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 September 2012 

First, a big 'thank you'...

To all those who contributed to our research into how coaching is used in organisations - the results make interesting reading, including how coaching can help you deal with your nightmare employees - see below! For a free copy of the
 report 'Coaching in Context' please email

Mark & Sara  

Dealing with your 'Nightmare Employee'...

Mention the phrase 'nightmare employee' (NE) to most managers and their eyes will roll - they know immediately what you mean...   

  • The individual that can be relied upon to moan behind everyone's back, and yet never address issues directly
  • The one who is resistant to every change and new initiative, however small
  • The one who underperforms regularly, but always manages to find some mitigating external factors rather than accept the feedback that they are responsible
  • The one who shows a hint of potential, has the one redeeming factor that keeps you trying, invites you to feel sorry for them...or issues implied threats about a tribunal.
Your nightmare employee

NEs can have a devastating effect on the rest of the team, taking up a disproportionate amount of time and energy to motivate while hardworking team members get neglected. They get away with behaviour that would not be accepted in others, creating bad feeling. They may dominate meetings with their behaviour or concerns, dominate 'watercooler' conversations and create unrest. Let's be clear - we're not talking about those people who genuinely have concerns or need support and development. We're talking about the lifelong members of the awkward squad. If it's a true NE, people even move jobs to avoid them, and they cost organisations money.


The term 'nightmare employee' turned up in our research, 'Coaching in Context'. Change management was the main people-management issue identified by respondents, with several mentioning the NE as a factor that increased their stress levels during change. But several managers who responded also used the fact they had resolved issues with their nightmare employee as an example of how having their OWN coaching had been performance enhancing and enabled them to deal with their NE in a different way. The managers emphasised how increasing awareness of their OWN behaviour had led to them changing how they dealt with the NE, which changed the dynamic.


It may seem counterintuitive, when faced with someone whose behaviour is unacceptable, to focus on your own behaviour, but often making a change in your own behaviour can lead to changes in others. Coaching provides an opportunity to reflect on how your behaviour might impact on others and our research shows it works, even when dealing with NEs! It's just one of the ways that coaching is cost-effective. 


Contact either Sara or Mark at for more information and a free copy of the report. 

ILM 5/7 coaching and mentoring programme
The next ILM coaching programme starts in ILM Approved Centre logoNovember 2012 in Central Manchester. There have been changes to the ILM programmes which have come into play in September, including making the ILM 7 programme more strategically focused, and increasing the number of hours coaching required at a strategic level for level 7 from 12 to 20. As this may be a big ask for participants, we are offering the level 5 qualification alongside the level 7. For an information pack please contact An early-bird discount of 10% applies to bookings made before 31 September.

We have also recently had one of our long-running management programmes accredited to ILM level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management and so are now able to offer another formally recognised qualification should people want it.
Sara has been...
...accepted onto Professor Julie Hay's post-graduate course for a certificate in 'Developmental Super-vision' through Middlesex University.
"I'm really excited to be starting the programme and will be giving regular updates on my learning on our new Beehive Facebook page and Twitter," said Sara.

More information can be found on the Beehive Coaching Supervision web page in the right-hand column.
Book cover - Leadership as Emotional Labour...waiting to receive a copy of the book to which she has contributed, which was published on 12 September. 'Leadership as emotional labour - management and the managed heart' is edited by Dr Marian Iszatt-White and published by Routledge. It is available for order from Amazon.
 'Developing your coaching compass' Kirklees Business Week

Kirklees are holding their first business week this year, 24-28 September  @YorksBizConfs #KBW12. Beehive are running a seminar there which is an introduction to coaching skills. Participants will get the chance to gain practical coaching skills and test out the Beehive 'coaching compass' - a quick coaching/review model that ensures you're always heading in the right direction! To book Wednesday, 26 September go to  Kirklees Business Week 

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Mark has been...

...taking lessons in leadership from unlikely places.  

"An army officer once said to me that a strategic plan is only any good until the moment you have to put it into action, then you need to be prepared to change it. I have been reading Cormac McCarthy recently. It got me thinking about the challenge of leadership and the importance of the reflective process for leaders and managers. I felt he described this beautifully in the following passage," says Mark.


"You do not know what things you set in motion. No man can know. No prophet foresee. The consequences of an act are often quite different from what one would guess. You must be sure that the intention in your heart is large enough to contain all wrong turnings, all disappointments."

Cormac McCarthy - The Crossing


...setting up the Beehive Facebook page.  

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Sara and Mark