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February 29, 2012   




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Dear Authors and Publishers,


Thank you. Less than a month ago we rolled out our new Sponsor-Matic program to allow you to book your own sponsorship dates up to a year in advance, and the response has been astonishing. Even better, it is working so well that we have been able to invest more time and energy into other improvements that should help our sponsors connect with readers more effectively than ever. 


So, of course, we want to share a bit of that good news with you:

  • First, after some beta experimentation and some good feedback from our readers in our recent Kindle Nation Daily Citizen Survey, we have committed ourselves now to a Kindle Nation Daily Digest email blast that will go out to our 27,000+ opt-in email subscribers with a link to each and every Kindle Nation Daily sponsor's listing! We aren't raising prices; we're just delivering more, and we're already seeing dramatic effects for many of our sponsors.    
  • Second, after over a year of requests from authors and publishers -- we wanted to get this right before we rolled it out -- we have finally created a sponsorship opportunity just for children's and YA books. Our new Kindle Kids eBook of the Week (Option KKW) is modeled after our very successful Thriller/Romance of the Week packages, but we're launching it at an introductory price that's less than half the cost of those packages. Click here for all the details, and keep an eye out in the weeks ahead for news on how you can participate in a new KC-KND literacy learning program to invite students to review your book on the Kids' Corner and at Amazon.
  • Third, our friends at have just decided to celebrate the advent of Spring with a dramatic temporary price reduction on the cost of their newsletter sponsorship -- they've cut their prices by over 25% to just $129.99, even as their opt-in newsletter mailing list has grown dramatically to over 26,000 readers! (To be perfectly honest, that's about 40% of the cost of a Kindle Nation WEEKENDER sponsorship, and the reach and exposure is about the same.) This is for a limited time only, of course, so you may want to go to their page and jump on that great price before it vanishes.
  • Finally, we're going to be sending you a free book soon. We're putting the finishing touches on a book on How to Price and Market Your Kindle eBook to Connect with Kindle Nation Daily Readers, and we'd like to send you a free copy when it is ready. Will it just be one long commercial for our sponsorship program? Absolutely not. We've been working hard to connect Kindle owners with Kindle authors for over four years, and we're going to share as much as we can about what we've learned. The book will be ready within a few weeks, and we'll start sending out free copies to our sponsors as soon as it is available. If you want a free copy and don't receive it by the end of March, just drop an email with "free book" in the subject line to this address: 


We've taken enough of your time, but thanks for letting us drop in on you like this. We wish you ever greater success in 2012.



Steve Windwalker