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March 3, 2012  

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PricesThe Price of eBooks
By Steve Windwalker

Time to share a few observations about the pricing of Kindle books:
  • When Amazon launched the Kindle 1 in November 2007, it was priced at $399. One of the things that we heard back then was that there was no need to keep ebook prices down because if people could afford to pay that much for a Kindle, they could certainly pay top dollar for ebooks. That dog wouldn't hunt back then, but the circumstances have changes dramatically today with Kindles available at price points ranging from $79 to $99 up to $189 for the Kindle Fire.
  • And it is true that Kindle book prices are continuing to decline, but the fact that the Kindle itself has become much less expensive is not the main reason for this. The two main reasons for declining Kindle book prices are (1) more and more authors and small publishers are bringing their books directly to readers through the Kindle Direct Publishing program; and (2) Amazon is relentlessly pursuing discounting programs such as Big Deal, Kindle Daily Deal, and Kindle Lending Library that support customers' belief that they can get quality ebooks for anywhere from $3.99 all the way down to 99 cents and even free.
  • Amazon can't apply those kinds of discounts to the prices offered by the Big Six "agency-model" price-fixing publishers who banded together with Apple in 2010 in an unprecedented conspiracy to insist that ebook retailers could no longer determine their own prices and discounts. Those Big Six publishers are continuing to mandate exorbitant retail prices for any titles that they believe can command prices in the $11-$17 range, but the overall trend that results is that the Big Six is giving up real estate on the ebook bestseller lists.
  • A growing number of Kindle Nation citizens have experienced the dramatic transformation expressed in this statement from our Winter 2012 survey: "Higher prices for new releases from the big publishers have driven me to try more and more indie authors, and I like what I have found." 61% of over 2300 respondents agreed with the statement and only 14% disagreed, a development that would have been unimaginable just five years ago, and one that is highly unlikely to be reversed. The Big Six publishers have already lost the war. 
  • One response that concerned us a bit in that survey was the response of 14% of respondents who said that they thought all ebooks should be free. It's only 14%, but we have to wonder where these folks think that good reading is going to come from if writers aren't able to get paid for their work. It's certainly true that growing numbers of authors have come to understand the important value of "free" as a strategy for marking some books some of the time, but we're glad that 86% of the respondents don't subscribe to that "everything must be free" sentiment. We love sharing free books with our readers every day, but -- just as one for instance -- we wouldn't be able to do that so effectively without a business model in which authors sponsor our posts with their own paid titles.
  • Speaking of the need for authors to make a living, one hopeful sign in the emergence of the Kindle Lending Library is that it has created a very nice win-win situation for authors and readers. Readers who participate in Amazon Prime get to borrow a free book once a month, authors get paid somewhere between $1.50 and $2 for each "borrow," and the borrowing program actually supports authors making decisions to price their books in the $2-$3 range rather than the bottom of the barrel 99-cent level. They might sell fewer books at $3 than at 99 cents, but those books will be more likely to be borrowed (if they are marketed and noticed) if the spread between free and their retail prices widens.
  • Amazon has a stellar reputation among its own customers and has also enabled thousands of authors to make more in royalties than they have ever earned before, but make no mistake: the company is playing hardball in its negotiations with publishers and its insistence that authors toe the line of Kindle-platform exclusivity if they want to participate in the Kindle Lending Library through the KDP Select program. But thousands of authors have proven themselves willing to make that deal, and the number of participating titles has grown to well over 100,000 titles -- all titles that are no longer available in ebook form anywhere but the Kindle Store.

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The Latest Maggy Thorsen Mystery from Kindle Nation Fave Sandra Balzo, author of the popular mystery series set at Maggy's "Uncommon Grounds" Coffee Shop

by Sandra Balzo
4.5 stars - 8 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here's the set-up:

Maggy Thorsen, cynic extraordinaire, has a few things to feel optimistic about lately. After her original coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds, was destroyed in a freak May blizzard, Maggy and her best friend, Sarah Kingston, have found the perfect spot to relocate - right next to the new commuter train in Milwaukee. 
After successfully securing the spot, Maggy and Sarah plan to piggyback the city's celebrations for the train and re-open Uncommon Grounds on the same day. In fact, Maggy's feeling so positive, she even digs deep in her budget and hires a giant inflatable coffee cup to attract more notice to her grand reopening. 
All seems to be running right according to plan...until Maggy's event manager is found dead - and now Maggy must find the killer before the killer finds her!! 
Editorial Reviews 
From Publishers Weekly 
In Balzo's delightful sixth Maggy Thorsen mystery (after March 2010's From the Grounds Up), Maggy, the co-owner of Uncommon Grounds, a gourmet coffeehouse, which was destroyed during a freak snowstorm, is planning to celebrate the opening of her rebuilt shop at the same time that the town of Brook-hills, Wis., dedicates the new Milwaukee commuter-train line. Maggie is pleased with the giant inflatable coffee cup she hired for the occasion, until it accidentally deflates and reveals the body of missing Brookhills event manager JoLynne Penn-Williams sprawled at the bottom. When amateur sleuth Maggy begins to investigate, she's dismayed that clues point to her boyfriend, county sheriff Jake Pavlik, as the killer. Devastating innuendos that Jake has been unfaithful shatter Maggy, but don't prevent her from seeking the truth. As ever, Maggy's wit and wisdom help keep the pages turning through this lighthearted cozy. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 
From Booklist Poor Maggy Thorsen (From the Grounds Up, 2010) just can't seem to get her coffee business going. Her original Wisconsin café, Uncommon Grounds, was destroyed in a blizzard. Now, with a new business partner, Sarah Kingston, and a site in a renovated railway depot that serves a commuter line, things should be going well. They hope to have the grand opening when the new rail line is dedicated. Maggy even commissions a giant inflatable coffee cup and saucer for the roof, but unfortunately, Jo, the event manager, turns up dead inside it. The ensuing investigation turns up some surprising information about some of the community's most upstanding members. The fast-moving plot makes the most of the author's quirky characters and will have readers wondering if Maggy will ever be able to make a go of it in the coffee business, but they will be happy to read another installment in hopes of finding out. Solid cozy fare. --Barbara Bibel

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Special Notice: Sweetwater American includes Eileen Cruz Coleman's Young Adult debut, Taker of Light, a post-apocalyptic speculative fiction story.


Set in Washington, D.C. and El Salvador, SWEETWATER AMERICAN is the story of an orphan and would-be filmmaker who is sent to live in a cursed town in El Salvador with her godmother, a woman whom she has never met and who may hold the secret to breaking the town's curse.


Through Sandy Rodriguez and Elena Martinez, the two main characters, we are led into a different, haunting and magical world, where people test their faith every day and hold true to what they believe: that hardship and darkness can be overcome if one finds a reason to live.


While living in El Salvador, after a film crew comes to her town to film a movie, Sandy realizes she wants to be a documentary filmmaker. When she returns to the States, she attends George Washington University where she meets Elena, a sixty-something-year-old woman who serves peas and mashed potatoes in one of the school's cafeterias.


Sandy, intrigued by Elena, decides to ask her if she would be willing to share her life story with her. Elena, whose past still haunts her, agrees to tell Sandy her story.


During the interview, Sandy is forced to come to terms with her own past and she begins to understand what the term, Sweetwater American, really means.


About The Author

Eileen Cruz Coleman was born in Washington, D.C.

She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in European History.


Her short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals both online and in print.


She lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.


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DigestKindle Nation Daily Digest 
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March 3, 2012

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From 1120 to 1307, the Knights Templar answered to nobody, had the strongest military, crossed borders at will, and financed monarchies. What if they returned now to challenge Al Qaeda without worrying about media, Congressional hearings, or the next election cycle?

If you liked Dan Brown's bestsellers, but weren't so crazy about all the arty esoterica ...

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"After reading the book, I felt as though I had had direct access to some of the best minds in marketing, blogging, copywriting and business. The contributors to the book seemed to answer my questions preemptively - I feel infinitely more prepared now as a business owner, having read Engagement from Scratch, than I did prior. A must-read for anyone looking to gain traction in any industry." -Ruth Zive 
"This book has had the most impact on my understanding of what it takes to become an online superstar! As a blogger, marketing consultant, and content creator, I am using this as a blueprint for building a loyal following and an engaged community. The people profiled in this book are some of the biggest online community building and blogging stars. This is no hype, it's all real world advice that has been proven to work! I have completely redefined my online strategy, based upon what I learned from these successful people." -K. Scott 
"Great book that truly did engage me from scratch. Some great advice from some BIG names in blogging and the online community. Surprising how so many people can write about same subject with a slightly different perspective, so you pick up another snippet with each chapter. Buy it BEFORE you blog! -Doug Robb 

Engagement from Scratch! contains the most important lessons learned from over 135 years of persistent effort and experimentation by some of the world's most successful audience- and community-builders. In this book, they have come together to answer one crucial question: 
How would you build an engaged audience, from scratch? 
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by Sandra Balzo
4.5 stars - 8 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here's the set-up:

Maggy Thorsen, cynic extraordinaire, has a few things to feel optimistic about lately. After her original coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds, was destroyed in a freak May blizzard, Maggy and her best friend, Sarah Kingston, have found the perfect spot to relocate - right next to the new commuter train in Milwaukee. 


After successfully securing the spot, Maggy and Sarah plan to piggyback the city's celebrations for the train and re-open Uncommon Grounds on the same day. In fact, Maggy's feeling so positive, she even digs deep in her budget and hires a giant inflatable coffee cup to attract more notice to her grand reopening. 


All seems to be running right according to plan...until Maggy's event manager is found dead - and now Maggy must find the killer before the killer finds her!!  

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