerly, Daniel Farrell, Dave and Rosalie Fletcher, Laura and Ron Moore, Tom Roney, Claudia Hudson, Rex Zenor, Glen Reynolds, Penny Hunt, Marvin and Jeniece Miller, Earl and Barb Smith, Jack Coe, Joe Paxton, Roy Ballard, Edna Yeager

Guests:  Terri Longhorn, Richard Simon


The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm.


Richard Simon, Hancock Weights and Measures Inspector inspected scales, brought by attendees, during the meeting.


The meeting minutes for January 3, 2011 were approved as presented.


The treasurer's report was deferred due to the illness of the treasurer.


Terri Longhorn for the Indiana State Department of Health spoke to the group about WIC and Senior Vouchers and SNAP that can be used at the farmers' markets to purchase produce only.


Earl reported on the Indiana Horticulture Congress he and Barb attended.  He told of the efforts to establish Buy Fresh Buy Local groups statewide.


Randy reported on the progress of the Planning Committee to hold several events during the coming year instead of a one day farm tour.  Volunteers are needed to work these events so they will be successful.  Plans at this time are:

April 30 - Day event at the fairgrounds, Exhibit Hall, with booths, speakers, food, etc.

May 7 - Farmers' Market kickoff with speaker, welcome  booth.

June - Hidden Acres, on a Friday evening

October - Piney Acres

The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at the extension office


Barb gave a report on growing the membership.  New members can be added quickly to the web page, after changes are made to the page.  Any event going on at members' places can be posted to the web site.


Earl reported on Buy Fresh Buy Local.  He has taken in members from Delaware County but more chapters are needed in the state, in established regions.


Earl reported on progress with the Planning Commission and local zoning issues.  The problem for Piney Acres is temporarily taken care of for this year.  There are no farmers on the board and they don't understand their issues.  We need to become involved now before they make new laws; to see what other counties are doing and to help set up variances to benefit farmers.


Tom Roney suggested we invite the Local Zoning Board to farms to educate them about what they are doing and their needs.


A committee was set up to discuss issues on zoning ideas about agritourism to bring to the board before new zoning laws are made.  The members of the committee are:  Earl Smith, Rex Zenor, Ray Ballard, Tom Roney, Darrel Hunt, John Sparks, Janie Wilfong Howell.


The meeting schedule for the remainder of the year is:

March 7th -  Piney Acres - speaker to be determined

April 4th - The Flower Pot Nursery, New Castle - Chad Martin - Renewable Energy Extension Specialist speaking on alternative energy and Jeniece Miller on organization of the summer Farmers' Market

May 2nd - Blue River Natural Foods

June 6th - Tuttle Orchards

July 5th - Hidden Acres (will be held on Tuesday due to 4th of July Holiday)

August 1st -

 September 6th - (will be held on Tuesday due to Labor Day Holiday)

October 3rd -

November 7th -

December 5th - Plan pitch in event


Roy Ballard announced up-coming events:

February 8 - Growing Green - about vegetable producing

February 9 - Growing for Market series

February 21 and March 15 - Farmers' Markets

He also spoke about the extension budget being cut by 15% and is unsure how this will affect everyone.


Thank you to Richard Simon, for inspecting the scales for our members.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.


Submitted by:

Edna Yeager


Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting held February 22, 2011.


Attendance:  Jeremiah Priest, Barb and Earl Smith, Randy and Tracie Kimerly, Bob and Darlene Engleking, Rex Zenor, Edna Yeager.


Meeting was called to order at 6:08pm by Randy Kimerly.


Tim Shutt will not be having a Threshing Festival in July this year because of lack of funding.


The fairgrounds are available for 4-30-11.  There is a $400 fee for the Exhibit Building.  There is a goat show in the sheep barn.  We will need to charge small fee for booth space.  Encourage associates to come and have booth.  Sell food from kitchen.  Possible educational topics:  Canning classes by extension homemakers; spinning; HHC booth to boost membership; bee talk; berry talk; master gardeners; CSA; trim fruit trees; hospital; wellness center; nutritionist (benefit of fresh food); BFBL presentation or video if we can find one (benefits of local foods); Tom and Don Steffes - Tend & To Keep Farm - new member; Living Green Magazine; poultry, Christmas trees.


Timing of event 10:00am to 4:00pm; set up at 9:00am - clean up by 5:00pm; use stage for speakers; hand out directories; food served - has to be local products; certified person to supervise only regulation necessary; Marty Sparks - cook omelets.


Sent out letters to orchards, wineries, etc. to boost membership.


When is Heart Hospital day?


We could use free will offering can to help with the cost.


10 - 15 minute speakers and take questions:  canning; Alpaca felting; BFBL; berry production; importance of bees; Master Gardener - planting; CSA; hospital - nutrition; poultry; demo cooking steak and/or pork chops (Heather Hills Pork Shop); lambs (Russell); different beef cuts; different beef breeds.


We could have animals on display.


Contacts to be made: 

Rex - Alpacas

Earl - Master Gardeners; Gourd Society; Herb Society; Extension - Canning; Russells; Heather Hills; Matt and Jeremy Weaver - CSA

Randy - Greg - CSA; Marty and Andy - food


May 7 - Farmers' Market kickoff - HHC welcome booth; get e-mail addresses so we can promote FM including surrounding areas.


Print generic business card for HHC to pass out with BFBL and website.


Fortville Festival on 4-16-11 - HHC will not participate, members can have own booth if desired. 


Events planned: working list - can be revised

         April 30 (need to decide name) - booths, speakers, animals, food

         May 7 - Farmers' Market kick off

         June - Hidden Acres on a Friday evening

         July - Hancock County Fair Booth, commercial building or tent, $350 for booth in building, other counties could have fair booths (Henry Co. - Madison Co.?)

         August - State Fair Booth, man better than last year, give out materials for HHC members

         September - Local foods event

         October - Piney Acres (week day possible)

         November - nothing at this time, needs to be early in month if have any


The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 7 at 6:00pm at Piney Acres.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:34pm.


Submitted by:

Edna Yeager


Benefits of Membership
BFBL LabelWe hope that you find membership with Hancock Harvest Council to be a benefit for you. We have several different memberships available that will be included on your invoice and/or letter inviting you to join. It includes a beginner level for those who are not ready to begin promoting their product. Partial list of membership benefits are listed below:
  1. A listing in our Annual Directory - level of membership determines type of listing.
  2. Have the opportunity to use the BFBL graphics in their advertising, brochures and web sites. Must be pre-approved, graphics provided upon request.  Cannot be used on products.
  3. Promotion in our newsletter - member profiles, etc.
  4. Web page on the HHC website - more info at December meeting.
  5. Access to BFBL merchandise.
  6. We are currently working on updating our application to make it easier for Restaurants and Farmers markets.  Each classification will have a separate application. 

Consumer or Associate members are entitled to BFBL merchandise to be determined (we currently have bags and t-shirts). Their membership helps us to continue the mission of providing education and promotion of local foods.  Associate memberships are currently $10 per year.


Membership dues are payable in January.  Invoices below:


Producer Membership Letter/Invoice


Farmers Market and Restaurant Membership Letter/Invoice 


New members also need to complete application found on-line or can be e-mailed to you.  Current members should send an e-mail with any changes to your information for the directory and web page.  If you want featured in a newsletter, please let us know as well.

For any questions, please contact Barb Smith thru this e-mail or 765-763-0246.

In Closing:
Thank you again for your time and support in making our organization successful.  I hope you can plan to attend these meetings and take part in the furture of Hancock Harvest Council If you have any questions, please contact us.

Barbara Smith, Secretary
Hancock Harvest Council
BFBL Label

The intent of the Hancock Harvest Council is to further develop opportunities for agricultural producers and potential producers to make available local foods and educational experiences to each other and the community.

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Vision Statement:

We will continue to foster a more sustainable and educated community for current and future generations


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