American Eagle in the fog

photo courtesy Fred LeBlanc 


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February 2012
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American Flag

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Here's the American Eagle at Fan Pier, South Boston, as we participated in Sail Boston 2009, flags flying.  You would think that was about as much exposure as one would expect, at least until a few Sundays ago, until the 2012 Super Bowl, the most watched event of the year.


American Eagle at Fan Pier in South Boston
Photo courtesy of Carol-Ann Warner



Shary nabbed this image from the Clint Eastwood-narrated Chrysler ad.  Yes, 24 seconds into the commercial there we are, flags flying in the background, the only win for Boston that day.



American Eagle appeared in Super Bowl commercial


Cruise News


June is my favorite month for sailing.  Spring outfitting is over, the galley stove is back in operation with its attendant delights at meal time, long sunny days with the beginnings of summer breezes, and the best month for an American Eagle specialty - puffins.


Atlantic Puffin
Photo courtesy Patrick Burns


And it's a good time for family get-togethers, whether in two's or three's or as an entire charter.  Even some of my family! 

Family Reuion on American Eagle



Every trip is full of surprises.  Perhaps you've heard (herd) of yachting at Cowes.  This is yachting with cows.  There's always time for a bit of foolish humor.


Yachting with Cows


June cruises include a two-day weekend getaway, a five-night photography trip, a four-day adventure for the schooner's birthday (82 candles), and six-day adventures to Windjammer Days, our schooner gam, and Down East.  They're all great; I'm going on all of them. 

Crew's News


Those new spars I've been talking about are finally done, as Matt and I finish riveting the gooseneck iron onto the new fore boom.  If there's time before April there will be a mast and boom made for the tug as well.

Fitting the ironwork on the new fore boom
photo courtesy Nola Logan


Where do those crew members go from here?  The 2008 crew, left to right:  Adam will be back in another month to be the mate for this summer, Kelly is working back home in Galveston between Habitat for Humanity projects in exotic places, Eric's getting married in August, Donna was married on board in a fall cruise in 2009, and Heather stopped by for coffee Monday and will probably be teaching sailing on Catalina this summer.


Where is the 2008 crew now?


Logan is still on the winter-long trail somewhere in Vermont while Shary and I are here at the shipyard expecting you to call or write.

And a bit of history 

Swordfishing from the American Eagle in the 1930's was a pretty exciting and rewarding endeavor.  Here are photos of  the captain posing at the wheel, and a dressed swordfish weighing more than he does being hoisted over the rail to the New England Fish Pier in June 1932.


American Eagle docking at the fish market
Photo credit: The Atlantic Fisherman



Offloading swordfish at the fish market
Photo credit: The Atlantic Fisherman



There's a swordfish sword on board in my bunk somewhere.





 American Eagle's Fulton Fish Market Card  







Nola's Food Shot 



How do potato chip cookies sound?   Nola found the recipe on Deb Perelman's blog, Smitten Kitchen and made them for coffee break last week.  Scrumptious!



We've come up with a solution for paper plates that take flight during our island picnics.
 Lenny the Lobster 



Postcards from shipmates



135 distinct ethnic groups, about 60 million people, plus Harvey who sent this postcard.


 Harvey's Postcard from Bangkok 


I didn't get to the trophies this issue, maybe next time.  But in the interim if you happen to be in New York City on Saturday, March 3rd, I'll be on duty in the Maine Tourism Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show from 10 to 2 and perhaps later. 


John and the crew


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