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All at Sea

If you have a lifting problem, you have to get equipment quickly in place.  Then work can rapidly and efficiently resume.  Imagine the challenge if you are out in a tug on the rolling seas?  This summer an incident at sea has prompted the Marine Safety Forum to issue a safety flash.


In poor weather conditions the Captain of a tug issued instructions to the crew to ensure the containers on deck were adequately secured using lashings chains.  When the lashing chains were in position the deck crew decided to use the tug's winch to tighten the lashings chains.

As the tug tensioned up the chains a chain link snapped and a piece flew off smashing through the aft window of the bridge.  The deck crew were fortunate and no one was injured or even killed.


Following an investigation a chain connection in the cargo lashing system was found to be homemade.  It was 'an accident waiting to happen,' a piece of chain had been welded on to a stainless steel shackle.  This was probably fashioned so the tug's winch could be quickly connected.  The ship should have requested an enlarged link and connector.  This would have ensured that the shackle link was appropriate for the task.

Picture of Damaged HookPicture Welded Link

When using a winch all parts of the system and equipment must have a safe working load that is equal to or more than the safe working load of the winch.  This can be easily obtained from equipment that carries clearly marked safe working load identification.

The main lesson from this incident is that home made equipment can never be tested and certified.  They often fail sometimes with serious effect.  It is essential to source all equipment from an appropriate supplier who can provide expert advice.

Resource from the LEEA website and the Marine Safety Forum.

Think Below the HookReports

At Bramley Engineering (Lifting Gear) Ltd we always think below the hook.  When we provide customers a full design and build service, we always discuss the practicalities of use.  "I want the user to want to use it as well as need to use it," said Graham Bramley. Time should be taken to create a specification for the lifting equipment including the characteristics of the load, the way it will be moved and the ease of use.


Photo lifting equipment  Photo lifting equipment  Photo lifting equipment

We supply a wide range of below the hook equipment including slings, chains, lashing systems and specialised mechanical attachments.  Given the tough life that many slings and lifting attachments have it pays to invest in quality products.

Every time equipment is used it should be inspected and if there are concerns it should be withdrawn from service for repair or disposal.  All equipment is subject to a proper programme of inspection as outlined in LOLER.  When you purchase equipment from us you will receive an advance notification email via our TECS system.  "We are making sure you have the information you need to meet your legal obligations," says Graham Bramley.

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About usLEEA


Bramley Engineering (Lifting Gear) Ltd stock quality below the hook equipment that is available for rapid dispatch.


When you purchase equipment tailored to the characteristics of the load and the lifting operation, the job is safer and more efficient.  By talking to lifting gear experts you can save time and money buy getting advice on the correct solutions for your lifting needs.


Call us to discuss our full range of slings, chains and specialised mechanical load lifting attachments.


Photo lifting equipment

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