On February 11, the Army's Army attended ShowBiz, one of the top trade show events for businesses to showcase and market their green and local products and services to thousands of visitors. The event, hosted by the Fayetteville/Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce, took place at the Crown Expo Center. The Army's Army would like to send a special thanks to its volunteers, and especially to DEX, PWC, Cape Fear Valley Hospital, Crown Center, Residence Inn, Marriott Townplace Suites, and Specialty Properties, all partners of the Army's Army and ShowBiz vendors. In addition to all the festivities, Janine West, executive director for the Army's Army operations, and Stacy Strauss, director of sales for the Army's Army, were there spreading awareness about the Army's Army to local businesses and recruiting new volunteers and partners. To view photos from the event click here.


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Roderick J. Gooden


Seriously Committed


Roderick J. Gooden, a natural born dancer, former military man, and a certified Physical Fitness Instructor, pays close attention to details as it pertains to all things, in particular dance. Roderick was instrumental in the creation of the new line dance created for the Buffalo Soldiers, 'The BS Ride.' His passion is passing on his 'know how' of various styles of swing dancing to his community. He has much joy teaching these timeless steps to those who are the future. As a retired NCO, Roderick feels he is blessed to volunteer a significant amount of his time serving others as a spokesperson for the learning impaired, autistic, and disabled people in general. Roderick is also the proud father of four children, Nina, Danielle, Ebony, and Roderick Jr. They are his pride and joy!

Some of Roderick's recent achievements include taking part in Frankie Manning's Dance Academy, a free program provided by Ramon Huggins that teaches young children dance skills. Roderick was also very much involved with Shoes for Haiti, a project that involved gathering shoes to send to earthquake victims. This particular effort began prior to the current crisis' but has since doubled in effort. In December, Roderick dedicated his entire day to help the Army's Army give out live Christmas trees at Trees for Troops. Roderick has also donated his time to volunteer for Pies for Troops, Fourth Friday, and Teen Connection.

The Army's Army salutes Roderick and all of the volunteers who go above and beyond to help our community's military families. If you would like to nominate a Featured Enlistee who is making a difference, send your recommendations to

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